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Share your heArt!!!

The showing of art is something divine


A connection of sorts of souls over time


Expressions of now expressed to the then


A connection of minds over and again


So do this with images, passions or rhymes


That for another in a differing place or time


That feeling of love, pain or warmth


Is so close to real that the soul it does haunt


So read my words and know that it’s true


That I am not the first to express to you


That we all have a soul and want to leave our mark


On time destiny and the human heart….






They come they look they often stare


Not a word to say not a feeling to share


What are we doing when conversation is dead


Put in your tag line contact me on msn instead lol


This age of technology is ever so fine


Killed the art of language dam what a crime


While I’m all for removing the need for Pens and paper


Let us use the computer to get round this caper


Don’t kill the language use it to it’s most


A chance to say hi and discuss over a toast


Of new times and beginnings of things to come


Of the use of information technology for having fun


So don’t be condescending if things are not done


Some of us here are having fun!!!!





Spent several hours on the phone this afternoon and evening. I actually do not like the physical restrictions of having to hold a phone. Dam things gone in a month and going internet only (again lol) Even with a hands free speaker there is still something about it!!! Was doing the distant farther thing with Isaiah (another reason for hating the phone, I so resent not being there) installing a computer game but also discussing issues of value and longevity. The topic was this concept of sell what you have to obtain what you want. Part exchanging games that a lot of shops do!! A difficult concept for some adults let alone children!! But it is this same transferable concept as in delayed gratification (or the lack of) that feed back has it is missing from his academic work. Longevity!!!! I also every so strongly resent the ideology behind I  did not buy it so I don’t really care what he does with it. Sure I did a thing on disrespect is something you learn lol!!! Vent vent vent!!!







I would wholly support the development of cognitive abilities within young children and have done so in my own children i/e all being able to play chess but keeping with the times I think command & conquer has won the day followed closely be Lara Croft lol!!! External motivation is excellent provided that this is consistent and not dependant upon any other external factors i/e the child’s behaviour, material circumstances etc. Such consistency requires professional consideration of the longevity and future prospects of the child under consideration (I use the term professional here having met such thinkers to that level mainly in my work environment). Now in order for this to be sustained consideration would need to be given to such factors as stability of environment, physical conditions to include dietary requirements other educational/learning input’s and this sustainable for a minimum of 16 to 21 years. There you have the necessary criteria for statistically successful child rearing.


Taking out of the above for further examination lets have the concept of other learning/education, comparing private and state schools would thus give a healthy indication of those in a position to enhance the learning and thus life chances of their offspring. The more exclusive the education the more enhanced life chances. How olds the queen mother again? I know people who are dropping apart already, dam!!!


Old news every single bit of it. Been documented since god the time of Booth and others. So what the hell is some guy Lord who ever (got this thing about not knowing names lol) doing on hard talk chatting about the widening gap between rich and poor and the social, political and economic consequences of those on the lower end of the spectrum.


Me I say it’s each to their own init. Dog nwam dog ya getme!!! Look out for your own, buy every peace of education ya can for ya kinds and if ya carn’t buy it ya better go learn it ya self init joke’s!!!!! The bottom line is consideration of enhanced life chances of not only your children but also your grandchildren. I think the ability of those considered on the lower end of the social spectrum to continually put faith in and thus politically and economically support those in the upper ends of the spectrum is based upon the misconception that they work for the benefit of the users. That being the case based purely upon time, experience and knowledge we should be some form of utopian society from time init!!!. Come clean we can not even settle the religion issue so how we gonna move on to is their a god!!! Pure joke’s here!!! No seriously now!!! While it’s good to see another generation here my concerns now look to a deeper level. Social mobility!!! While the internalisation of good habits and self motivation is good is it enough? (if ya gonna build on a flood plain you need a houseboat getme no matter what the government tell you hahahahaha!!!) I have met in my time so many educated individuals whom lacked social mobility!! Can there be satisfaction if knowing you have the skills to save a life but only drive a train!! No disrespect to you train drivers by choice getme!!!! But until the face fits your going nowhere init!!! Lol!!!!!!!!!!!


