Dark mysteries revealed unto some

About it would seem the second to come

Indignation of what has been

Speaking words of those regarded unclean

But cast thee not the stone of truth

Unless you are gods child in youth

For none are what they claim to be

For they are those deceived by decree

And such it is that a child be sent

For upon them many well hold back resent

And such be the truth to it all

That their parents in the background do try to stand tall

But question them must as much is at stake

And ye will find from a path they dictate

Not wanting to waver or dare to dream

For drilled in their youth that such is unclean

So know ye not the truth of these things

That instead of a man it’s his son that doth sings

For the man being wise and known to the world

Will stay up on the hill and send child with word

For should such man be seen on the roads

From his artier one would have to scold

For he is not what he claims to be

Hidden from his children are the things be he

Question him quickly case he may flee

And call on to others to come quick and see

For such are the elders of all those in kind

That they store up their riches and say leave yours behind

Theirs is a place that not many do know

They study psychology not for the sake just to grow

But to understand man and deception of mind

For that is the direction look listen you will find

Indoctrinated the child for such times

To send then forward to prolong your demise

For the truth be known they have not a clue

They only thing they want is a division from you




I open my eyes wide in this dream

Looking so closely at things once seen

Those like me given invite

Are doing the same in their corner do fight

Distant paths appearing so near

What in the distance that looking so clear

Intimate parts examined extreme

Shown of the things regarded as unclean

Condemnation is not to be found

For their direction is educationally bound

Merely showing the things that are true

Reflected are thus what we already knew

Connection being made to a state of mind

No dictation no position defined

In silence scene’s shown for just what they are

It being upon you to evaluate thus far

What we can imagine has already being told

For are we not educated in the ways of old

Nothing being new unto this world

Is it possible that we do the unheard

Take time to consider these things if you can

What can possibly be different for child woman or man

For are we not descendants of the same

So to what can we boast and say is ours to claim



Time stood still for what seems a week

Lessons learned are lessons we seek

Not withstanding those looking to impress

Restricted by knowledge filtered at best








I dare not speak the words in my mouth

I know of none whom could stand the reproach

Not that mine is the rope that doth guide

But from mine eyes I wish I could hide

For things now seen are due for rebuke

Taken for granted times of prosperity

Forgotten are commandments of old you see

Not seen or heard are prophesy’s foretold

And such it is that none in this land

Stretch forth their hand for the condemned man

Long times spent in darkness alone

Flickering lights directing to home

Not sure of whom is enemy or foe

Thus all are greeted with what do you know

Stand tall turn round and show me your face

Whispered words and body in haste

Tell me tell me from what do you flee

I look once and twice but nothing to see

Open thy mouth I say unto thee

But looking again there is only me

Step forward step forward I keep telling the self

Am I still on the path to everlasting health

Corruption encountered in all whom I meet

One man on a path from me what do you seek

To make me stumble and justify your words

For known are your secrets and darkness of works

You say you are godly in things that you do

But widows and children complain only of you

That you have robbed them of something so divine

A chance to be chosen in this troubled time

Instead of the sick and needy as was foretold

You gather with harlots and drunkards and look to scold

And so it is in troubled times again

Man is without fear or his long lasting friend

For grown is our knowledge of whom we may be

Forgotten are page after page of history

What where when it started and how it has come now to me

For choices are made and rarely understood

For not given to consider if this is for good




As the darkness comes and goes

So is changed the things we know

Some things once in distance can now be seen

Others having vanished in an attempt to make clean

Once forgotten memories of then

Come back again to haunt once again