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Not want to be the last

Times now coming to

And end

What is there in life to    

Keep and defend


Times now coming to


Who was my friend and

How long did this last


Times now coming to


So many others did

Not want to be the last


Times now coming to

To the start

I’ve lost all motivations

And someone’s stole my


Times now coming to

An end….


I see accusation’s

There in your eye

Find it puzzling for

Your behaviour not

Have I


I see accusations’

All abound but look

Somewhat closer and

See what I found


I see accusations’

Now fallen to ground

It would seem that

Somehow my way you

Have found


I see accusations’

And now understand

You feel alone and

Lost in this land


I see accusations’

What is it in my human


That makes me this way

How is it that I have chosen

Not to be destructive today

There’s something about the

Way that I am

Something that says yes I can

Be a better person than I was


Grow expand find another way

Seeing so many of those others

That pass me by

I ask no questions don’t want to

Know why

It is that they choose their thing

And to this world only misery do



I tried to reach you

With open arms

Expressed all my being

No deceit no charms

Held out that hand of



I tried to reach you

Knowing the places

You’ve been

Tried to give things

A meaning

Examining all that was



I tried to reach you

Only to have passed

You by

Wanted to express some


For lack of involvement

With I


I tried to reach you

But it’s seems that

You have long lost sight

Not remembered are

Those long conversations

That inspired us late in

The night


I tried to reach you

Something else so

Wanted to explain

No longer feeling your


Distant glows are now

In your eyes


I tried to reach you

Just stopped short of

My own coming demise

I look and I see with detachment

Those things of everyday life

I feel the pain of others but

Know how to cut this with a knife


I look and I see with detachment

That pain deep within your eyes

Not sure of words of comfort

Do my actions you world so



I look and I see with detachment

Like ridding in the back of a car

I see those things so often missed

How comes not they seem so afar


I look and I see with detachment

As the world it does pass me on


Not known just how long I will be


But already I feel as to cry


I look and I see with detachment

Those things man does unto man

I watch and look for some meaning

For all say this is some sort of plan


I look and I see with detachment

Is this all there be to a man

To know and consider life’s meanings

To write and continually make the stand

Times running short as

It always does

Ways to express of much

In life so lets begin with


Tears that are fighting

Trying so hard to find place

Often held in check told it

Is not time

Stretched to the limits so

Trying to break through

Pushed aside once again

As so much there is to do

Songs that remind us and

Hold us for a time

Expanded in those seconds

We live another lifetime

Feeling end has come to pass

Play another record make such

Memories last



To remember that

Innocence of the child

To look wide eyed

And let imagination

So go wild

To hear the bells as

Angels get their wings

To tear the voices

Of heavenly choirs


To remember that

Innocence of a child

To shed a tear for the

Adulthood acceptance

Of life’s fears

Acknowledgement of the


That the time has come

To pass

Lost is all youth now

Adulthood must surpass

You look and see

With your critical


There is no wonder

That we pass on by

Your soul is hidden

From the human eye

Wearing glassed disguise

My world you would


You look and see

With your critical


We will never be

Friends the you or I

I can not feel the

Love in your heart

So from this moment

Forward we must so quick


You look and see

With your critical



Every day passions

Are now so real

People loosing jobs

Despair they do conceal

Lifetimes works and

Hidden fears

From morning till night

Resound in the ears

Changing conceptions of

What is to be a man

No provider no future now

Tell me where you stand

Every day struggles so new

Unto you

Look a little closer you will

Understand how I grew

Angry despair at where you

Now find place

Raising of the standards and

Examining of the race

Comes forward those politicians

Enough immigrants out my face

Hatred reached to boiling now

That you have lost your home

Come with me I’ll show you

How this land you could so roam

That darker side of humanity

From which we often hide

The deepest of things that

To others we don’t confide

See in film and reminisced

In times when we’re alone

That darker side of humanity

Chills me to the bone

Lost are thoughts of happiness

As such things are often seen

Hidden in reality smiled at

Are the screams

That darker side of humanity

Has come back with a name

We line up and pay homage to

It at the movies or buy the game

You promised every day

How can I still love you

Now everything’s a lie

You held me in your arms

And looked me in the eye

You said you’d always be


To keep away my fears

Comforted and consoled

Me when all I had was tears

How can I still love you

Now you’ve thrown away

My heart

You promised every day

That we would never part

Now you’ve gone and left

Us with not a trace of you

To find

How could you be so wicked

How could you be so unkind

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With empty minds

I sense a change deep within me

Not concerned with where next

Week I will be

Felt are emotions and the others

With empty minds

Passed are attractions or things

That you can find

Examined is what was always there

Known from the beginning just

Waiting for me to care

I sense a change deep within me

Changed my perception and all

That I see

New motivation for doing things


Lost is the fear that this was the


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Those things that make us cry

Reveal an inner must feeling

Making us reach for the sky

Removing man made ceilings

Sometimes hard to find as we

Are so good at concealing

Those things that make us cry

Never heard of someone stealing

I sit here and I weep not for

Something that was done

Tears running down my cheek

To remember so much fun

Passions running through me

Like I wasn’t really there glad

No one can see but should I really


Those things that make us cry

Tell us we’re still feeling

Keeping us so alive and stopping us

From death done dealings


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I dreamed a dream so vivid

Last night

Woke up cold sweat and

Shaking with fright

Such a large tree was seen

Standing there

Middle of a field grass flowing

Like hair

Something there beckoned to me

Come closer come closer

Its time now to see

Climbed and entered this tree of


Confused concerned something’s

Not right

Branches turned to rooms of old

Depicting my life as it did unfold

I walked I spoke saw even as a child

Climbed up climbed down with so many

Sights to see

Each a reflection of my life that had been

Saw that child that once was mine own

Some things I recognised some where


Then the thunder started of low of in the

Distance then started to grow

Rooms full of children then started to hide

Standing there not knowing my eyes were

So wide

What could it be to shatter this dream

Take from me my life as I had seen

Crashing and shaking this whole world of


Came twisting and strangling my tree like

A vine

Seeming larger than heaven and eating the


The snake appeared like some dreaded curse

Smashing and searching for something to see

I felt in my bones it was looking for me

Torn and confused my world fell apart

As it came through the wall I cried lost

All heart

Just then awoken with such fear in me

I dreamed a dream so vivid

Last night

Woke up cold sweat and

Shaking with fright

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Everywhere I look I’m so inspired

To write

Morning noon and also night

I have that constant feeling

Expressing all my soul

For a purpose not revealing

But I have to continue to express

Or my life will have no meaning

Sometimes losing sleep and from

The world impatience concealing

Putting food aside I gaze wearily

Into the evening

Imagination running wild

Looking for that inner most feeling

For something must be right for

Those voices I’m no longer hearing

So I sit here and I write for my life

Now has new meaning


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