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The question of religious affiliation is one that divides homes, villages and nations. What is the purpose of religion? Is it to adorn a mystical being with our hopes wishes and aspirations? Is this conception of one (many) outside of our own persona’s upon which to place our hatred something that is inherent to man, self hatred. Without the concept’s of religion would we as individuals still be social in (nature) our endeavours. While man proclaims to be a social being, all social interactions require external restraints, threats, and repercussions in order for these interactions to be effective and productive.


Religion thus as an adaptation of social control is one that is based upon the very values of societies. All have commonality, shared goals, values and aspirations central. Before the rule of law there is religion to indoctrinate, control and predict the behaviour of all groups and individuals alike.


Have individuals thus not progressed along with conceptions of civilization, democracy or freedom? Religion now does not represent what it did fifty or a hundred years ago. Christianity within the west has undergone changes that for some make it unrecognisable. The result and extent of such changes means that more individuals are now in Tesco’s than church on a Sunday morning. The emerging churches in Africa have declared that the western religious leaders have lost their way. Now it is down to the converted to remind us of the traditional expectations of a zealous life style. Our historical attempts to control the world in the name of Christianity has now come full circle and found us to be wanting. We are unable to sustain the expectations that we ridiculed and condemned much of the world for. Having wiped out villages towns and countries for their lack of Christian morals we have now been judged by their decedents and found wanting. Yet we still continue to proclaim freedom, democracy and humanity in our justifications for world domination and economic control.


Do we desire to blame our failures upon something other than ourselves? Is there a need deep within us for perfection, development and growth that being unable to sustain over any period of time we then seek to apportion blame to external factors, luck, not in the right place at the right time, my time, gods will. The failure would thus have to reflect the possible options (both ends being extreme) and would thus have to have the ability to be divine or demonic in nature.


Totemism as the externalisation of basic requirements for the visualisation of mystical powers and expressions of the soul has within it’s basic concept all elements of religion.


Not finished.

I am concerned with the apathy of individuals within the local community who seem to think that I will not be offended or disturbed by their continual usage of derogatory depictions of “packies, darkies and those other blacks”. Of the continual observations of visiting friends and family members asking do they stare like that all the time? The year is 2006 but Oakham and rural England’s mentality is still resembling that of the late 60’s & 70’s. In this day and age when I still meet individuals whom feel “comfortable” enough to tell me they carn’t stand “packie’s” I have to wonder how it is that they depict me when I am not around. Is this progression that I as an individual seem so English that I have become one of “Them” in the eyes of a few!


I have worked and lived in a few parts of England. My purpose being that I go where my heart and circumstances allow. But yet I find on my travels those who would restrict, deter or stagnate (like that word at the moment) my being. What is it about this willingness to destroy, harm or hinder that which you can not be part of? I ask this as a question as it is not something that I have willingly or consciously taken part in but something that I have witnessed or being the recipient of such attention!


I have been asked why it is that I do not pack up and move from such a life of struggle and confliction! My response would be that of ummm and do what! From London to Essex to Nottingham to Rutland the issues remain the same. The education of black youth, my youth, my children, and in years to come my grandchildren. Having children some ten years in age difference and still able (just) to recall my own educational experiences (hat’s off to ya bro) nothing seems to have changed. As stated in some other blog way back when, our children seem to transverse from cute to dangerous from that transition from primary to secondary school. That magical period from boy to man, from youth to yob just kicks in. I would say that it is a cultural thing but hay blacks shooting blacks at 14 duno something wrong there. Our educational system is steeped in the glory of the British Empire. Why there are those still alive who came looking for the mother land and country of opportunity. Before ya all dead I got to ask ya ya blasted mad or what! Sun and sand for rain and stone ya jokas you! Thing is it’s ya grandkids that are now reaping that reward of degradation and bewilderment. Challenges that you as a generation did not accept or respond too have been allowed to fester and grow. That comradeship that sustained the 50’s an 60’s is no longer with us. Ghetto style communities have replaced the market place and Vassle road blues. Everyday struggle has long since seen the back of community based actions and militant style meetings on Peckham High street (oioi). We have now ushered in the era of MP lead communities and teacher dictated conformity within our schools with our complacency. The notion of internalised self hatred via nationalism comes to mind init. After all we are all British are we not!


Having worked in those inner city schools that struggle to control and retain their afro-Caribbean boys (not another drop – anti gun campaign) to offering alternative education to excluded or those on the verge of exclusion (Colchester Institute) to entertaining those already out of school and running the streets (alternative Afro-Caribbean education in Nottingham) to private Educational Providers for EBD (Rutland) the issues are not those of the children, but of those who judge and condemn them to a life outside the box. Judgement is just such, action based upon perception which is in too many cases proves to be philanthropic in nature and restrictive in nurture.   

A year older and a year wiser! Hahahaha I wish init. Contemplation, reflection of the past year. Been that bloody long that I have forgotten most of it init. What can I say. I would really like to say I have learned a lot but don’t think that would be the case. I would love to say that I have had many a new experience and while there have been one or two the majority have been what I would term mistakes in there repetitiveness. Plans for the coming year are those that have been on hold since last year. What can I say other than stagnation stinks for a reason init. Prediction can be a blessing (?) if helpful otherwise it’s as stated init a self fulfilling prophesy. Thus being the case, deep breaths are taken stances adjusted and once again into war! Ummm final thought! 43 and the best birthday every, Noddy is not shooting blanks. To become a granddad once more. Luckas being the first and as much as I love his dad that is not my blood line. Noddy on the other had is the first born. There is much to be said for the concept of belonging and blood rather than family. Noddy would understand this it’s in his heart init. All else is miniscule

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