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You and I

I have observed in the past

How others have been

They say unto me how do

You manage to stay clean

No substance in kind no

Place of you own, how is

It that your next to my home

How can it be knowing the

Troubles you have had, do

You not want to move from

This misery be glad, pack it

All in and just walk away

I am sure that none will follow

You that way, but what can I

Say other than admit the truth

My concern is not for self but

For the coming up youth, if I

Walk away and they know this

For fact, forward the will be but

For ever looking back, thus it is

That I stay where I am, not to be

Macho or expectations of man

But to demonstrate the ability to

Rise and stand tall, it is not necessary

For others to demise or make fall, and

Thus it is that I stand my ground, knowing

That others like you will be found

No matter where I am not matter

What I do just my mere existence

Seems so threatening to you!!!

You watch me drowning and

Do not stretch out a hand

Being the person you are

I fully understand

But to remove the rope

And grease up the slide

Other motivations you

Must have deep inside

To muddy the slope

To keep me down it

Is it seems your intention

To see me drown

Examination given to current

Affairs makes me wonder

How did I trip on those stairs

Why do you ask me how does

It feel, when it’s obvious to you

I am underneath your keel

Don’t you worry you say

Unto me, I know someone

Who can help for a fee

I’ll pass you his number

And you can give him a ring

Hurry now I think your drowning!!!

Friday, 18 January 2008


FTO: Steven Attwood              your ref: SA/mg 071214

Head of Service

Inclusion, Youth & Adult Learning



In response to you letter dated 14th December 2007 I would like to reiterate this complaint. While The New College Stamford were the providers of the services inadequate as they were, it was and is the responsibility of Rutland County Council to ensure that the services which they purchase for the provision of Alternative Education for those students excluded from school are able to meet the criteria for which they are designed. As a County Council it is your responsibility to take up with the service providers should those services fall short of expectations and as such any complaint with them in relation to such provision is your responsibility. As such my complaints stand and I would like them dealt with accordingly. It is not my responsibility to monitor your inadequate chose of Alternative Educational Provision although as a service user it is my right to complain to you the purchaser for any short falls in all such services. I have already taken the liberty of informing all surrounding County Councils of the short fall’s within this Alternative Educational Provision as offered by The New College Stamford and the injustice that was done to those young people who were excluded prior to my meeting with them. This should have been your responsibility under any good practice and the surrounding County Councils have been informed accordingly.


Yours respectfully




Richard Bradley Wilks


Our culture was stolen quite some time ago

Our culture is thriving but to look you would not know

Our culture has been assimilated but what do we have to show

Our culture is not are own any more dam wouldn’t you just know


Our hair is attractive as long as not on our head

Our hair is fashionable as long as your not a dread

Our hair is affordable so why not get weave instead

Our hair is funny long live the afro once dead


Our music is rhythmic as long as your not next door

Our music is popular but not in every store

Our music is entertaining but not often preformed live

Our music is spiritual but you act like we were dead


Our fashion is at the cutting edge and often sets the trend

Our fashion is menacing until it’s on your friend

Our fashion is acceptable by the worldly youth today

Our fashion is made by you into commercial styles anyway


Our people are attractive as long as we stay away

Our people are attractive so you keep you kids at bay

Our people are intelligent but in the prisons more each day

Our people are declining with the spread of aids in every way


Our children are failing education in these times

Our children are allowed to plan and commit crimes

Our children are encouraged not to follow rules

Our children are given guns and told that these are tools


Our future is bleak unless we take a stand

Our future is a challenge to every woman every man

Our future is open to those who understand

Our future is not written yet so why not lend a hand


Chances are given to the likes of me and you

Chances are things that can be taken away too

Chances are acceptance of the fact that this is life

Chances are that at some point we may encounter strife

Chances are to be taken for there opportune

Chances are what got men up on to the moon


So come and take some chances on what you can achieve

So come and take some chances depends in what you believe

So come and take some chances and give another hope

So come and take some chances become a guiding start

So come and take some chances and show us who you are

So come and take some chances it’s how we got this far


Chances that are taken can lead to victory

Chances that are taken can save us misery

Chances that are taken can inspire those around

Chances that are taken can take us really far

Chances that are taken can also bring us plight

Chances that are taken can feed our dreams at night


So why not take the chance to be the best in life

So why not take the chance walk away when there is strife

So why not take the chance don’t do expected things

So why not take the chance see what rewards it brings

So why not take the chance and hold another close

So why not take the chance go on do something nice


What is it about rejection

That makes an individual unkind

What is it about rejection

That troubles the state of mind

Is it that we feel inadequate

For that particular moment in time

Is that that we have lost something

Hoping that hay that was mine

What is it about rejection

That turns friends into foes

What is it about rejection

Surely someone knows

That feeling of rejection

When we may not get our way

That feeling of rejection

Come back another day

What is it about rejection

That brings out the worst

What is it about rejection

That causes so much hurt

Something about rejection

Gets up my bloody nose

Something about rejection

For only god truly knows

I don’t like rejection

But I accept it when it comes

I don’t like rejection

But I don’t reach for a gun

If I get rejected

There must be something to learn

When I am rejected yes it bloody burns

But still I take rejection

As a lesson learned

For hidden in rejection

Is an insight for all to learn

That in the word rejection

Something else you can discern

So when you feel rejected

Don’t be mean to me

For when you are rejected

It is my choice you see

And once you have rejection

And act the way you do

Then will you not consider

That I was right to reject you!!!!

