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How can so many be devoid of emotion

So empty to the pleading of hearts

Ignorant too of salvation

Denying all others a start

How can so many be devoid of emotion

Look blankly when worlds fall apart

Watch as another is dying

And claim they knew not how to start

So many are devoid of emotion

Both tears and smiles rejected

From start

Deep is that void of emotion

Where you and I have a heart!!!


the way that they keep changes spaces is so taking the piss…. can see what they are trying to do as in intergrate all the different parts like email and the such like but ffs come on you people get the the fuck right will ya… and on top of that did I tell you you could change up my shit without asking me…. when I find the time gonna come off here and move my shit elsewhere as you bods are pushing it a bit by moving my stuff around when I did not ask you init jokasses!!!
it’s that time of night again… spent the day laying the flooring in one room…. did the beading/skirting aswell and put the room back to gether when I done too init  need to get the front room back to a standard so as I want to spend time in it again lol…. means getting into some boxes an shit first thing… well almost first thing as I got the beading to do round the 2nd hall way before that OHG…. sent a few xmas greetings an all that but if ya know me ya know I dont hold much stock in commercial shit.. still ya know to one an all… have a sweet time, take it easy and above all enjoy…
missed on moan yesterday!!!
The CRE are not newenglandhelpline or some shit….. been in contact with them (one way) since the start of all my shit down here… they set the guide lines…. observe them to the T… 6 months claims have to be in by or else they just blow you off init… well how comes my shit has been with their solicitors for over 10 months and still I carnt hear nothing from them despite reminders, compaints and enquires…. they must live down the road at coalvile, cold overton or some other shit like them other fools init that investigate the police missed one of there fucking deadlines by 12 hours and do you think the fukers would move jokasses….
and not to forget…. the government after two and a half years are still yet to make up their minds as to whether or not I am able to teach and or teach in prison’s…. well had to ask for something extra init it’s me lol… dont even know what to say to that one as boy seems like the list is getting longer of those wishing I would just drop dead, get run over or some other shit ffs… pmsl
on the bright side…………………………ummmmmmm still waiting for them to pay the funding they say I have been granted!!! still it’s only been what two three months so why rush it hay….

Moved… unpacked some of the boxes… got all the flooring down except my bedroom… and going to sort the living room stuff out today as in speakers, projector and laptop plug in’s… god after doing laminating for two days I feel me dam age init… back is hurting and don’t ask me where the pains them come from in my legs but could not bend over even if I wanted to psml…. Done a floor layout of what the place looks like and where I want things too be lol.. time will tell and all that init… as with the rest of what  is going on well what can I say… got me new glasses on for the first time so can actually see what I am doing… I so liked the old one’s but think I was walking around with my head on a tilt trying to keep them straight… you would be surprised what you could do with two paper clips and some super glue ffs.. it’s stupid o’clock and I am just biding my time so I can start moving stuff round and not feel too bad about making noise…. But saying that think I might have got to some yesterday as I had the jig-saw out from 7am till 7pm cutting and what not… motivation and inspiration have taken an early holiday this year…. Doing things co’s they have to be done like the floor, blinds and curtains but thankful of the automation as what else would I be doing… the POLICE are taking the piss… using the Vintoe case as the guide line and bench mark for cases of racial discrimination… pissed co’s 1: it was an employment case and 2: as it was is and will be a case regarding sex discrimination in the work place and not race discrimination by a public body… stinking vex by the idea that both the solicitors and barrister have put it in writing that they do not feel that any court would hold against the police for race discrimination.. they would rather go with bad practice or some other crap… remind me what year this is again 1808, 1909 1970 what??? Ffs … trying to use both the current cases to challenge the concept of institutional racism…. Is it me or… can institutions make decisions??? I was of the opinion that individuals make decisions and hide behind title’s and positions within institutional settings i.e. working for public bodies…. As for the case against the Council… after much complaint to the judiciary and email and letter writing to the courts… it has finally been sent back to Nottingham which was where is was in the first dam place and where it is meant to be… the court in Melton Mowbray were so pissed they did not bother to inform me that it has been passed back to the Nottingham court as per my several requests… but considering that they had already sat and made judgement on the case several times without jurisdiction and thus kept me under continual pressure to reiterate and stipulate my case they should shut up yes!!!… the cottage is sweet… but I can understand why so many wait until later years to move to or own one…. In the first instance the lack of space requires an extreme level of tidiness and organisation… something you do not consider or want when you are younger or have a young family…. In the 2nd to say that you would consider spending that much time in such close proximity to another means that you would not only require an almost fixational regard for the other (love, companionship mutual respect and that sort of thing) you would also have to have a high level of self confidence, security and ability to express every part of YOU!!! Had a few poems over the last week or two… with the dam lappy all over the place and my writing pad packed in one of the blasted boxes, have missed out on a few… would normally have gone and walked the dog after me well bloody deserved nap can even still manage the walk although somewhat slower than normal… but Simba just looked at me as if to say ya bloody mad if ya think I am getting out of this chair… feel like I am rambling on to an old friend that I have not seen in a while ffs…. That must include everyone I know lol…. The before I forgets!!! 1) I am on bail for hitting the guy that was beating Simba… that same jackass who threatened Malachi and beat Simba at the same time… pmsl… evidence can be construed in two ways… either against you or for you…. It depends upon your point of view… what you want to achieve… and how good you are at putting your case ffs… truth is in the eye of the beholder or some shit… anyways despite the whole thing being caught of CCTV … blessings… it still had to be pointed out to those concerned that actually no that is the man making a b line for samba and I and no despite his stating that he was trying to get away look closely and you can see the exit signs pointing the opposite direction lol… yes you can take a week to look at it again and after that week why don’t you take a further month or so to see if you can make a case hay… coincidently that’s about the same time you are suppose to settle payment for you past omissions ffs jokes for life here…. I have not watched tv in fuck know’s how long…. With Malachi still in Colchester doing god knows what there has been no need to sort out the sky or normal tv even… whops …. Who left the sky dish hahahaha… so come tell me if I have missed anything important like the end of the world or some such OMG!!! Bloody ell almost forgot… Grandfather yet again… It’s a first for the family thanks to Noddy… we now have a girl amongst the lad’s


Paths that are
chosen to keep and defend

Reflective decisions
would we do this again

Consider the now
and remember the then

Motivational choices
hold fast till the end

reflections of a long distant past

Regrets forgotten
now we got here at last

Echoing memories of
things that were said

Reverberations of  I told you my friend

But yet different
directions were taken instead

Futures foretold in
a past that is lost

Dictions taken
based upon severity and cost

must come to and end

was a beginning based upon the end

full circle and back to the start

where we ended is where we depart

love, hate and friend had a foundation

which to fend

those cold and lonely places

in the crowds were seldom faces

brought to us only tears of joy

we were seen the girl and boy

full circle and laden with past

girl and boy did somehow not last

beginning has an end

for sure upon which we depend

are conclusions before the start

in dreams and felt in the heart

the chance to start again

slates clean for a brand new start

invigorate in the deepness of heart

again to do things new

chance for me or you

times of actions and places

and found in strange new faces

we’ve known only in dream

fresh to life bold and clean

beginnings from broken ends

directions long lost friends

nights of things to come

temptation resemblance of guns

war has ended long live peace

tomorrow is coming and today


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