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Long live the real!

Life’s contemplation of why we are here

That longing to be needed and display no fear

That quest for enlightenment in what we can do

Clashes with realization that it is up to me and you

Not to be hero’s or persons divine

But merely to love and cherish over time

That feeling of warmth and desire for truth

That feeling that remembers what it was in youth

To express every emotion to feel every thought

That passion for living forever moving not caught

Along creeps the age, of wisdom and life

Reducing the feelings and charging a price

Not to be real but now to be false

Slowing the heart-rate and easing the pulse

Showing to others that we have regressed

To a state where they are able to deal

With what they have nurtured death to the real


Long live the real, long live the real

I wonder what is this thing called love

Love for another that will never end

Love for another that will become a friend

Love for the other that with life we would defend


Elusive and hard to define

That feeling in the body and mind

Knowing there is another

That for you will always discover

Those hidden parts that others do not see

Those little things that give rise to the me

That special something that no other can give

That feeling without that one we would not live


When least expected but always desired

That thing in life that keeps us inspired

Not in wealth or things we can make

But in that feeling for which every muscle aches


Soul mate companion partners in crime

Looking for love in this space and time

How many are lonely how many know the truth

That in this life time love is the proof


Of how we are living and how we must die

With our arms around another

And that shoulder upon which we can cry

So pick up your self and move forward once more

Knowing the knock on the window or even the door

Could just be that one, that makes all things come true

That one special person that will be there for you


Where is the love that we are all so desperately searching for

Black Eye Peas

“If you never know truth you never know love”

You said you were my friend

Upon you I could depend

To tell the truth and act like me

And that for you this would not offend


So imagine to my surprise

with condemnation  In you eyes

you listen, judge and act so smug

as if you never told lies


what can I say to you

who skips through

life choosing never to be true

other than get off my case

stay out of my face

and let me avoid the likes of you


with heart felt glee I turn and flee

from confrontation and humiliation

of being associated with one like you

you have your wealth but lack your health

and pretend it is for the best of you


but deep in side I will confide

that your persona is a reflection so true

your heart is cold your body looking old

and it has nothing to do with what you went through


it’s because you are mean

with thoughts and mind unclean

and carry on as if no one really knows you

with the world you are aggrieved as not

everyone is deceived by the mask that

you pretend to be you


so go on your way

and to others display

that mask that is so untrue

as deep in my heart

I knew from the start

That you were looking for love

Not to return but merely to burn

The fool that will fall for you


Your passion is gone

For you there’s not fun

As your dieing and will never return

To that place in the mind

That only two persons can find

And which for life is always rosy and blue

Old Boy Ode

One of my past teaching assistants would describe me as being!


R is for rough and always ready

I is for intelligent but then again ignorant

C is for charming, cool and captivating

H is for honest, hopeful and hunky (?)

A is for arsehole, arrogant and amazingly admired

R is for romantic, resilient and ruggedly rude

D is for darling, desirable, daring and dotage


Oh how some get to know us so well init hahaha

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