Back against the wall!!!

Cold and tired back against the wall

Shivering and hungry but still standing tall

Mouth wide open but no sound to be heard

Filled with emotion for the soul has incurred

Promises that have been broken lies that were true

Reflections of another that once was really you

Images of now remembered from then

Paths that were chosen over again

Futures foretold in history long gone

Your deepest fears revealed in song

Gone is the chance for seeing things right

Back is that fear that awakens at night

You wake and wonder what to do

That distant memory was that really you

Reality screaming to leave it alone

That strange place surely is not your home

The desire to stay still and it will go away

Not wanting to move in case it will stay

The feeling that what went on was wrong

But inner reflections that are ever so strong

Hold on to that thought of being right

That one that was making you scared at night

Mixed emotions of things that are gone

Feeling so weak in a body that is strong

Caught in a time that is not yours

Daily interactions that litter the floors

Try to keep still and it might go away

Not wanting to face what was yesterday

Don’t make a sound the world knows you’re here

Move and be noticed and create in them fear

What was wrong with how things were

Who changed the world and give it a stir

Do you not see what you did was not for my sake

Changed are the things that were once at ease

Nothing now done could every please

Pushed to the limit ready to explode

Such heavy a weight such burdenus a load

Visions of righteousness images of debauchery

Reflected lights of by gone darkness

Constant battles with open arms

Aggression and anger mixed in with charms

Helpless empowerment of actions forsaken

Joyous gratification for mistakes that were taken

Circles that a square and minds that are shallow

Shouts for help amid silent tears

Bravado and puffiness amongst such fears

Gratitude and sorry for choices made

Concern and considerations for actions displayed

Thus is the circle with corners so deep

A sign of being awake yet so fast asleep

Sureness and unease that are together at last

Silence and peace that will never last

Days turned to night and starts that are moons

Passions displayed like rainy afternoons

Such is the turmoil of life that is lived

Forgiven are the thoughts of contemplated sins

Forever stepping forward but only moving back

Watched are the words as they turn to fact

Images of self that are not really you

Surety in actions but what do you do

Tiredness fed by energy so deep

Lost and alone but knowing what to seek

Cries for help to backs that are turned

Afraid of the shadows from past lessons learned

Open hands that turn to fists

A chance to hold that did not exist

History created in a future that is gone

Killed by a bullet not fired from a gun

Broken promises hidden dreams

Silent words between the screams

Lost desires for passions once known

Cavities filled with shattering groans

Places touched that do not exist

Feelings fluent like drifting mist

Clutching ghosts a burning desire

That glimpsing moment igniting such fire

Places reached that once were dream

Reality returning behind hidden screens

Lost contemplation of things in the past

Confusion and bewilderment coming fast

My mother is back to sell up and go

My best friend is leaving I want you to know

I wish her the luck and rest she deserves

Having a son like me must have played on her nerves


What will I do with out love in my life

Not the kind you would get from child or a wife

But unconditional love in all its extremes

She has always been here even in my dreams


I wonder and wonder what life will be like

Without that council that guiding light

Advice did abound and guidance did seek

Always knew that the relationship was unique


But now I must put all selfishness aside

For my mother the best place to reside

Is in god grace and abundant lands

Where palm trees do grow and she walks on the sands


And thus it is with tears in my eyes

I consider the loss once gone are good byes

For now is the time that rewards she will seek

I know of no other whom deserves now to reap


Long has she worked in god’s grace and light

Your sure of a meal any day evening or night

Such is her love for family and friends

We are loosing a love on which life depends


Selfless and pure are her intentions in heart

Blessed from the day that her life did start

And now her time has come to take heed

For the love and support she gave when in need


And so it is with sorry of heart I bow my head

I look forward to seeing my mother depart

For lands that are warm and family awaiting

For they will be blessed there is no mistaking


Tears of joy mixed with tears of sorrow

Considerations of self and what of tomorrow

For gone are the times of picking up the phone

For that loving chat that little moan


Stand alone as we all must do

I already wonder what I will go through

Without that council that wisdom in the ear

That voice that chases and dispels all fear


But rejoice in all that you can muster and stand

For my blessed mother is going back to her land

To show them the glory of gods will and grace

To reveal to all why her love we did chase


And thus it is that we shall miss her the most

Goodbye dear mother we drink with a toast

Not that we are loosing one as lovely as thee

But the world needs to share this precious lovely


So cry and be merry grandchildren you see

For your lovely nanny deserves a rest from me

Forty odd years she has kept up the pace

Now is her time for relaxation and space


So come on now kids rejoice from afar

You’ll always be welcome nan knows who you are

There’ll always be space at the table for you

Those loving arms to safely hold you


And now its time to say our goodbyes

To hug and kiss and openly cry

Not for the sorrow of seeing her go

But to know that with her love we did grow!!!!


