Am I not old enough to have peace?

Have I not done my part in life?

Justification for the self states

That I have done my best

Every since I was capable of

Conscious thought it has been

My mission to create more

Good than harm in my life

So why is that others?

Do not bestow upon me

The same respect?

I have brought up many children

For those who were unwilling

Or incapable off looking after

Their own in life

So why is it that I am not?

Having a peaceful life and

Enjoying the company of my own

Without the interference of those who

Think that they know better

Only for me to tell them

Their roll in this life and

The consequences of their

Inconsiderate actions as if

They were not aware of this

In the first place?

I am confident


And willing to stand my ground

And account for my actions

What is it that scares you?

Am I arrogant?

Or am I confident?

Are you able to distinguish the difference??

Or is it that your ignorance

Dictates your actions?

Me thinks it is the latter!