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Racism in Rutland

Resorted to blocking me you dirty little tramp of a racist pig didn’t I see you trying to look bad at the Doctors the other day fucking muppet…..!


imageThis is the officer whom thinks school assaults by staff members is not a police issue and also states parents have no right to complain if children are assaulted at school by members of the teaching staff “what happens in school should stay in school”

Racism in Rutland PC

Joe Lloyd Collar number: 1312 I joined Leicestershire Police in December 2001 having previously served in the Armed Forces. I started my career in Melton Mowbray where I served in several roles. In 2007 I joined an Immigration crime team that worked in partnership with the UK Border Agency. This role has exposed me to multi agency working which will assist me in my new role as PBO for Oakham Town. “I will be working closely with the rest of the neighbourhood team providing a visible police presence, identifying and putting into place community issues, along with tackling crime and anti-social…

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Student Loans & the Limitation Act 1980….. Pass it on…….


The government’s sale of student loans to a semi-quango company was always dubious. The fact that these were the older loans many of which fell under the above mentioned act brings into question not only the motive of the government but also the motives of this so called new founded company. Those whom still owe monies on their student loans which are 6/7 years old need to apply to see if they fall under the Act. In addition they need to examine their loans for the earnings clause which usually accompanied many loans prior to mid to early 1990’s. My loans were covered by a clause which meant that I did not have to pay back anything while I was earning under £25.000 although the government made this extremely difficult by bringing in a system that required a “deferment” for each year upon which records were conveniently lost and communications not received. No problem for good and accurate record keepers. I’m concerned for those that have been intimidated bullied and just plain lied to in order for this company to recover money that is statutory barred. deceitful underhanded tactics from a government that daily shows it’s lack of consideration for its populace………… pass it on……….


Student Loan Dismissal.JPG

DWP & The real face of discriminatory practices in Britain…….

I was asked by the DWP to attend a Jobs Fair on the 19th of October (list of those companies attending listed below). I must admit I raised an eyebrow as more than half those attending are in fact employment agencies which I already know offer zero hours contracts. never the less I attended. I took up an offer of one agency whom stated that they had production line superviers and data entry roles available for immediate starts. That seemed promising so I arranged to come back in and sign up with the agency at their induction day which again would be held at Melton Mowbray DWP offices. Now I’m raising the other eyebrow. Why are the DWP facilitating induction days on behalf of companies that offer zero hours contracts at a stated norm. I soon found out.

I received a phone call actually several asking me to go in early as my documents had not been photocopied properly and thus they needed me in forty minutes early so as to facilitate this and give me an induction to the factory. So I attended forty minutes early. I got there at 9.20 (how I got there you can see in the attached email that I sent to the DWP regarding the whole experience) and I was on a production line by 9.30. No induction no idea of where the fire exits where no idea of who my supervisor was. But considering the buses and trains had stopped running I was there until the morning so I thought you know what just get on with it.

As I said I was given no induction to the premises thereby breaking the first health and safety regulation. The coordinator could not be bothered to take me down on to the factory floor and thus I was passed to some young girl whom was told to take me down and get me kitted out. She just round and said no and walked off. I don’t have any more eyebrows to raise now. But I thought your in control and that’s the lack of it that you have ummmmmm….. The next person that I was passed on to made a total face of disdain and said follow me. “I’ve got to be on my line in five minutes if we are late the supervisors start shouting at us so I don’t want to be late”. We walked through the changing rooms and it was take one of these put these on and get a pair of wellington boots from over there.  I did as I was told but when it came to the wellington boots they had nothing my size. I said to the young girl they don’t have my size. “Just put on any pair I’m going out to the lines now”. So I forced on a pair that were two sizes too small and did my best to hobble after this very fast walking person.

Three hours later when the only break for the night came I limped in to see the coordinator. I informed her that there were no wellington boots to fit me. Her response wasn’t surprising. “There are wellington boots out there go get a pair and get back on the line”. Plain and simple another breach of heath and safety. Again knowing that I was stuck there until the first train I went to see what was the biggest size I could find this time round. I was more fortunate than the last as there were a pair that were only one size two small. So for another three and a half hours I hobbled about in boots that were creating the feet from hell syndrome.

I sent the following email to the DWP outlining my concerns…..

“Re: I believe we have a meeting at 10.10 this morning…..


43Spiders ……



Mon 31/10, 11:15


Morning Helen…


I did go in on Friday.

I was a little concerned that they asked me to go in early 9.20 instead of ten supposedly to re-photocopy my documents.