As for Isaiah, I’m working on it. He’s round his big brothers for the week so might try and sort something out about working on the BBC website, but as someone so rudely pointed out of me once you can not trust the English langue used by the BBC as being grammatically correct!! What’s the world coming to, next we’ll be told the BBC would rob us and make it headlines news hahahahahahaha joker’s!!!! Dam so much learning still to do in order to facilitate learning for others!!! Motivation being the key self confidence being the beginning!!!


Pure randomness now init!!


Children emulate their peers and as such mimic many of their actions!! While I would consider this a common aspect of child development, consideration I would place upon any such set of circumstances is what motivates the child to be a follower or leader!!! Early manipulation of circumstances and individuals? Charismatic personality, bullying? And what of the ability to take on an aspect of any of the above dependant upon external factors?


Watching hard talk as I like to do!! I like this man!! I like the way he stan up and justify his stance!! Seen many a body under pressure on this programme but ummm the man had many a thought-out response!!! Might even buy and read his book but only if I can not find a copy on the net lol!!! Joke’s!!! Richard Dawkins “The God Delusion”. Everybody knows I am not one for reading but religion is one of my long term interests, think it links in with my interest in motivation too getme!!! Pissing my self Darwin had to creep in there somehow loving it hahahaha The brain is predisposed to religion!!! Nice1 but who say’s it has to be religion? Why not telepathy, self growth and individual development? Took time to reach the bottom line in that science is not able to explain everything!! The man can hole his corner!!!



Happy birthday Dom, nice1 blood!!!


Back to the old self hay joke’s for life!!!! 


Stars shining so brightly for all the world to see


I listen to the silence a gulf between you and me


Expectations, considerations for dealings trapped in time


I listen to the silence searching for the divine


I listen to the flowers as they slowly call my name


I watch the river flowing excited with the rain


The land seems to be rejoicing at the recent victory


Man has been forced down a peg such lessons are history


Water flowing, new plants are growing as if by destiny


I listen to the silence and know how things should be 

The missing link!!!

If only life’s quest were easily defined


No looking or searching for one of a kind


That knowledge and wisdom were ours at birth


Thus peace and harmony were throughout the earth


But that’s not the case so I’m searching away


Looking for help to bring about such a day


Where children are happy and news is all good


Where trees are the only things we make of wood


Our natures being balanced and clearly defined


Thus no need for conflict or war of any kind


So lead by example and keep prejudice inside


Not required for children to have balanced minds


Until such a time comes about for me


I’ll keep hunting and searching the world for thee!!! 

Sunday evening I sit here alone


Shall I watch some tv or answer that phone


Naaa give it a miss is what I say


Pick up the joystick and a game let us play


Xbox 360 looks attractive to me


My god it’s got msn what fun that will be


Getting scared out my wit’s playing condemned


Hold on msn a message from a friend


“Turn everything off and shut up the house"


"Get you ass down here you hermit like mouse”


Jokers for life is what I say


But friends like these at times far away


When all else is dark and no further to see


Thank you to those who rescue me lol hahahahahaha


My movie of the month is Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto. I have watched it like four times already an gonna watch it again before I go to my bed!! The one man crusade thing reminds me of the role Mel played in Braveheart another top notch movie (don’t think I have a copy of that one lol len it out an it never come back init!!) If you can get past the hidden concept of a love story man fighting the world to go reach his woman, and the odd innuendo, prophecy, discovery of a continent, destruction of a nation from within then it’s a dam fine move!! If you know where I can get them bone earrings from drop me a line init!! Been trying to get non-metallic earrings from time and carnt find non init!!! But if you have not seen the movie go watch it wid no disruptions as it’s subtitled but well worth taking the time out for!!! 

The BBC!!!!

