Rainy days rainy days

Walking quickly covered in haze

Watch the world wash away our dreams

Such power has nature to wipe us clean

Bustling cars who’s tracks are washed

No sign of what is done in such a rush

Stand at ease and take my time

Soaked to the skin poor dog of mine

Taken cover beneath the big oak tree

Watching the world rush by both he and me

No hurry no rush but merely that time

Taken in this space observations I do fined

Where are we going in such safety or ours

Secluded shielded in vans and cars

We really are not made to cope

Out side alone no protection no hope

At the mercy of the elements you see

Thank god this rain is warm upon me

Sounds of the stream goes rushing by

Stop to look and think god what am I

Not able to stop even the slightest of things

That smell of the country damp air it does bring

Dried up fields of yesterday

Once looked golden but are cinnamon today

No longer crispy and dry under foot

But now like cookies or gingerbread cooked

Yesterdays earth that was dry and cracked

Now looking fertile and ready to fight back

Small observations in a really large world

What chance of others to notice a written word

How hard it is for little birds to sing

But still they manage and to us all hope bring

Cleansing of air, time moment and space

Tomorrow I’ll pass and not recognise this place

Dog jumping mad as if to escape

No dodging this rain was this walk a mistake

Half way there and taking my time

Why rush or hurry would be such a crime

Not to notice those aspects in time

Those so little things that could be divine




I come to you with hope in mind

I know of no other for the self help me find

I know I am here, somewhere in this mess

You knew me before to that I contest

So come help me now in my time of need

Apologies’ for before my actions my greed

But knew as you did that I was growing in time

This is the place where I want you friendship to find

Come give me a hand and lend me an ear

For no other can find me or save me I fear

So hurry if you can for this time is short

I have crawled through the clouds just

To send you such thoughts

Should I not be here when you do arrive

Consider my request to keep me alive

Don’t give up on me now or allow me to fall

For with you friendship again I will stand tall

Come quickly come quickly for I fear you see

That person in the mirror no longer looks like me