What is it that makes us grow?

A desire, a wish, a concept of being better?

What is this desire, wish or concept based upon?

Can we as individuals grow without the expense of another?


Is it possible for teachers to assist in such growth?

Without us taking this as a personal challenge?

In order to teach one needs to want to learn

Regardless of what the original motivation is


What is your learning style?

Are you able to learn from the experiences of others?

Or do you feel that it is necessary to have your own?

Will you examine a situation and say I would have done

This or that differently and thus place yourself on a higher

Plain than the one whom you just witnessed stumble?

Is it possible to be balanced in the sense that you are able

To learn and pass on such knowledge without being


Judgemental in your relations or words.

Or is it that mere being means that we feel that it is

Necessary to gloat over others and thus strive to surpass

There point of incapability’s.

We often restrict the worlds of others with the use of the word


They are, did you know, have you heard. With such words and

Conceptions we use the pen that is mightier than the sword and

Can with careless words destroy the life of another, robbing them

Of there dreams and desires within this material plain.


What is it that is within us that rejoices at the demise of another

That makes us not only want to see such downfall but which within

Us creates a feeling of euphoria in that we think that thank goodness that was not me in that position. And thus we can continue with our daily lives

And ignore the fact that we have just been a witness, taken part in or instigated

The ridiculing of a lifetimes work for an individual, family, community or Nation. Thus is the inclination of man for the demise of and rejoicing in the fact that someone else is getting it instead of us and thus we can rest, peacefully that night.