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Just a thought

Just a thought

Should it be only those things that we know well that we do? Should that be the stance, then where does the growth, knowledge and wisdom come from? It seems so restrictive in any form!!!

I spoke to you once before

Told you all I had to say

Now you come back

Looking for more

What was it I said that

You did not know

How can it be that

Now you say there is more

To me

Times are a changing

We feel it in the air

Things have come full circle

Now it’s you who have

Something to say

Is this not a game that some

People like to play

I gave you that chance to see

My heart

Now you come to me with some

Hidden desire in your heart

Take my words as they do stand

They are out of my mind and

Now wonder the land

Looking for a place where

Just they can be for

No longer just mine they are

There for the world to see

If the body were a temple

I’ve defiled the deepest self

Jeopardising more than just my health

But my eternal damnation is

Not in some after life

But the here and now

And the fight for continual gain

Rights and wrongs take a different


Now instead I have to consider it

Is my death that my actions do


That search for perfection

That constant want for more

That looking over the shoulder

Wondering what’s in store

Commercialisation of my

One and only heart

Look back and wonder

When did it all start

That move away from

Jah and his guiding light

That step towards darkness

And the souls eternal fight


My baby boy has gone home…… back later to dump the many poems that I did not have time to put up over the last week….. feeling seriously militant in nature so spending time dispersing energies….

Much of what’s forsaken

Is for material gain

King’s and Queens will

Slay their kin

For nowt but to live

And reign

And thus we see and follow

Holding back instinctive


Allowing others to wallow

In social constructed fears

Long have we recorded

The plight of every man

But millions starve and

Die each year

But to the side we stan

Aware of mental constructs

We follow like the sheep

Turn and look the other


While others join that heap

Such sadness does this

Bring me

When I truly understand

That while I am aware of


I also lend a hand

Not by social action

Or things I choose to do

But by the fact that my

Inaction has also

Encouraged you

To be so none committal

To things you know are wrong

Still should all else fail

Lets drink and dance to song

And thus another weekend

Is broaching on our lives

Time to live and hide a lie

Drowned at many bars

Forget our daily troubles

Of how to pay the rent

For silencing those hideous

Cries is where we are hell bent



How can it be

That a tree bears not fruit

I listen in the night

I listen to my youth

Anticipate the time

When he will not be hear

Still I’m filled with gladness

And look forward to morn

With cheer

It’s part of who I am

And how I define self

It is my only legacy

And also all my wealth

It’s not that I’m conceited

Or feeling that I’m grand

But grateful in his raising

That Jah gives a guiding hand

There’s not much I have given

Outside material things

But I hope he grows and loves

And to all others bring

A better way of being

A lightness in the dark

For I look upon this little


And know that he has heart

Come closer

Come closer come closer

Want to see how you stay

Come closer come closer

I have something to say

Show me your mind

Let me see your soul

Come tell me something

Let me see how you grow

Come closer come closer

My mind wants to know

What your under and

What you have to show

Come closer come closer

For time is short

Galong galong

Is what I say

Jah is in my life

And here to stay

Galong galong

Don’t stand in my way

For jah is my guidance

Is his light I want to stay

Ggalong galong

And move from me

For I am of Jah children

Now and every day

Galong galong

An move from me

You a live a life

Thats not for me

Jah guidance and blessings

Are within my heart

So don’t come jiggy jiggy

Or look to start

Galong galong

And move from me….


Set my mind free

Set my mind free

Remove oh do remove

From me

Life’s addictions to things

That hold me back

Set my mind free

Set my mind free

Come see how I stay

Look in the words

That I express everyday

Set my mind free

Set my mind free

And know that

I am true

For what I say is not

To impress you

Set my mind free

Set my mind free

Come reason with me

And share something

Strong regardless of time

Or what’s going on

Set your mind free

For those of you who

Feel my words take

Heed make note and

Do not be deterred

For in your heart is

That chance to grow

And show all others

What you already know

That you love and respect

That special friend so give

Them your heart until the




It’s one of those things that

We should not do

It’s about friendship and

Crossing taboo’s

Everyone warns us of the

Things that could go wrong

But listen to your heart

And the occasional song

I love my best friend and

Have done from time

What is needed to make

Them only mine

Your my friend and

I love you dear

But my mind is

Warning showing me fear

Don’t want to loose you

Always want your heart

Stay near my friend and

Do not depart

Don’t let my words scare you

For they are from my heart

Come take a chance with me

For we have loved from the start

Love is the gamble that

We all must take

The only thing holding

Us back is the fear

Of a mistake


Not of the fact that

Our heart is not true

But of the fact that

We don’t want to

Loose you


For you are my

Best friend and

In my life I want

You till the end


So rather than loose

You I will be your

Best friend


It’s one of those things

We are told not to do

There is a reason I am

Close to you for

Are my best friend



On you at all times

I know I can depend


Why should I wait

And give away my


Can you not see

I loved you from the start


If a thousand years

Had come and gone

I know for you

My love would be strong

For you have been my

Guiding light all others

Have gone but you remain

Strong and bright


I don’t want to be regretful

And waste my life

Taking another for

Husband or wife so

Go with your feelings and know

That they are true

For there is a reason that you

Call me friend too

I felt emotions soaring

I felt emotions soaring

There was something I

Needed to say

I felt emotions soaring

But my mind got in the way

Told me not to be silly

And steadily go on my way

I felt emotions soaring

But could not find the

Words to say

Caught in the light of

Elisions and distant things

Once longed for

I felt emotions soaring

Wanted to explain it

In a song

No words came to mind

To help me

Express my every fear

I felt emotions soaring

So glad that you are not here

Lost is the desire for


Or wasting precious time

I felt emotions soaring

And wanted to make you


I feel a passion inside of me

When I look into your eye’s

I feel a passion inside of me

And so quickly tried to disguise

What’s coming to the surface

Would surely express my fears

I feel a passion inside of me

Something not felt for many years

Change this mission of salvation

Where all else was on my mind

I feel a passion inside of me

So glad that again I did find

Motivational achievements

Gained for experience and growth

I hope the passion inside of me

Is able to sustain us both…..

No shot across the bow

No warning of a storm

Instant transitions from

Insanity to the norm

Lost in confusion

Acting upon insight

Backed in such corners

It is pure fight or flight

Revived perspectives in a

Role that is not mine

New observations from

Well invested time

Past considerations brought

Clearly into view

Lost generations or

Grandkids to me and you

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