The Greeks wrote of tragedy and adventures of the hearts and minds of man.


The Romans expressed and had catered for every desire of the body and soul.


And thus we have inherited the shadows of our former selves only to live in a reflection of bi-gone eras when women where women and men just men.


With our Hollywood dreams and Caribbean cruses we search our lands for those fleeting moments that for us swells the chest with passions unknown.


Our part in history is becoming so clear.


For without adventure and challenges anew we have created the perfect world, where all can be hero’s so gallant and true.


Where daily toil and troubles can be vanquished and replaced with experiences that are new.


The real has died and now been replaced, not by the physical but timelessness in space.


Hence we retreat into the delights of the past, where control was taken and life was lived.


Unfinished init got interrupted by someone looking fee argument, Pac of jokas!