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The last three times my son has been called into the local police station I have gone as his appropriate adult! As such I have the right to request that the interview be stopped at any point if I am unhappy with the process of investigation (interrogation). Informed the other day that none of the investigations shall be proceeding any further, fucking jokas I tell ya!


As the appropriate adult you have the right to request


1.     age appropriate language and terminology be used with the child

2.     that closed questions are asked instead of the “tell me what happened shit”

3.     that the enquiry be carried out at your home rather than the police station unless the individual has already been taken to a police station, should that be the case you have nothing to say and want to see the duty solicitor to check the right to detain the young person. Many a time the excuse is that they wanted the parent to collect the child and if that is the case get the details and leave

4.     you have the write to a copy of the taped interview. If the dum asses are still using the two tape system instead of the new three request to have the interview carried out at another time or venue with the appropriate facilities


6.     if your young person is not the only person involved and there are others to interview you have the right to ask who they are and what the purpose of the investigation is, if possible make a basic statement and stick to it, if the young person is asked to elaborate on something ya answer is NO!


8.     make your own notes during the interview

9.     check with the young person that they fully understand the implications of any statement that they may make, don’t tell them to just tell the punk what happened

10.                        if you are not happy with the way things are going and just want a break request an intermission during the interview process whereby you and the young person can have a chat before deciding weather or not to continue

11.                        don’t assume because your child is being investigated that they are guilty, the police don’t care who takes the blame anyone will do!!!!

12.                        if you receive a call asking you to bring your young person down for questioning find out what for, who else is involved and discuss this with the young person before going anywhere.

13.                        do not attend on the day contacted as it usually like “can you bring them down now”, say NO and carry out your own investigations first!!!!!!!!!



Any Black parents that you know need to be directed here to read this as with 75% of black males already having their details on the criminal data base we as Black parents need to be getting ready for the war to protect our children. get off ya ass and get motivated.


Right I am looking free argument now and want to chat to black males who do not live with their children. I want your concerns, motivations, difficulties and successes to share with every Black male I can chat with, I also want to hear from you that are hanging on in there and trying to raise ya kids too.


And where are the Black females on the net! I don’t hear nothing from you yet and been here a while now so what’s going one wid you’s? Come time to chat now and fix up our selves for the next stage init!

If you know of anyone who wants general information in regards to school exclusions, governors appeals or local authority appeals or procedures then send then to me init in the position to give them a hand, guidance or just a listening ear as I am eating, sleeping and shitting the stuff day and night init jokas! And yes that was a serious offer! Even if your child has only been excluded for one day then there are things you need to know and have a copy of as the process has already begun. If as a parent you are requested to collect your child from school and it is not an official exclusions my advice to you would be not to do this but request the school to write to you stating what is it that they are requesting from you and why is it is that they are unable to deal with the issue themselves. Sometimes in our eagerness to assist we take for granted the fact that schools are meant to enhance the learning of ALL children but this is not their agenda! I would especially like to hear from those parents of Afro-Caribbean children as they are over represented in this area and while the government have initiated procedural changes to take account of this fact the majority of schools neither inform parents according to those procedures nor do they follow them. Nasty little catch 22 that one as the appeal window is 15 school days for a challenge. How bloody pathetic considering the life times that are involved!

Take two steps back and detach your self and pretend that it is not you. Examine the facts cut back on the chat and see what is needed to do. Not to win or to come out on top but to do the best you can do. For this is the way for progression of not just one but many so just do what you can do!


Looked out the window to see what the commotion was all about. No one about except three cars in the car park. Ya jokas, sitting there for all to see init, using ya rolling mat and king size papers what ya got no home to go to or what? Old enough to own a car but not old enough to do what ya want init so ya sit in the car skinning up the weed ya man just dropped off. Poor youth dem init got no where to go to smoke dem lickle bag of skunk. Blind I tell ya blind must be the law! Or see what it wants to see, co’s if I wanted to catch ya or buy some ting I would know just where to go and that’s not like its my business but just that I am aware of what is carrying on in this little town. Reflection of our society I would think so as this is the back of beyond, so come tell me what ya doing you that call ya self community leaders, police, community wardens and the such like and I will tell you where ya need to be, init ya jokas!


And should there be no hope!

Been up late doing the background reading for exclusion appeals guidance for Parents. My bloody head hurts but think I got it sorted and the appeal written. Jokas more middle class philanthropists arranging meetings in order to give their culturally bias opinion of whether a decision was just or not according to them. And in the mean time I am home teaching him, I dread to think what he would be doing should I be at work jokas! The nanny state is well and truly on its way even if it has to create its own needs. How much of a population can it afford to discard in order to sustain and maintain the rest. Should this ever be reflective of the differences in wealth then society is well and truly fucked. Back to the serfdom days and pre industrialisation and the subject population control. I have always had an historical interest in industrialisation and the growth of human development around the turn of the century (or two init getting old now) and the huge leap in both physical and social control that supported this. Certain things still stick in my mind from my access course back in the day and the questions still dig at me every now and again. we know where were coming from, we know where were going and yet we continue and live in hope. Of what I have no idea init, divine intervention, winning the lottery, getting that better job but regardless of the motivation of the individual we plod along thinking that there is hope. But should there be no hope what would our actions be?

Home Alone Pt3!