There was no data entry position nor line supervisor. But I thought seeing as I was there I’d give it a go. I was on the production line by 9.30. There is no 10-6 shift as I was told. It’s 9.30 till finish which could be any time between 4/5.30 thus making it inaccessibly to public transport. I spent the first three hours wearing size 9 boots, I’m a size 11 when I saw the coordinator at lunch and told her I could not find boots my size her response was there are boots out there go get and be on the line on time. I then spent the rest of the night working in boots which were size 10. I can’t tell you how uncomfortable my feet still are but to then have to walk for 45 minutes to the train station and still have to wait outside in the cold for the first train at 6.30 just made things worse. The shift coordinator informed me that she did not have a position available for me and that I would cover for her temps as and when the need arises i/e when one was off sick or someone was on holiday. I’m concerned that this kind of service is being promoted by the job-center I think it’s abusive in more than one way.




Richard ”


The response to this email was a phone call from the Manager stating that after speaking with me and getting both sides of the story the information in the email would be passed to a decision maker. I asked her other than my concerns in regard to my own health and safety what decision needed to be made. She did not respond. A copy of the conversation will be attached at the end of this article. I have not received any further communication from the DWP but having been asked to and attending a Jobseeker’s Direction i/e justify why your not working on the 31st I’m clueless as to why the manager and the above mentioned advisor felt that either my experience needed to be investigated or that I had acted in some inappropriate manor.


This is the same manager that I approached when I saw a need in the DWP offices for someone to be available to assist those coming in that were not computer literate. I approached her stated the need and the fact that I would be willing to do this as voluntary work. It was arranged for me to go to another council office detail my proposal have an interview. That was the last I heard. They now employ two or three individuals to cover that need.


This is the same manager that would not consult with the working links coordinator whom works closely with the police and DWP in relation to long term unemployed individuals and having paid working links to assist me refused to follow up when working links refused to take my calls or give any indication as to their findings or lack of.


This is the same manager that refused to follow up the job offers that I have had which have been withdrawn without or with dubious excuses. NACRO, Stamford College, Leicester College and a few others.


This is the same manager that agrees my transfer to a different advisor every three months or passes me on to temps brought in from other DWP offices thereby ensuring that I do not get access to any support initiatives that are available. An example being that instead of telling me to walk the two miles each way to the factory a week ago on Friday they could have put me forward for the wheels to work programme whereby I could have received either a bicycle or moped loan to do the jurney. Discrimination and prejudice in action…..!


As you will hear from the phone conversation with the manager. Her concern was not the deception and lies that were told in order to get me into the factory nor the fact that health and safety regulations were breached in fact she would not respond when asked what it was that she felt a decision needed to be made upon, which is really kind of strange considering that she was there and was aware of the offers that I had been made i/e data entry and line supervisor. She’s looking to find a way to penalise me for not working despite the fact that nowhere in my jobseekers agreement have I agreed to be a production line worker working for £7.20 an hour on a night shift with a zero hours contract. I am concerned that this racist prejudicial practicing individual is using and abusing her position to carry out what she deems as appropriate intimidation and bullying and the withholding of services on behalf of others whom she openly states she is keeping an eye out for on this site……


This manager is the same one that claims to monitor my website for my comments in regards to the racists MP Alan Duncan, Helen Briggs of Rutland County Council and the headmaster of Catmose Federation Stuart Williams. This is the same woman that asked me “do you really think that there’s some form of conspiracy against you” and considering it was a statement out of the blue and out of context well yes now I actually do. Your job role does not require you to monitor my site but what it is proving to be is discriminatory practices in your services and dealings with myself. This is the same woman whom got annoyed when I appealed a decision and told me that if I’m not careful she would claim back the travel expenses i/e train fares that I had received to attend interviews in Birmingham and such like places. Intimidation, harassment and bullying characteristic sings to prejudice and discriminatory behaviour. This constant badgering and investigation by government authorities is something that I have had to deal with for over ten years now within the country of Rutland and that’s from every department, police, council, schools and increasingly more so the DWP. This is the real face of prejudice and discrimination in Britain………..


As the DWP have been advised any phone calls made to my property are recorded in order for clarification in relation to disputes and thus are made knowing that I will use such recordings as and when I see fit to challenge individual and departmental discriminatory practices. Please also be aware that this  site is copywrite protected thus any use reference to or copying of any material on this site is strictly prohibited unless I give express permission. Which I have not…..!

I could not get the phone call to upload but it can be found here…..

It’s not that I have stopped dreaming

or letting my imagination run wild

it’s that I have closed my eyes like that

of a child not wanting to see that which is

right there before me the harshness of a reality

that thing passed down by those once before me

how cruel how kind that their imaginations were

never really blind but choosing like me to close

ones eyes and never really see not wanting any part

of that responsibility of making things better for those

others to be free from the burden of it all free from knowing

free from standing tall in the winds of despair

It’s not that I have stopped dreaming

it’s that I’ve stopped sharing them with you ;s xx


Had my hands on my son’s gaming rig since the weekend ;o I think it might be ready for some serious online gaming now ;D


During the 70s and 80s I attended so many political marches rallies and demonstrations in regards to equality. There was no distinction it was about sexual liberation inclusion of all abilities and the acceptance of all creeds and colours.