The BBC is the representation of British’ness all over the world!!! Regardless of the country you go to in the world nearly everyone has heard of, listens to or watches the BBC!! Fraudulent, deceptive and hypocritical institutionalism. If you can not trust what is regarded as being a corner stone of civilisation independence and informational providers what the hell is going on!! Regardless of the so called attempt to come clean it is disgusting that heads have not rolled!! Ok so your going to give the money back from the phone in’s and everything else!!! But like the banks deceptions the interest that has been earned the individuals whom have prospered have got off scot free!!! White collar crime has just stepped up a level!!! If you deceive people take there money, earn interest that outnumbers what you have taken then give the money back this is ok!!!! Sometimes I wonder if what I am hearing and seeing is reality!!!

Gwan bwy!!!

Isaiah is a bit fast (advanced) for his years. He was moved up a year in school as they could not keep him occupied with his peers. He was continually bored and disruptive!!! Thanks Mr Roberts for having him a year early but I fear for him and the school next year as he has done all the work already!!! While teacher training and school management talk about differentiation and individual educational plans in practice I have found this to be an impossible requirement for modern teachers (facilitators of learning). This is only possible is small specialised units catering for either excellence or disruption. More end up in the latter than the former even when they display the skills and ability to advance!! So here I set with my unused skills and consider that I may have to teach another child dispelled by the system at some point!!! Pure joke’s!!!! Still it would be nice to see him at another prom night next year getme!!!! He is the last of the five in the educational system and trust we all have our fingers crossed that he makes it, thanks to his older brothers whom are ever so supportive and encouraging in this respect we are holding bated breath lol!!!! Positively he loves learning and want’s to be a “dweeb” so as to enhance his choices lol gwan boy!!!


Thanks to his mother for the pic’s sent while he was at the prom!! There is hope for all of us hay!!!!


And yes that did burn me to say init joker’s fa life!!!


 If homosexuality is a sexual disorder how comes ya can be sick and be a politician but carnt if ya got a criminal conviction!!!


The country is run by batty man dem fa ture!!!!


Bad man no ben over but still get fucked!!!


BRING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For those of you who have considered coming back to me on my last blog I have something for you to go check ya selves on getme!! Homosexuality in males or females is a medical disorder!! Those are not my words those are the considered opinions of medical parishioners throughout the world jokers!!! It is still on the list of  Gender Identity Disorders and as such can be treated forcibly if so desired by a local authority or the state!!! Check it, back in bygone days people were sectioned for that kinda thing!! So take your vexation elsewhere and don’t come to me moaning because I have a bit more knowledge than you ya jokers!! Get real and realise where ya living and how ya fools!!!!


Quote “There are two components of Gender Identity Disorder, both of which must be present to make the diagnosis. There must be evidence of a strong and persistent gross-gender identification, which is the desire to be, or the insistence that one is of the other sex. This cross-gender identification must not merely be a desire for any perceived cultural advantages of being the other sex. there must also be evidence of persistent discomfort about one’s assigned sex or a sense of inappropriateness in the gender role of that sex. The diagnosis is not made if the individual has a concurrent physical intersex condition (e.g., androgen insensitivity syndrome or congenital adrenal hyperplasia). To make the diagnosis, there must be evidence of clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning.


Now shut-up and come out of my face and come again when ya got something worth saying ya stupid rass unno!!!


ya know how the tune go init “some people so foolish”!!!!



Was just having a convo with Malachi over the lyric’s of this tune and he was joking bout he should not be listening to homophobic tunes dem init!!! Wind up merchant!! Told him straight that this country and the western world is built on the principals of Christianity so go read ya bible an see wa u fee do wid batty man dem!!! Joker!!! While I am not homophobic it’s the principles of hypocrisy upon which democracy is based that I want him to understand and see init!! What some people seem to get away with in this society does not mean that me and mine will be allowed to do the same thing get me!!! Gwaaaaaaaaaaaaan Buju fa we no sa u a walk wid GOD!!!


