No such thing as institutional racism, individuals run institutions and it is those individuals who make life changing decisions.



I’ve been informed that

There are some institutions

That one should not tackle

That these should be left

To do there thing and

Not be questioned by the

Average person for fear

Of the consequences and

The drawing of attention

To one’s self and those

Involved, that these institutions

Have the ability to dictate and

Do what ever it is that they

Feel is fit and adequate at

The time they choose to

Be involved.


My response to that is

Bring it on you fuckers

For this is not about winning

It is about the ability to fight

And stand up for what is

Considered right in the face

Of adversity, to question that

Which others are fearful to

Speak out loud about, it is to make

A stance and challenge in

Order that those that follow

Will not have to do so


Those that follow are the

Children, and as such we

The adults should not back

Away from a challenge that

May impact upon their lives

For the sake of self preservation

Make a stand in order to address

The issues that we know are

Not for ignoring or pretending

That this is ok as long as this does

Not affect us or our kin


I make my stand because

I have many children and

I will not back down from

The confrontations that are

Awaiting on the horizon for

An easy life, should I do so then

I condemn my children to a life

Of emotional servitude and lies