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this is the young girls site that I got that wings thing from init!!! said I would link it back to her so it’s here getme!!!

What no MSN!!!!

Sorry sorry sorry but I have taken MSN messenger of my lappy. The poor thing carnt take no more so until I back up my system fully it’s staying off init. Sorry to those of you that I have not chatted to, but when it says I am on line I am but on Xbox live which is linked to my MSN live so signs me in get me!!! So until Xbox bring out a real keyboard and not the stupid on screen something that ya got to use the joy-pad for I will not be chatting on msn!!! Chow!!!!

I wanted to fly so you gave me your wings!!




Children ungrateful

Parents unkind

Difficulties uncovered

Concerns declined

Action required

Responsibility denied

Lost generations

Each one defined

Where is the miracle

That magic fix

The thing so necessary

For those answers

Come quick

There is a solution

Its been here a while

Look in the eyes

Of our children

And there you will find

That hope that glee

That longing for life

That eternal desire

Eroded only by strife

We give our children

What we desire

Place upon them

The burden of that

Need to inspire

Not every one a

Doctor, nurse or king

But each are destined

To this life to bring

That thing that is special

That one of a kind

That makes us “me”

With no other to find


I wanted to fly so you gave me your wings!!


I wanted to write something about that title. It’s some young girls site!! “sorry” lost the link and while I tried to find the thing again do you think I could!!! For me that sums up all that we are and do for those that we love. My first inclination was to the extent that we as parents go to for our children. But hay you know me pull anything to bits and see what’s there init. So next came the consideration and feelings for those that we often get emotionally involved with and again it seemed to sum up so much of what we would do and how far we would go for those embodied with our conceptions of love. As individuals we have so much to offer one another!! As communities and societies we seem to have lost something along the way as it is often so hard to find such passion and emotion outside of negative conflictual situations. And thus we give our loved ones our wings. Hoping that they will fly high and fast and reach those places we have only dreamed about, do those things that still yearn within us for expression. Yea right!! Lol…..


Actually tried writing this about three or four weeks ago. It’s been cloudy of late and thus notions of time and space seemed to blend in a never ending grayness without borders or boundaries, but I’m here for a while init got things to say jokers!!


This is where I was at the last time I tried to write. Don’t know if I am gonna get back to it for a while as there are issues there that I do not feel are fully dealt with as yet, if I keep still for a while there my be no eruptions lol!!!!


I wanted to fly so you gave me your wings!!



My farther died the weekend before last!! I think!!!


What can I say I didn’t even know the man init. I did go looking for him some time ago but he was in hospital then but he was in denial and hiding lol. He had a lot to explain to his family and kid’s init!!! Some things you just never get to the bottom of and seeing as the man is now dead I can not even look him in his face to see if there is any form of resemblance or connection!! I have met my supposed half sister!! Now this is where shit get’s deep. My half sister was married to my first cousin and had three kids by him!! Thus when I was younger and used to spend holidays and shit in Nottingham with my cousin, I was staying with my sister too!! Questions questions questions!! From what I have heard my cousin knew of the possible connection but my sister!! Did not!! Leaves a lot for others to deal with. Me I am keeping quiet init not that I am one to hold back but hay actions speak louder than words and some peoples actions showed who they were from time init so some things or relationships just don’t need to change, get me!!!


Before I go any further I must make a statement. If a man turns round and say’s that a child is not his is that not it bottom line!!! Other than going the long route dna an shit what else ya gonna do. For me that would be not enough, as that is kinda a rejection of self and actions and for someone to be in that place then that is for them to deal with init as that is no easy thing!!!


Avoidance is an issue and I know some peeps are going to their graves feeling a way joke’s.


Noddy was excluded from school when he was about the same age as Malachi. Same kinda thing really init too big, too aggressive and too sexual!!! My how times have changed not!!!! I heard he bumped into the teacher responsible (there is always an initiator) just before he got married. The teacher apologised for getting him excluded!!! I am glad for Bradley as that would have resolved many issues for him and laid to rest the concept of self blame (I always tell my kids their not the adults in all of this jokes) but the teacher should have come tell me that init like I am the forgiving kind joka I would have popped ya dam chicken neck for you. You had the choice to enhance or restrict and you choose the latter you could not come stan in my face after that fa true!!!!


I wanted to fly so you gave me your wings!!

Blessed are the mothers init as I know mine is still praying for my wings dem!!!

Talking about Isaiah1

Talking about Malachi

As yet I am waiting for someone to inform me as to what this was all about!! If adults and the community as a whole insist on treating some youngsters as if they are responsible to none other than their selves then they are encouraging anti social behaviour as this excludes parental guidance and control. As such then it is only those youngsters who use community based services whom are at risk. My mind would beg to question why identify a risk, provide a service which enhances and promotes that risk and exclude those able to minimise such risk. Fucking jokers!!!!

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