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I felt you shining

on my soul

so so bright

I felt your shining

in the darkness of night

reminding me of places

and times that have been

looking for your light

with eyes that were keen

I felt you shining

and had to look away

the glare of your love

was so bright

but I had to stare

I felt you shining

and slowly lost my sight

now lost is all vision

but for the glow of you

I felt you shining

and can see nothing


but I had to look

for my soul to have


I felt you shining

now all else is lost

I felt you shining

and gladly pay

such a cost

blind to the world

and those that live in

I felt you shining

now all else is dim

I tried to remember

those things lost

in mind

I tried to remeber

those things that

were fine

feelings of



and hate

feelings of emotions

so trying to negate

I tried to remember

those things lost

in mind

no matter how hard

those expressions

I can not find

Honesty a quality

so hard to define

being a statement

of more than just mind

looked for in places

that seldom do see

the true inclanation

of what is you or me

Honesty a quality

so hard to find

used by such persons

who play games with

the mind

not know for its pleasing

or words so kind

Honesty an aspect

of something divine

I have been keeping quiet for a while

not for the want of not having anything to say

but for the consideration of who gives a dam

and what difference dose it make anyway

those I know are scared of such things

run away from the challenge and the

tribulation this brings

scared of the cost to stand on the truth

this passion is mine has been since youth

I look and I wonder why things go this way

my mum’s understanding and the things

she did say

stick to your convictions and look in your


if you feel this way from the truth is just dark

nothing to say to those many I know

left to contend with you those things

I could show

alone I do fight not for challenge or gain

but to go back to darkness is to let the

evil one raigne…..

I have been keeping quiet for a while

but my heart is the same and I have not

change my style

no time for talking or sharing my pain

for I look in your eyes and see nothing to gain

so stop watching this space and look in your


for if I asked for assistance every response

was so stark

I am still here doing my thing

challenging those things that matter to me

but time for conversation and socialising

not me……


I kissed you

you held me

and said you

were mine

I fell and

perceived things

were fine

lost in a place

where time stood


drowned was

my soul on a  

collision course

with ill

found was a

place so lost

and alone

abandoned in time

too late for

my soul

deceived and neglected

in a space that

was lost

reviewed was a love

and the one true cost

I kissed you

you held me

and said you

were mine

too late for regrets

or my true heart



I have seen you

hinding at the

darkest of times

I have heard you

screaming and

thourght they

were mine



those things

that we share

I have seen you

hiding at the

darkest of times

scared of the future

enough to commit crimes

lost in confusion

of who you are

drunk with such


and my soul

bares the scar

I have seen you

hiding at the

darkest of times

mine now to live

and reflect on

such times

blamed for the loss

of a love that

once was

in search of the truth

and my only true love


Those childhood screams

A gathering of people

In time and a place

Celibrationo of unity

Growth and of grace

Individuals with no

Commercialism a trace

Space time to relax

From the ever increasing pace

Sharing a love often

Hard to define

Friends one and all

Expressing feelings so kind

Joyous occasions not often


Unity friendship and general



The brightness of day

In the darkest of nights

Individuals whom flee

Choosing so not to fight

Visions distorted in fast

Fading light

Fears of wondering

Will we make it tonight

Swallowed swallowed

By childhood screams

Visions of the future

And those things that

We dream

Lost in the motions

Of trying to define

Is this my persona

Am I possibly divine

Questions of being

In a non ending place

Balanced decisions

So made in haste

The brightness of day

In the darkest of nights

Gone are all urges

To stand still and fight

Replaced by a vision

That was once a dream

Remembered remembered

Those childhood screams

Time standing still

In a world moving fast

Trees automobiles

Tell me which one will last

Raising concerns

For things now no more

Gone for ever to the

Planets memory store

Passing options of things

Yet to come

No looking to tomorrow

For that child has a gun

Pointed in directions

Of places not seen

Lain dead bodies

And no one heard

The scream

Children children

Where have they gone

Born of old

No interest in fun

Serious endeavors

With violence the key

Seem on destroying

The likes of

You and me

Images smiling

Not sure to reveal

Images smiling

Something there to steal

Found contemplation

Behind that disguise

Pits of despair

In faces so bleak

Eyes being the soul

No longer unique



Out of sequence

With both time and place

Done are illusions

Of living with grace

Brought to the front

Aware limitations of

Positions to find

Out of sequence

With both time and place

Obviously seen for

The time wasting race


Bravery in actions

Cowardice in heart

Observed considered

You were from the start

Misplaced love

In the grinding of years

Lost abandoned

Seeming small amongst fears

  Shown to be wanting

In the passage of time

Once great of actions

Now criminally defined

Circles now square

With the passage of time

Lost and abandoned this

Strong stance of mine

Bravery in actions

That once were mere mine

Looking and feeling

So different with time

Lost manipulation of

Things that once were

Aware of a void where

Passions did stir

Bravery in actions

Now confined to the past

Just left with memory

Somehow fading fast

Up down

All seems the same

Something was lost

And something was gained

Walking maneuvers

Trying to avoid

Visions of bliss

Now lay down


Up down

All seems the same

Some that were glorious

And others filled with shame

Lost to a time that only seems vague

Abandoned to dust now all things are changed

 No longer the same

As things that are lost

Now pure recollection

Of truly the cost

Measured in blood

Sweat tears and fears

All that remain are

Noise on deaf ears

Up down

All seems the same

Nothing to loose

And nothing to gain……

The deepest darkness

The deepest darkness

Swallowing whole

The deepest darkness

Collector of the soul

Lost in the depth of

Despairing times

Forgotten, remembered

Those past times of mine

Seen in remembrance

Lost in a dream

 Those things of laughter

Those things of screams

Imagined, remembered

Now all seem a blur

No longer aware

No longer sure

The deepest darkness

Swallowing whole

Calling my name

Of this I am sure

Cornered in confusion

Trapped in a void

No room for mistakes

No space left to hide

Sought out in history

Of a past that was made

No passing of time

Has this image to fade

Confronted by illusions

And shifting shades

Now once at peace

With an image dismayed

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