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Consider the consequences

Of actions so deep

To wake from that dream

That consciousness to seek


That self indulgence

That mastering of skill

Will expose to others

Thy confidence and will


What are we saying?

With actions and words

Do you agree?

That both would concur


Or are we still


That passive state

Of being


Contemplating effects

Should this be the real?

If to only consider

How the others do feel


Step forward now gently

For the path to reveal

Thy ultimate direction

To enlighten and feel 

Do you feel my pain?

Do you feel my pain?

Do you know where I am standing?

Can you see my hurt?

Can you save me?


Why do your lips move?

And you eye’s look empty?

What is in your mind?

What is in your heart?


You move like a shadow

Without presence

Without form

You are empty


I am exploding

My world has gone

Space is big

The universe is empty


New life has started

I feeling the stirring

But there is no death

It is time for the transition


Time to move on

The restriction is over

Able to expand

New growth new development


The mind has taken over

The body on automatic

Considerations not a factor

Forward is the destination


You have been here before

You know the way

Remove the restrictions

And let others follow your footsteps

How long can the night last?

Start with familiarity

Take it for a walk

Go through unfamiliar places

To yourself start to talk


Leave behind the comfort of the city

And encounter the cold or night

Walk past the empty fields

With every sound a fright


Where are you going?

Where have you been?

With such consideration

Was your life not but a dream?


How long have you been walking?

Was everything else a dream?

If this night should end

Could you your life and soul redeem?


Rest your aching bones

In places you would never sit

Lay your head down to rest

In nothing but a pit


Alone in a world

Moving to fast to notice

Your pain and hurt

Being the things that are emotive


How long can a night last?

A lifetime to pursue

To re-evaluate the things

That make you you

Dark Places!



How far would you go to change me?

To take me where I have been

To undo my life’s creation

To change my very being.


At the cost of an innocent

At the cost of an untamed soul

To leave no other option

But to defend in another role


Why is it that you are fearful?

What threat do I represent?

Is it for your self preservation?

Or is it something you regret?


I know your at a cross roads

Not knowing which way to turn

Looking for some justification

For your inability to learn


Is it difficult to accept?

The fact you may be wrong

Is it easier to blame another?

And thus continue along


Can you not witness?

Those who hold you in esteem

Who consider your every action

Whose life you hold supreme


The time has come to grow now

To come into the light

Well you accept the learning challenge

Or again sneak of in the night

The environment!

The environment!


If the environment is not conducive to the goodness of the self should you change this or reconstruct the self for a period of time?


What is to be taken into consideration? The goodness and benefit to the grater group or the egotistical reality of self preservation?


Is the consideration of such things necessary in a climate that is not responsive to good will and respect?


How much can you assist another at the expense of self?


Individually we are aware of the amount of stress and turmoil that we are able to endure.


Some, more than others, have developed ways of dealing with such things and only flourish under such conditions. Under such circumstances many have come to growth and understanding.


What is the cut of point?


In dealing with the development of the young, why is it that the inconsistency of the elders and fear of growth need to be addressed before the young are allowed to develop?


What is it that holds us back from allowing the next generation to supersede us and show us the way to go?

The search for god begins and ends with the self.


The realisation that there is no god other than the self dictates that each is responsible for the actions of the self and thus directs the actions that the self must take in order to promote and protect life, love and the enlightenment of others.


Once achieved enlightenment can only go in one direction, all others are self deceit in order to please and empower the ego for the power of deception of the self and others.


This is the cycle of life.

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