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Plan all you want!

We keep on planning for the day to arrive

The old keep on planning for that day to arrive

We teach the young for that day to arrive


Did it arrive for you?

Is this your construction of reality?

Has your day arrived?


So what of tomorrow?

What about someone else’s day?

Will you let their day arrive tomorrow?




I say I’m your friend as long as you do what I ask

I say I am your lover despite wishing for another

I hear what you say and wonder why your bother

I offer you a hand while I am walking away

I ask how you are and interrupt what you say

I see you from a distance and look the other way


You hear my request and smile in contempt

You see my struggles and offer no support

You walk past me and wonder why I am hurt

You offer you had from an impossible distance

You smile with you words and attack with you eyes

You view me with contempt and await my demise


We eat the same food but are so really different

We do the same job but yet know nothing of each other

We meet every day but even politeness is a burden

We see the same sun but yet glow with differing lights

We breathe the same air but have developed in different directions

We are all alive but yet often act dead, in mind, body and soul

I had a dream!

I had a dream and in that dream I had a life that was similar to my past.

The dream was reality and in that reality I had a dream that this life of mine was only a dream.

Where is where and what is what.

Am I still in my dream or is this my life?

 If my life was a dream I could ask for no more, love, job children and friends to make my heart full.

If this is not my life but only a dream let me die before I wake and loose the life that I love

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