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Grandchild number three on the way

With any luck it will be here today

At times like these you consider in life

What’s important and what’s only strife

And such it is that reflections are made

Considerations of what to maintain

Is it worth ,it is it glad , is it bad or is it sad

The only difference being consideration in kind

New directions one often has to fined

That justification for things coming new

That burning desire boy what do you do

And thus it is that life proceeds

Gone are thoughts of gain and greed

Replaced instead when thinking at night

That one’s own actions can inspire and ignite

And thus it is that your place you do find

That you are not alone but generations combined

With love and respect for family

Forming of life and history


And so I wait with bated breath

Knowing that another is coming to take the test

Of love and knowledge and direction to set

But deep inside it’s up to me to beget  

The direction for those others to see

That my decedents directions are up to me

Punk Skunk!!!

In my yout Rastaman used to say

We don’t sell weed we give it away

With knowledge and understand in mind

Come bun a challese an open ya mind


Now adays wid commercial desease

Any Rastitute will sell you wid ease

Fe dem naw gee a dam on how you look

As long as ya dawn rass dem hook


And so it is in these drastic days

Dat man a sell skunk and carry on a ways

Not for enlighten or challenge the mind

But fee you fee steal from ya modda behind


So it is dat times did change

You look pan a man and look back strange

For once he smoke he don’t gee a dam

If you money in you pocket

He will teck it wid him han


An now you know what a gwan wid the yout

Bout time you step up and show dem the trut

That this is not a life of gain

Fa in a dat direction is only pain


So open you mout and say wha a gwan

Instead a tun ya head an yawn

Like say you no see the darkness behine

Fa you a kill the pickney dem an dat a crime



4am awaken by noise

Gone outside just drunken boys

“oi go on your own street and make this noise”

“Gonna tell you mum to take away ya toy’s”


Not that I am brave or think that I am bad

But smashing bottles in the street makes me mad

Would rather approach with a conscious mind

But alcohol no sense would I find


And thus it is that yesterdays youth

Are now young men in search of the truth

Boundaries are none thus theirs are the street

Unless on a night they are unlucky to meet


Foolish ways upon insight

Could have been another victim tonight

But thoughts of harm do not come to mind

When the path those youngsters I could help to find


Pure direction is what they need

Someone to draw the line help them proceed

Show them the way to stop and think

I was lucky this time and did not sink

Shout if you must!!!!

