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You never used to be able to pull a hard rive from one machine and get it to run another ;o 005 033 031 029 030 028 027 012 010 011 006 007 009 008

But the ability to manipulate the processors for individual use was is long overdue ;s that affinity thing that lets you use or write short cuts is not very good what’s wrong with embedding it into windows so it bloody remembers ;o 023 024 015

had a couple of toe nails removed that were giving me jib ;o

my logic the thought of someone else having to cut them made me cringe

the thought of not being able to do long walks with the dog, as has been the case was pissing me off ;o

sooner rather than later six to eight weeks to heal is not going to improve with age so got it sorted ;D


it was one of the few things I disliked about my childhood

sport on the tv on Saturday and always always home made soup

I would come up with any excuses to be off out once the chores were done

and would go without rather than endure the soup ;s

made my first yesterday ;o smelt and tasted similar familiar but chips

and stuff were so much more appealing when I was a nipper ;x

035 still really not a fan of pot boiled food but it fits in with the kinda healthy thing that I’m drawn to at the mo less meat more fresh just not too green like ;s


Lovely little critters found loads of them while cutting the grass today 😱 gave them ten minutes to relocate after disturbing about seven of them 🙈😳🚶👌️xx    


Been trying to get this egg fried rice right for a while 🙈it looks good this time but cos of the flu I carnt taste a dam blasted thing so need a taster right now 😳👌😜️xx 


Still having first’s ;o

Engines are not really my thing ;s that whole thing about getting your hands dirty and broken grubby nails never really appealed to me but I suppose now that they wear latex and call themselves technicians and now just plug cars into computers and wait to be told what to do ;o it might not be as bad as it used to be, but I didn’t use gloves and I chipped two nails ;s Its been an interesting if long day and doing something different was good 8D lets see if it works in a few hours bit late to be testing it out ;s but I want to ;o

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The beast 

My first and only dog what a beauty 🙈😳👌️xx 


One love One Blessing One heart ;x


Just a random me….


When I think of writing this is how it sounds in my head ;D xx

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Do you question things? Me, I question everything, everyone, myself. I would rather push people away before the chance happens that I could get hurt. It makes life easier (at least I think it does)…. There are times I just wish I could let go, not worry about the consequences. But I guess to do that you need to be comfortable within your own skin. As much as I don’t let much faze me, I’m still awkwardly uncomfortable within myself. I can’t even look in the mirror without disliking what I see…. that constant reminder of the past that I fight so hard to block and forget, if I didn’t look so much like her would it be easier?
My nightmare came last night, it’s the first time in weeks. So many years and always the same thing….haunting me. I stood in the bathroom washing my face in the early…

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That’s nice ;D xx

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You’d go away

I saw you and looked the other wayIt’s not that I was worried or had no

Words to say


You see I’ve managed without you 

Not that you did not take my breath away

But breath found new meaning long ago

On some forgotten day when I found myself

Sleeping on the shores of my consciousness 

Knowing I had been lost 

I saw you and looked the other way

Telling myself I was dreaming and soon

You’d go away 


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