To Whom It May Concern:


My name is Richard Bradley Wilks and I am the parent of a 14 year old who until recently was placed with The New College Stamford on their Alternative Curriculum Programme.


My concerns were raised as to the number of incidents and the seemingly trivial issues that these related to considering that the College offered the course to students both statemented and otherwise whom displayed behavioural difficulties.


On attendance at a proposed exclusion meeting I raised many of the concerns that I had in relation to how the students were being dealt with with special emphasis being placed on the dealing of young persons displaying and expressing social or emotional difficulties along with other behavioural issues.


I was somewhat concerned as to the high exclusion rate that the College was displaying towards those already disadvantaged and none engaging in the educational system. The result of my raising these concerns was that my son was removed from the course by the placing authority, Rutland County Council whom have stated that the College were unable to live up to the expectations of the Alternative Curriculum Programme as advertised by them.


It is fortunate for my son that this has meant the removal of those incidents and the proposed exclusion from his record. Knowing of one other individual whom was placed in the same position I advised their parents of the situation and they too were able to be removed from the course while following the same disciplinary procedure as my son.


I am aware that several students, at least 8 in total had already been excluded from the course and thus had yet another blemish placed upon their records. While I do not know of the individual circumstances I feel that an injustice has been done to those students in that it was The New College Stamford whom were not able to live up to stated aims of the course and thus cater for the needs of these students.


I write to you in the hope that should one of those unfortunate students been one placed at the College by your County Council then there is the possibility of redressing the situation by requesting that the exclusion be removed from the students record and an offer of withdrawal being placed there instead thus enhancing the students self esteem and placing the burden of responsibility firming where it belongs in the hands of the College whom offered to support and enhance those students disaffected within the educational system.


I hope that this has been of some assistance to you in the care and education of you students.


Yours respectfully


Richard Bradley Wilks


To once have loved is like living a dream

You know it was real, or so it would seem

Waking sleeping feelings so warm

When meeting another a constant discord


For want of perfection for feelings of joy

We play with a heart as if just a toy

When broken or weak we discard it in turn

Trying to justify that a lesson we did learn


But what of the other alone and confused

Considerations of imperfection nearing abuse

That feeling of being used and discarded in kind

Then starts the process of reflections combined


And so it is that relationships are made

Some would say they are always being played

Open to offers of heart feeling love

Expecting to be that hand in your glove


But mistaken in turn is how many have been

For not loving the self is so often seen

That being the case how can you expect

To move on from yourself and sometimes forget


That love is a gamble that many do take

Like all addictions this often a mistake

But try as we will thinking that we will win

Our hearts are left broken outside by the bin


And thus I have known many in my time

Second best is the offer and thus I decline

Not that they are bad or do not measure up

But to support such a person is surely bad luck


For love being what it is in its kind

One day you will loose it or leave them behind

Not that you want to inflict any pain

But the mere realisation that their love is the gain


Even when others can not see your plight

You sit contemplating while your other sleeps tight

Not that you don’t love them but that things have changed

And thus it comes to a parting of the ways


So move on and be grateful that they allowed you to love

Make sure you hold on to that one precious glove

For somewhere out there is a hand so unique

That once in side your love they will keep!!!!




I often wonder what in me drives change

Is it a feeling of always being strange

That burning desire to be one of a kind

That never-ending quest for my life defined


Not that it’s a problem just continually obtruded

And thus requiring of thought other things exclude

So it is that self worth and acclaim seemingly are here to remain

Pig headed and hard to the core of the bone


Is it any wonder I sit here all alone

Tucked up in his bed no contemplation in sight

I have only just wished my young son good night

But what of the worries of what tomorrow may bring


If only a child I would constantly sing


“No worries no worries at all do I have

For my farther alone at night does go mad

With consideration of what could and should be

Alone at night he does consider me”


I rejoice for him in all that I am

For this young man I would give my right hand

Not to suffer or feel all alone

Nor to wonder where tonight to call home


And so it is with such thoughts in mind

I look to my bed hoping rest to find

Not from the letters or constant complaints

But for the little miracle that I did help make


So it is that I now try to rest

Put aside those things that today made the best

That look of love while he lay there asleep

That growing feeling that he is unique

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