Malachi’s last comment was that I should have represented Buju’s case at the home office!!! I was quite impressed that he knew about the case!! There is much potential there me thinks!!!



While I know we are not having much of a summer as such lol, my body seems to know what’s going on!! The dreaded eighteen hour day is here. I am a bit of a night owl at the best of times, but it’s to the extent now where I go to bed sometime between 7 and 9 and am up by 1. This is fine at the moment as hay got stuff to chase up and the dog to walk, but already at the point where I get in from a two hour jog and am ready to go out again. I think I must have a somewhat addictive personality!!! At the moment it is keep fit, prior to that it was the xbox lol and this time of morning it’s scrabble. Roll on the winter months so I can just sleep forever init!!!


Was well looking forward to a week in Wales starting this weekend, but due to a certain messer things are like well messed up!! Malachi is vex as he is not going to Colchester and I am just pissed as I was looking forward to seeing my fren and her kids plus walking up an down a few mountains.


Caught up wid some of the boy’s dem tonight!! Isaiah is such an organised bod for one so young!! He was reading out the list of things that he has got (wants) to do over the summer period. I don’t understand how someone that motivated can not find support at home!! I’m screwing over that one big time (yeah I know what’s new).


I am here ranting and raving but it’s like clearing the dead wood as there is something else right there at the back of my mind!! I know it’s there just can not get hold of it, dam!!!!


Spent over half an hour cooking up some cornmeal porridge this morning!! Malachi is on a mission and say’s he wants to tank up before going back to college in September!! Pissing my self, 14 an he’s on about how the girls dem like a toned up body!! I’m just keeping quiet and letting him get on with it init!! Most of my weights have moved into his front-room now and I have been left with like the old time crusties to make a set of dumb-bells out of. Even my gravity boots have gone missing!! Think I caught a glimps of dem under his sofa but there is no way my han going under there joker!! Still he seems’ fairly motivated about it and asking me to cook up some solid food’s dem for him, so whole heap of fried and boiled dumplings dem looking at you when you bus the fridge door!! Must find somewhere to track down some green banana and yam for him too, so might mean a trip to Leicester or Nottingham at the weekend! He was mumbling something bout plantain, ackie an salt-fish this morning too init joker!!! While I have many sprogs as ya know this is the first one that I have been about for in teen years init!! The other’s I feel for init as their mother dashed them out as soon as they could look her in the eye!!! What a life hugh!!! Still keeping my head down and hoping Malachi will do the same an make it past this delinquent rebellious stage!!!


I feel for so many parents out there, no matter if they are doing it alone of got somebody, as the yout them out there now are carrying on a way, troding up an down these little streets here I watch dem an how they carry on towards one another and those passing and ask myself where they coming from!!! School don’t even break up good yet an all ya can smell as ya pass dem is skunk!!! Some of them not even bigger than my big toe nail and carrying on so stink!!! Malachi being the toad that he is done tried that one here already init bout ya bringing it in the yard like ya some don!! Joker!!! Watch and see wha gwan if I catch hole of his dealer!! Done tell the local police already, ya seem to be giving these people a bly so don’t come tell me anything if I buck up on them while walking the dog init jokers the lot of you!!!


Done packup and pudune wid gone back to scrabble as the spelling has gone out the window and down the street!!! Joke’s!!!


Me feget!!! Nice1 Di saw ya comment an when I fine out where I’m going I’ll let ya know!! Some people are so safe and honest no matter how I piss them off much love for the Nott’s girl there!!!


