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Militant by nature

Militant by nurture

Considerations of actions that would have long lasting repercussions

Frustration, determination not for things to remain the same

So has it been said so has it come to pass

What do you do when you are fed up with hearing your own voice!

Shut up init!

Thus action needs to be taken.

Gone are the days of action “back in the day init”

Things were resolved on the street

Options for progression reduced by political correctness

While our children are excluded from society they make their own

No political, social or economic restraints means thugs rule

Increased death rates, drug addiction, criminality

And it is thus that criminals are made, identified and restricted to a life, locality, community or area

In a void of despair gone are conceptions of longevity and progression

Replaced by conceptions of the here and now, survival of the quickest

Reversal of all that the educational system has tried to impart

Conformity is no longer an option




Got the offer of sending my son to Nottingham for his education by an alternative education provider. Ummmm he’s only been out of school for two days! No consideration in relation to the appeal system! I worked for the alternative education provider two years ago and left after confronting them about the lack of social and moral education that the students received. Not willing to be a tick box provider I lift for my own moral reasons. That thing of individuals within the black community who once in a position to effect permanent change instead become interested in self promotion and the lining of pockets for comfort. This particular place had several drug dealers, gun carriers and out and out bad men init, all under the age of 15. Sorry but you will not be seeing my son in this life time. Makes me wonder (as all things do) whom it is that makes the choice that this or that person will receive support and who will be sent, set-up in certain directions. If that is all the system has to offer my children then home tuition has to be the answer but that is a slow and laborious process and still revolves around issues of social exclusion and consideration for later life and future prospects. Not really one for religion and all that but the notion of becoming a militant Muslim and pinpointing certain establishments right now appeals to me, never know like the Irish 20 years of trouble might get me and mine somewhere as 15 years of self education and challenging the establishment in courts does not seem to work. Home bread terrorists come from the lack of support that the system is willing to give to those who want to fight blatantly obvious discrimination practices  


The mind awash with thoughts anew

Decisions contemplations of things to do

What direction based upon things required

Balanced with those that are individually desired


Motivational concerns for those around

Intermingled with consideration and advice so sound

What to do suggestions abound

Still here contemplating but no answers found


Alone we are in this state of despair

Thrown to the wind are conceptions of fair

Realisation that these things from the past

Have been there waiting just to kick your ass


Seeing perfection in something you like

Discounting those things we often try to fight

Taking on board the potential for growth

Considering where we stand in the reflection of hope

Thus is the future in darkness we grope

Trying to find the life line, that rope

Security blankets are things of the past

Now we wonder what in this life will last


Conversations have already started around this one. Thus far my response has been to view perfection as something not to be attained but rather as being something to continually strive for, that motivational thing that keeps us going. And it is thus that we see others as being individuals along that same road of self development and growth and recognise in them or not the place where they stand. We are helped or help others or struggle on alone, but we are all walking the same path of survival and death.

Perfection init!



The acceptance of the shortcomings of others

The recognition of your own misdemeanours

The willingness to grow

The ability to let others go without condemnation

The desire to see another become the best that they can be

The knowledge and acceptance of who and what you are


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