My baby sleeps without a sound

No disturbance as peace dose abound

Strange how such change can come about

Controlled environment no requirement to shout

Unable to guide such shining lights

Expressions of love and support at night

Distant thunder of approaching storms

Walk find joy among such thorns

Consequences seen for acts of love

Damnation confrontation as if from above

No questions will be asked for the sake of love

Restrictions removed persons mentally shoved

Differences viewed upon insight

Amused bewildered to see one’s self fight

Clashing aspects of what really is me

More understanding of what others do see

Narrowed view restricting the light

If you close them tightly you would swear it was night

So much blindness and ears that do shun

So much hatred for those having fun

No personalisation no segregation of one

All are included in this destructive scene

For none are worthy except me you see



Visions of excellence

Times to regress

Developed in admiration
put severely to the test

Notions of love making

In emotional voids

Realisations of individuals


Acceptance of standing

Avoidance to truth


No longer in youth

Perceived understanding

Of things once undone

Reliance belonging

The two become oneday3 007day3 008day3 009day3 010day3 011day3 012day3 013day3 014day3 015day3 016day3 004