This is the time that has been spoken of

The time when all things come to a head

Where do you stand in this final call to arms?

This is not conflict this is war

Have you made you choice?

Which side are you on?

Can you say this with your whole heart?

Are you just hoping that the confrontation is not real?

This is the judgement of our times

This is the stance you make for the last time

So where are you?

I look and you were beside me

But now I can not find you

You were my friend

And now you are gone

I stand alone

But I am firm

In my consideration

And my contemplation

Of how things should be

Move from in front of me

As I am not the one

You want as an enemy

There are things of which

We are all aware

And this is not the time

For a philosophical discussion

But the time for

Actions and commitment

Neither of which you

Are able to offer

So move from before me

And lay down your arms

And I shall consider your

Life and ignore your

Charms that you used to entice

Me into a wed of deception and

Deceit, for now is the time

For inhalation and no

Consideration of retreat

Gone is the concept of

Friendship upon which you

Depend in order to

Confuse another