The contemplation of life a form of reflection

To minimise distraction caused by abstraction


A need for direction that imperfection to find

That burning desire to be one of a kind


That longing and yearning for things not the same

That impossible dream to not play the game


The realisation that things over time remain

Merely reflections we try hard to apportion blame


And in every direction we find things to reject

We search for another cause and effect


Without understanding that aspect of self

But try as we must for gratification in wealth


The fact still remains that we are individuals all

One of several billion trying to stand tall


Leaving our mark on history and time

Some use money others methods divine


Spirituality and the healing of nations

Makes us feel we are working in gradation


And thus at some future period in time

We hope to be remembered for acts so fine


But here and now we ponder the world

Wondering if you hear our spoken word


Not for perfection or measures unheard

But for healing our spirits with emotions stirred


And thus we are lost in clouds of grandeur

Mistakenly thinking we are histories founder


Merely a link in a chain of armour

Should we fall those around us would be calmer


For we are the few who continue to strive

To look to the future keeping hope alive


And thus is our curse in times such as these

To balance and calm those ill at ease


Not with harsh words or choices to scold

But with stories of hope as the future unfolds


Thus we keep motion in time and space

Hoping to find that thing to replace


Hatred with love, concern with care

Hugging ones children and always being there


There are so many things that words can explain

Some make sense others contemplation is the gain


What ever the motive, direction or plan,

One thing remains constant we would do it again


So try as we will to bring peace to our minds,

That continual search for things to find


The willingness to learn we inspire in children

That striving push forward for better in kind


Merely distraction from the truth to find

With only one chance to get it right


We stay up and ponder our meaning at night

But the following day as the sun dose rise


We look again at the world and wonder in surprise

Not that we are unhappy but that miracle of life


That ability of ours to overcome any such blight

To grow and become that elusive light


Casting shadows and reflections for others to see

We continue and say what will be will be


Thus I go to my bed feeling better for thought

Knowing that in my life my direction has taught


Not self destruction or genocide of men

But that should you fall just get up again!!!