Oioi at long last init got something else to sink ma teeth into. Got to get on me on-line course yesterday. Oioi only a month behind but many many thanks to the admin assistant and IT guy who sorted that out for me, nice1. Progress at last init jokas, might learn something yet init but hay lets not push it. Don’t know where the week has bloody gone again, still managed to get the most stuff sorted, and as for you ya joka bout ya wanna stay up till early hours dem ramping then make me walk street in the cold carry on init!  Big time jokes dem init make the day and night mixup.


Haven’t heard from me little men dem in two days now init, not gonna phone as no news is good news, crap really as I know say if I phone something gonna gwan.


My grandson fell out the window a few days ago. No one told me anything init but hay what ya gonna come tell me after I done told you jokas last year that she don’t know how to look after no picknie! Still look to her mother init and tell me where she get it from.


Gonna be one of those days today init phones off and act like I don’t response for no one jokas hahahahaah after I phone you ofcourse init MUM!

Home Alone part2!

Ummmm got a phone call this morning early from the boys. I was thinking that it was kinda strange for Isaiah to phone like that init, only spoke with him yesterday and we had already arranged to chat on line tonight. Anyway turns out that Malachi and his mother are not seeing eye to eye so I am on stand by to do the drive there and back tonight. Malachi has gone back to his primary school for the day, spending the day with his old teacher and Isaiah who is now in that class. Isaiah has been moved up a year hoping that this will keep the little man occupied (not saying a bloody word for now but ummmm jokas). See how the rest of the day pans out shall we!

Its been an interesting weekend. Watched the most movies init jokas. Lord of War with Nicolas Cage was bad blood believe. Best thing I have seen him in since Face Off another bad movie. Watched two of the Alien films, Director’s cut and Special edition both of which was some good reminiscing init!


Chatted with Malachi twice since he left on Friday night init! Try to ignore the cussing he was getting in the background (sometimes I swear it’s done just to get a reaction, paranoia setting in or what joka!). We have agreed that I email him the short cuts for his work this week while he is away and he will return the results and worksheets. Poor lad must need a break from me init.


Done the house work (most init) and caught up with the washing and now I’m bored! Miss me little man already init like having the responsibility to keep me focused! Still got lots of the paper work to catch up on, got at least four complaints outstanding and three waiting to go in so it should be an interesting week if nothing else.

No pain No gain!

Been messing about on MSN chat for ages now init! Need to have a rest as too many jokas getting on my case, it’s no longer the exhilarating experience it once was.  Self examination would put it down to the fact that I become bored very quickly but reality would put it down to the tolerance of original jokas and a selection of farm animals that like to mess up the place where ever they go. Missing for a while as gone to the MSN detox clinic to deal with my addiction.


The Greeks wrote of tragedy and adventures of the hearts and minds of man.


The Romans expressed and had catered for every desire of the body and soul.


And thus we have inherited the shadows of our former selves only to live in a reflection of bi-gone eras when women where women and men just men.


With our Hollywood dreams and Caribbean cruses we search our lands for those fleeting moments that for us swells the chest with passions unknown.


Our part in history is becoming so clear.


For without adventure and challenges anew we have created the perfect world, where all can be hero’s so gallant and true.


Where daily toil and troubles can be vanquished and replaced with experiences that are new.


The real has died and now been replaced, not by the physical but timelessness in space.


Hence we retreat into the delights of the past, where control was taken and life was lived.


Unfinished init got interrupted by someone looking fee argument, Pac of jokas!


It’s been a good day/dream!

You know when you have done a good job when it is there long after you have gone. While the individual visions of grandeur and self worth are good motivators in reality there is no replacement for good policy and procedures which become imbedded in institutions and individuals alike (worth examination at some point, institutions as having innate abilities) and survive the onslaught of generations. A good example being our judiciary and some of the antiquated laws that are still on our books. Hahahaha the community charge being a bloody good example. What a way to squeeze the common man. Only an advanced civilization could reject it in younger years and accept once developed hahahaha


Tell me what did I miss? Where have I been while the world has been going mad? Duno! My favourite programme being the news, always on in the background, so sitting up straight and thinking did I just hear right the other day. We as a country are concerned about immigration of a country that has not joined the EU. What the f*&k. We know how many of them are coming and know what jobs we want them to go into, but yet we have “yob’s” on the streets, increasing social exclusions and over crowded prisons! (thank god for winter or we’d still be having the shootings too init).


I get the feeling I have woken in a dream so I am going back to my blasted bed and see what the morning brings, joka’s. But hay should all else fail I can look back on today and say it was funny and piss myself laughing again about the benefits of living in a civilised democratic society hahahahaha

Education again!

It is somewhat unfortunate that the Black community as a whole regard the education of their children as being the responsibility of the educational system. It is this lack of insight into the depths of education that I feel is at the heart of failing young black children within the educational system as it now stands. For three generations and more many black parents have left the education of their young in the hands of those whom they considered qualified and able and willing to cater for the needs of the children. The result of this is a generation of children whom feel that they do not belong and that there is no place for them within society as a whole as reflected by middle class philanthropic teachers. While it is perceived that blacks have now settled within this country and are making a substantial contribution to both economic and social circumstances this is somewhat of a deception of the true facts.

Unemployment figures for Men and Women by Ethnic group

Ethnic group












Black Caribbean



Black African










The continual social disadvantages that follow this exclusion is and has been apparent for some time, it is now and always has been the responsibility to the black community to educate and control it’s own offspring. The denial and delay in taking on board this social responsibility is seen in the violence and misconduct of our children.,


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