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Energy is what I give to you

In our conversations

And the things we do

I love you so much

But am feeling so drained

When I turn to you

Your appearance is strange

I no longer know

That familiar feel

That true indication

That this was real

You have grown

With the knowledge

We shared

And look upon me

As something to be


Recuperation is slow

But very worth while

For the development

That follow’s

Interpreted as style

Lighter and able

To distinguish

The truth

What I gave you

Was love

And not lust full


Still we have

Learned with

The passage of


That this was

No sin nor any

Mayor crime

Merely experiences

To bring us right


Were we see the


And every so


No body cares

Whether you live

Or die

It’s only

You living


That beg the

Question why?

Once you are


Others will

Have things

To say

But the bottom

Line is your

Not in their

Faces today!

To sum up

A life

As turmoil

And strife

If it was that

Way for us

No wonder

Your not here!!!!!

Book’s humbug!!!

Not being much of a social individual I enjoyed the observation while in hospital for the day with Malachi yesterday. There is no observation without participation and to be honest I found this rather difficult. It is easy to interact with someone that you may never see again but at time’s it’s dam difficult to control the range of emotions that such interaction’s bring forth. I for one went through a range as divers as wanting to hug to wanting to smack someone’s face in (well it was four of them but hay). We love what we hate. And while I love people I hate the ignorant way in which many choose to act on a regular basis.  How can I justify any complaint that I may have when I am standing next to a man with no leg’s? Do I have justification for feeling anger at any wrong doing that I feel another has inflicted upon me when I hear a young girl sobbing because her relative has just died? I managed to read one and a bit book’s while hanging about for eight hours and found myself thinking why it had taken me so long to get started on them. The creation of time and space for reading is something that I have not considered. I can and do make time for most other things that I want to do but reading has never really been one of them outside of an educational setting! What a waste of my time!!!


Everything you think I am

The chance is I’m the opposite

Everything you would want me to be

I more than likely have experienced

And chosen not to be that individual

All that I am you can not fathom

For within me is the experience

Of whom I have been and where I am going

Having realised the potential

For growth and development

Where shall we take it now?

Temptation Temptation!!

Temptation temptation in every way

Offered such things and don’t know what to say

Can I break a marriage and destroy a home

For something that is not mine alone

Am I the reason or possibly the cause?

Could I live with another’s divorce?

What can I say other than please leave me alone

Do you not consider that I too have a home?

Go home and tell you man how you feel

As I am sorry but love I can not steal!!!

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