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A clarity of mind

A change of responsibility

A clarity of mind

Different situation

Not easily defined

New born objectives

Old one’s left behind

Definitive considerations

Upon how to be kind

Lost words now spoken

As a way we do find

To reconstitute the self

And the self there still combined

I saw my mind a wondering last night

Up there in the sky’s with the stars

Shining bright

Going here and going there

No certain direction seemingly

Without even a care


I saw my mind a wondering last night

Up there on it’s own no hint of insight

I watched it come and I saw it go

I left it alone just allowing it to roam


I saw my mind a wondering last night

Putting things in perspective

And setting them right

Allowing to be sorted those things

That are dear

In other directions distractions did it steer


I saw my mind a wondering last night

Must be honest at first what a fright

Should have been with me

Leaving the days work behind

Instead up here in the clouds did I find


I saw my mind a wondering

To and throw

I watched it for a while

Considering where would it go

Then it just hit me

That should I be here

I silently moved backwards

Away from the mind I did steer

Not wanting to startle

Disturb, interfere

Slowly moved backward

Until again in my bed


I saw my mind a wondering last night

No sleep did I have

But only disturbed night

Not sure of the unease or

Reason’s this be

But for once last night my mind

Was not with me


I saw my mind a wondering last night

They spoke of a time

I was too young to know

They spoke of a place

Where I so wanted to go

Descriptions of colour

Could almost hear the sound

Told of such dreaming

Stand steady look around

They spoke of an age

Where all was glimmer

And light

Of an ability to reason

For god was their guiding


They spoke of a faith that

Constantly they renewed

Such things of imagination

Or thoughts that were

Truly shrewd

Having learned from years

In passing

Such things we can define

View in perspective of a

Life that’s truly mine

Balanced in the wonder

Of every passing day

Now a golden treasure

Viewed and loved every


Mum and Dad’s words of

Wisdom I often hear them say

Those childhood stories

Of Jamaica back in the day

Now the gods have spoken

And finally had their way

I have seen in amazement

Everything they tried to say

And thus it is I question and

Open my eyes wide every day

For the question has to be asked

What is it that I will learn today?

No questions are asked

In the blinking of that eye

No explanation given

To such aggressive explosions

Good bye

Lost for a moment

That chance to resist


Faltered in that instant

Where manors could not


No questions are asked

Accepted as being you

No consideration given

If such distress is really


Found a way to cope

Controlling every fear

Lost is the sight of distance

where you pushed those

So dear

No questions are asked

Have you lost your bloody mind

Instead is acceptance

That you really are not


Hidden once again that

Heart that was exposed

Should you ever recover

Only god and the devil knows

No questions are asked

As you slowly pass away

For given the surety

That we all will die some day

Questions questions are all

I seem to have

For their strength and wisdom

And I am truly glad

For question and questions

Have stopped me from being sad

Sad for those persons whom

Look and do not see

Questioned were those things

That never could be me

Questions and questions

Until I’m dead and gone

As questions and questions

Are what keep me moving on……………

Tip toe tip toe

Trying to see high

Tip toe tip toe

Quietly sneaking by

Going unnoticed

In such fast moving


Looking and not seeing

While the soul screams out

What crimes

Tip toe tip toe

Don’t look my way

Tip toe tip toe

Just passing and don’t want

To stay

Ignore me ignore me I might

Just go away

Only being nosey to see

What I can learn

No need for involvement

My intentions to discern

Tip toe tip toe

Can not remember where

Have I been

Tip toe tip toe

Selective memory

And hearing……

Dont feel like I have stopped since I
reach back from holiday…. have managed to catch up with all the boys dem and
their kids and partners…. but someting not right somewhere…..  trying to settle down and get on with the
course work now but boy am I tired from the running up and down the blasted

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