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You’d go away

I saw you and looked the other wayIt’s not that I was worried or had no

Words to say


You see I’ve managed without you 

Not that you did not take my breath away

But breath found new meaning long ago

On some forgotten day when I found myself

Sleeping on the shores of my consciousness 

Knowing I had been lost 

I saw you and looked the other way

Telling myself I was dreaming and soon

You’d go away 



It’s a hole where love used to be
It’s not a missing it’s just a no more
Replacement is as much an option as
Emptiness was not a choice merely
A statement of what was left if nothing counts as something 
Life still has meaning it just makes less sense
Pain is not an expression it’s become a way of being 
That look in the eyes of the dying having found a love
Is not something that I shall know
Instead on my face will show that loss of you
That desire to no longer be 

carry me 

I walk the places where you once carried me 
But I look with eyes that no longer see the beauty you once described to me 
I breath the air that once brushed your cheek and fear I may stop breathing wanting to hold on to a thing that once touched you

I wake and am lots in the waves of emotion drowned is such a sea of despair 

Slowly my eyes grow dim as I sink to the bottom and no longer caring of where I have been for life has no meaning without you xx 

The People


There are exceptions

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Starved out of politeness, cockroach-kicked feet
walk across a blue night.
My lungs are stuck together, breathing in
radiation from the hot air
blown in my face.

The people, the people glow
white teeth at every camera. I see
the teapot boiling,
steam rising,
whistle blowing….

my ears ring out electric cords,
far from the classic, ghostly shadow
that sprawl across my nerves
when they start to shiver.

They eat very little,
or a lot, or they drink
or not,
or they lie and mispronounce their own
names on purpose and move around mountains
blending in with the tones of the town.

These people seem largely designed, I
walk on needles. I am little and not
proportionate. I dream about
ages, and eggs and other meals
that are not enough on their own.

Is anyone? Enough with just their teeth and
their camera and light?
“She’s only crazy,” says my…

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yes well ;o xx



Acceptance is there such a thing with any notion of change it used to be unconstitutional positive regard or love are we not all so truly lost within our own imaginations 🚶🐜🙈👌😳️xx

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dream too

If I told you of my dreams 

Would you fly with me 

Would you open your heart

And confide in me all those

Things would you share with

Me that make your heart beat

If I told you my dreams would

You dream with me open those

Things and care with me in all

Those places we would go

If I told you my dreams would

You dream too 

I want beauty in my life

Beauty I can hold both

Day and night 

I want to see beauty in 

My dreams in a smile in

All those little things that

Make life worth while I want

That beauty I see in you


Council tax robbery 

429 council tax summons at an additional charge £70 each which amounts to an additional revenue of £30,030 from those least able to pay just six weeks after the start of the council tax year…. That’s fucking robbery on a governmental scale how many other local authorities make that much income from the poor totally fucking disgusting 😳🙈🐜 



had a couple of people ask me about some church killing I don’t know nothing I don’t read the papers watch TV but from what I’ve been told I don’t see what all the fuss is about one individual acting as society thinks 😳🙈 there’s so much more to come for we watch the trees being chopped down because we are greedy and needy then stand like some indignat fool asking where’s that lovely forest we live longer to hate the world more twisted shit 😳🙈🚶🐜️xx 

I dreamed a dream of reality

That dream now scares me for

That dream I dreamed of reality

Was consistent in only me in

Times of changing and places

That could not possibly be for

Every time I woke I found myself

In another part and aspect of me

Past was mixed with future time

Was mixed with age the only constant 

thing was the dream would

Always change

I dreamed a dream of reality and now

Sleeping holds fear for me for I know

That in that dream of reality anything 

is possible you see 

You’ve broken my world as you appear 

in my exclusion shattered my 

reclusiveness with the intrusion of 

your mind which has left no space no 

peace to find in the darkness that 

becomes the light of unknowing 

undone are the illusions of times 

distances now my friend has come to 

findn that which was forsaken in the 

future of a past forgotten in the reality 

of a dream remembered again at the 

beginning of an end I find you leaving 

to arrive in the past of what is yet to 

come and I know things could be no 

other way for what to come must be 


I ask myself what new song

Will today bring 

What new lessons from yesterday 

Can I sing to fill the air 

Am I alone do I care for if nothing

Else I’ll hear the echo of my song

Carried upon the wind as she passes

Me by

Sing little caged bird sing for in the 

Morning who knows what will bring

My way the breeze of dawn maybe it 

will mean freedom for you and I xx 

If God had a language whatWould it be
Surly not English so dry sounding 

You see
Possibly French for the roll of the

Or maybe Spanish they seem to 

Have fun 
Japanese seems way to strange
Africanise sounds good on the plains
But really between me and you 
there’s only one possibility that’s 
Hebrew don’t you see 
Older than time it sounds Devine if I 
could speak it Id make you mine xx    

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