Deception being a thought in mind

An elision of reality the truth to find

A game to be played on the stage of life

A thing that it learnt and shared by all with faith


And thus it is that the children do grow

Not knowing for sure what emotions to show

Dare they be different from the rest

Can they withstand the never ending contest


Not to be perfect or superficial in kind

But to be an individual with consciousness of mind

It is easy to look and follow the rest

But to be one’s self is the ultimate test


Thus it is that inspiration I see

For even those children are teaching me

Not to be worldly or wicked in kind

But to see and never be blind


Such intelligence in those who are young

Only consideration is that life should be fun

Before the are spoiled and covered in doubt

Those little children not afraid do shout

Sometimes things seem so comfy and right

No need of conflict no need to fight

Such times bring consideration to mind

What is the solution for disturbance to find


Am I at fault in this growing concern

Is mine the issue something here to learn

Must be could be should be mine

How can it be that the answer carnt find


Then all of a sudden things drastically go wrong

Knowing in an instant that something needs to be done

Not wanting to abandon or give up the fight

Should I step back and allow another insight


Not sure of the purpose of offers in kind

Experience has shown other agendas in mind

Not for the growth and healing of the soul

But to get ones children and exert control


No benefit in mind no longevity in sight

Alone and unsupported those children at night

Not wanting the same for those blood lines of mine

I go to my bed looking inspiration divine


Awake as if no sleep has been had

Trying to avoid that feel being mad

Having no break it seems hard to me

How can it be the best place for he

Awake of a sudden in confused state of mind

Not knowing for sure what is now or behind

Is this a dream now stuck in the past

Is this imagination or madness at last


Am I still studying those things for this life

Where is my home my children my wife

Alone in the dark and feeling the fear

Dare I move or consider where is here


Am I at uni still playing the prick

And if that the case why thoughts of that chick

Past and past seem bundled in one

Trying to gather thoughts a web has been spun


Come on waken and put to the test

Was I dreaming a future and considering the best

Awake at last and considering those thoughts

Trying to think what lessons were taught


Slightly relived that this is the now

How did I get here such reflections somehow

What was the purpose of wondering in mind

Was I trying for solutions to find


Now is built upon what has been before

The mind was looking for something once seen

A glimpse of life an indication of times

A past consideration of misdemeanours and crimes


Why am I haunted to thoughts of the then

There is no chance of starting again

What is it niggling in the back of the mind

How will I know if the answer I find


Dare I move and try force back to sleep

Should I lie and count endless sheep

Fully awake and unsure what to do

My wind still running considering what to do


Tiny hands and that smell that’s unique

Putting aside those toys we did keep

Now is the time when true feelings are shown

That little bundle is us all alone


Thoughts of joy mixed with creeping fear

Am I able to look after this one now he’s here

Considerations of love and abilities to cope

Taking deep breaths trying hard not to choke


Twenty five years later my god what a feat

Breading of giants is something quite unique

Lost and alone in a world full of hate

How is it possible for mistakes to negate


Too late for scolding or holding of hands

Alone and afraid their your creation stands

How can you shield them when already grown

Out in the world finding ways of their own


Forty odd years and still much to gain

Considerations of conflict and never ending pain

Caused on to others and inflicted by flame

Why all this hassle with so little to sustain


Why am I not able to just sit back

Become a moron addicted to crack

Look for release from pressure so high

Why am I still pushing so eager to fly


So many wings broken and stuck on the ground

Why that path I was never shown or found

That one that says that we don’t give a dam

The one represented by every woman every man








Are you an Adult or what???

Honesty and children are one and the same

The ability to express without contemplated gain

That raw desire to be ones self

That growing energy represented by health


Eger and ready to take on the world

Once mature only silence will be heard

And thus it is that we restrict them fast

As such questions we do not want to be asked


Do as your told and don’t answer back

Is it any wonder why the new drug is crack

Restrictions of mind body and soul

Why should it be that you are whole


Thus we as adults not telling the truth

We manipulate children all through their youth

Telling them lies, avoiding the truth

Poor bloody children oh what troubled youth


And thus it is that adults they become

Their main focus is having fun

No consideration for others in life

No ability to balance or deal with strife


And such it is that time reflects the past

For those poor little ones the deception whon’t last

They in turn adults will become

Fuelled by the desire to carry a gun


They take what they can and don’t give a dam

For they have lived the life of a sham

Not for want of vengeance of any kind

But to realise that their past was a crime


A crime of prevention from what could have been

A desire by adults to be every so clean

To appear to know what it is all about

But the truth be known they lived always in doubt

The Children!!!!!


You would rather I was mad than admit the truth

I care for all children trying to guide the youth

Not for self glory or the committing of a crime

But because my inspiration is something divine


Regardless of your stance sacrifices you make

Why are mine the children you forsake

Your blinding ways and manipulative faze

Are the cause of much unhappiness these days


Children are calling for justice all around the world

But sitting right next to us they can not be heard

Not because they are needy or slightly confused

But because by adults the establishment used


Dictation in mind philanthropist in kind

Is it any wonder most black males behind bars you find

With more chance than not of committing a crime

Not many in university or education combined


And thus is the truth for each of us to find

That divided we are falling as never combined

It is really necessary and required for life

That we need to consider the love of our lives


Rejection being a thing in the mind

A thought a feeling of something unkind

Dislike, distrust or outright disgust

A feeling for another avoidance a must


So it is that interactions are played

Reflecting emotions often dismayed

Not of things how they appear to be

But of considerations of how others seem to me


So what is the answer to feelings of hate

To offer the chance for mistakes to negate

But should this prove futile in the extreme

A cleansing of sorts is what I deem


Not for the want of friction or demise

But to clear the way for other paths to find

And thus is it that many I have known

An invite to heart is an invite to home


And so it is with priorities in mind

That the heart is hidden to those so unkind

And so it continues with progression of time

To find friends and loved one’s and leave them behind


To grow and encounter those things that are new

To develop and know the difference between me and you

A chance to become that thing unknown

To know the experiences that no other has shown


And thus is my quest for every and a day

To know that tomorrow will be different from today

Not in the persons with whom I may meet

But in ones self that growth ever so discreet


No need for bragging or belittlement of mind

But to know that to all I am progressively kind

To grow and expand become part of what you see

And then you shall know that this could only be me!!!!

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