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My quiet period is coming to an end

I feel a change in the air

Conversations based upon manipulation

Individuals based upon restrictions

Challenges based upon misconceptions

Distrust based upon a spoken word

We justify our actions based upon our thoughts

And our thoughts upon our interactions

And yet we ponder which way to go

Time is our master and that which we wish most to control

For had we the power we would do it all again

Shortness of breath is but the inability to breath

To prolong the second and consider the now

Death in its passing has control over time

No need for restraints no consideration for the physical

Thus the demands for reciprocating forces are brought to an end

Once out smarted by death life can not defend

Death knows you name it’s upon its list

Taken by chance or sometimes missed

But find you it will for it has no master

No guiding hand but always a disaster

Thus reconsider your actions to be

For you can assist in something you do not see

Brought about by your inconsideration

Could be the fall of one or an entire nation

Justify your life any way you will

But to end another’s is surely ill

So on your next interaction do something for me

Consider the others life and what it may be

Not to be judgemental or inconsiderate in kind

But to ponder this history that we all have to find




Inspired by love!!!

Inspired by love!!!


It grieves me to think of the innocence lost

It grieves me to think of the individual cost

Not in money or things that are real

But for the hope and ambition it does steal


One son married and child on the way

The youngest to lego-land will go today

Distance in time is exactly a week

Such emotions finding it difficult to speak


I place my self in this confine of time

Wondering what place in all this is mine

Am I the farther of one that is bold

And that being the case what of my child ten year’s old


Look to the future wondering what it will bring

In fourteen years will my heart once again sing

Not for wealth or kingdoms on earth

But to know that this child’s partner will give birth


Thus this life has shown unto me

That one that was child will one day be me

Moved with emotion and feelings of love

To raise a family and cover it with love


So step forward those who consider the past

And leave it in perspective knowing it will last

Who look to the future and know what they see

Is that anything is possible if you want it to be!!!!

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