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Temptation dieing

Children crying

Asking why there is no love


Adults playing


Considerations of unjust lives


No hope for the future

No sign of change

Pure replication of relationships so strange


One in a million

People with vision

Contemplating their every decision


Lives of lust

Lacking in trust

Destroying everything that we have done


There is no answer

No correct form or guide

We are mere reflections of the things that we hide


While you read it

You will not believe itBecause if you do so your life must change in kind

I’m so bored I could explode!!!!

Look upon the face’s of people I’ve seen

Asking myself dam thought it was only a dream

Such a shock to find out it’s true

And the world is full of people like you


Where could I go to avoid the pain?

Not to hear that scream again

Look around and no one is talking

In fact all in the opposite direction are walking


That scream of madness, despair and regret

That kind of sound one will never forget

But where is it coming from I have to ask

I look in the mirror and taken a gasp

It’s me it’s me! Screaming like that


Dam shut ya mouth boy and take a step back

How did I get here, and what am I doing

Playing the fool and thinking I am winning

Start all over and take my time


Could be that this time is mine

Wonder where those others were going

Faces all blank with no emotion showing

Shall I follow or carry on my way


Knowing that today is my first day

Hold steadfast in all that you do

Because in the end there is only you

Unless you are fortunate enough to find


That other, you know the one of a kind

Kind and considerate in all that they do

Something’s gone wrong

Their world revolves around you!


And so I step forward with heart on my sleeve

Wondering what mess there will be if I bleed

Not to worry given enough time

Medicine has come some way even you heart could be mine!





d2 d4

2 down 2 to go! You next two got my full attention me ready fee u now, djam dutty little blaaad clart sing ting u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ask the Impossible!

Am I asking the impossible?

Or do you listen to what I say!

I am not the same person

That you liked yesterday


Not that I am different

But your perspective has changed

Insider your head

Priorities re-arranged


Yesterday was laughter

All glitter and fun

Bumped down to reality

Oh the time I must run!


Back to that space

Singularity in time

Considering notions

Of consequences divine


Based on daring

Chances once seen

That first step taken

Now closer to a dream


We create our palaces

All gleaming

Fill them with promises

Of some far distant time


We watch the shadows

Loose track of all meaning

Continue with our lives

This is now daily grind


Catch a glimpse of that feeling

Seen in the eyes of a stranger

Awakens the soul

What was it we were trying to discover?


Awake in a dream

Or dreaming awake

Again time to consider

What direction to take


Sit back in comfort

With the knowledge of past

Was I ever really happy?

What in life will last?


Mature for a reason

In children is seen

The reason for living

Is more than a dream


Opportunities abound

Optimistic revival

Consideration now given

To more than survival!!!

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