The only thing I have been focused upon lately is the integration of Simba into our home. Late night walks, early morning run’s or cycles in my case lol, come on getting on a bit now ya know…. But at long last after many trails and errors (must apologise to the local cat owners lol!!) he is able to walk street without a lead!! While this might not seem like much of an achievement to many of you, too me it is a mile stone!!!! The dog is massive, makes me look even smaller than I already am lol. There will always be hiccups, after all he is a dog init, but for the main part I can take him out and not feel like a glorified jailer, or some twat walking some wild beast that is uncontrollable!!! For the most part I have heard stories about how these dogs are killers and drag people all over the place!! What can I say, he has the strength as he has proved on several occasions to drag me like fifteen feet or so an me just carrying on like I was on ski’s till I dropped to the floor to stop him. But after him dragging me round town and then me dragging him round town, I think, hope we have reached a compromise!!!!! I could sit here and draw so many similarities about consistency and concerns around training a dog and teaching a child, but can not be arsed to be honest its late and for a change I am getting tired, still ya know where I am coming from if you have had the experience of both lol!!! The dog is proving to be both a good experience for Malachi and I but also a focal point to distract from the many trials and tribulations that we have had since we have lived here. I am more comfortable with Malachi being out and about at certain times now as some of the older youths were getting to be a right pain in the ass towards him and I was getting a bit on the fed-up side of having to go hunt down eighteen and nineteen year olds for troubling the boy. He now has a security firm working for him lol!!! Well come on what’s a dog for!! I know many of you have them to protect your property and worldly good’s, but for me that’s me boy’s dem init jokers!!! I am happy and quiet content with the way things have gone. In many respects I am rather an impatient person, but putting things into perspective, we got the dog when he was eighteen months old, a bit late really for many dog’s, but in the two months odd since then we have all come a long way!!! Malachi tends to do the early morning toilet walks (when I am on my way to bed lol) then I take him out for an afternoon walk or cycle down Rutland sides. It’s proving to be quiet an experience. While I knew I was not too unhealthy it’s making me want to kinda exercise more in regards to fitness rather than bulk get me. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm still as with all things let’s wait and see what the future holds for us init as time always tells but for now that’s another thing out of the way init, missing peace out yall!!!!!

I beg you, any black person ya know sen dem to read this quick time getme!!!



God yet another killing in the back community!! I so feel for those people who live down them side’s!! It’s like every other week someone getting shot-up or bludgeoned to death!! Where are the elders, businessmen, mother’s, brothers, farther, sister’s, aunt’s, uncles, in fact the whole of dem!! What the hell is going on that so many can be killed and so few called to justify such actions? To me dem guy’s are not bad men!! If they was bad they would be back a yard where they would have been missing from time, buried out under some bush or tree!! You people are jokers!! Picking on the young, weak, old, those already vulnerable!!! Ya want tieing down for the drancrow dem to peck out ya clart!!! Ya stay and pray on those that your allowed to!! Ya na see it, come out of ya manar and police a go mash up ya clart, stay on ya estate, manor, area and mashdown dem people who is ya blood and no one will bat an eye!!!! If ya really feel say a bad come a country come do ya tings dem init!!! Bet ya sorry clarthole by the time ya done ya first spliff ya rash daya jailhouse!!! Wake up ya dam stupid clarthole, u a do babilion work feedem!!!! Uno na wert a rass!!!!

I saw the darkness

Like a familiar friend

Only on this occasion

My life I had to defend

It called my name

As it knows me well

“Move from me”

Take your sorry ass self

Back to hell!!!

Once I walked with you

By circumstance not choice

But now I am wiser

I don’t even want to hear

Your decrepit voice

Come if you must

For the battle to commence

For the line has been drawn

And I am on the other side of the fence

But try you will to bring me back

For long ago in the day

I was the one ever so black

Darkness is what you fully desire

To cover the earth is what you inspire

To turn all things dark withered and dead

But things will not be easy

Now I am no longer dead

I am looking for you

As you are looking for me

Each time we meet a war there will be

I have seen how you enter

And kill from within

How you destroy and kill

Before hope can begin

I have observed your actions

Indications of your frustration

Showing disregard for you hidden agenda

You get angry with me

For my steadfast stand

You hunt me high and low

Throughout the land

But try as you will to bring me down

My motivation is not based upon you ground

So continue the fight between you and me

For what is at stake no worldly person can see

But an army is here hunting for you

It follows the signs for things you do

So the fight continues as with all times!!!!

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