Unconditional positive regard!!!

Often mistaken for being in love

Reflected in actions as if from above

Longing to be the one of such dreams

Silenced are doubts and inner most screams

Uncertain of actions based upon such words

Often spoken but infrequently heard

Truth requested truth denied truth being

The answer to such feelings inside

Unequal concern mistaken in kind

Responsibility questioned acts denied

Love mistaken for gratitude in mind

Trust misplaced passion and lust defined

Transference being the basis of like

Adults consider such actions in light

Take heed of such times in proximity close

Help heal the other and give them the most

Put aside your feelings and continue your growth

For your position should be one of mental worth


Dedicated and inspired by all those individuals that I know, have spoken to and have been told about who fall into the trap of displacement of emotions and considerations of appropriate conduct when it is their responsibility to care for those others in a professional capacity but are waylaid by sentiments and personal attractions and thus end up in long term unfortunately unsuccessful relationships with their clients!!! Get to grips with it and get some professional help as it is obvious that you need it!!! Such things were known, understood supported and discarded by me some twenty odd years ago so where you going with that now I got no idea, check ya self jokers!!!!