Sexuality was the first to be integrated into the main stream partly due to the ever so public portal of the homophobic brutality with which it was being attacked. The general public ever fearful of violence wholeheartedly supported the integration of these individuals whom through no fault of their own had sexual different likings.

Next came disabilities. How could any progressive modern nation not consider those unable to gain access to work leisure social venues drastic changes were made for their inclusion.

That left blacks. No longer supported by the sexual brigade abandoned by disabilities they were left to march alone. There was no excuse for being black it was not a medical condition nor a genetic differences of a perceived norm. Blacks were accountable for their own social political and economic standing. Those same disabled and sexually different individuals that blacks had previously supported became the front line barriers to political inclusion. Incorporated into local government infused with that new sense of power those once allies vigorously rebuffed any attempt at advancement.

One small concession was made allowing a small number of black females to enter the political arena unfortunately that required almost losing their blackness. The stage finally set blackness was abandoned as a notion of inequality and pushed into the realm of threatening deviance.

The harshness with which blacks and black males in particular are treated by the  legal systems in the western world reflect nothing more than the desire to never allow equality. As such blacks can be beaten murdered and publicly humiliated without fear of repercussion from the wider society. If it were a dog or a child there would be outrage condemnation and change but be it a black man woman or youth and the victim is seen as deserving such treatment.

It is time to take control of and defend our own communities. There are so many aspects of our communities that are not right and require drastic action to ensure the safe nurturing of the young just as much as there is a need to defend ourselves and our communities from the authorities that seem hell bent on its moral and social destruction. We are at war with both a system of continual abuse and our fellow blacks that have lost all notions of self-worth and integrity. Until we accept this fact and collectively act against it we will continue to be lost and continue to loose…….

The Road to Ruin


When police in the service of governments beat and abuse children they undermine the authority of both parents and the community for what child would listen to a parent or community that cannot support or protect them from those intent on causing them harm. It is thus that the road to self-hatred is pathed with the blood of men women and children that are the victims of not only a non-supportive wider community but also the victims of it’s own conformity to a legal system that is broken in regards to their needs, for when you learn that your brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles lives are worthless what is to stop you from taking out your fears and frustrations upon them. For such a long time we have ignored recent history and knowledge and refused to take control of ourselves and our communities. Fight fire with fire for even when you call upon them for help it is the authorities intention to harm you in any way they can…..!



The fact of police brutality is nothing new the world over law enforcement and the judiciary have an on going hatred and degradation for all things black but this is just total bollock’s its what appears to be a teenage girl and despite the fact that there is video evidence nothing is done…  Give me the means and I’ll show you how to deal with this shit As black people we really need to stop playing this game of Simon says and watching our young people being abused on every imaginable level what we need to do is fight fire with fire………… ;s


It’s not the distance we travel that makes life hard

It’s the people we carry and those we discard

For the heart and mind are limited and sometimes

We see others along the way and we ask do you

Want to come with me but you have you room

They say

Hold on a sec I’ll see what I can do but then the

Choices are given to you do you carry more than

Your really meant to or lose another along the way

Wait here my friend someday I will be back for you

And on that journey we stay


Left behind on the side of the road, hungry sad lonely

And cold we wait for that other who the story did told

That this way they’d come again

Passersby catch our eyes

Hay you come with me to stay is demise

But lost and alone with distant eyes we say

I’m waiting for my friend

Don’t be silly you lonely fool promises are broken

That’s the golden rule and here you’ll be all alone


In the distance you can hear the cries

Some are hello’s and others goodbyes

And ever so often it appears to the eyes that

There’s other along that road

Distant and still almost like road kill they litter

The way ahead and behind

Maybe I should walk and try to catch up those

That have left me behind


As I walk I meet others I’ve seen before

How long have you been here where have

You been

Do you want me to carry you

Hop on and we’ll start our journey

Once more


Get me out of here ;o

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What would it take to hear

The whispers of your heart

In the dead of night when

The world has forgotten the

Damage of man and the dawn

Has yet to reveal the darkness

That sleeps within the children

Of the morning

And still there is the sunshine

And the rain falling upon the faces

Of those that would kill the knowledge

Of forgiveness and belonging

There is beauty in those eyes and a presence

of love that emanates from the souls knowledge

and there hanging above is an awareness of freedom

and the birds of desire seeking new and distant lands

yet still we are balanced in indecisions and restrictions

imposed acceptably as we seek directions in which to

grow away from ourselves

The Hungry Husky

Vegan and Vegetarian Recipes


These are my thoughts, feelings and words. Welcome to my mind.

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