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You inspire in me always…….

You inspire in me you always

Do that person to continually


To think to reason and examine

The self before ever setting foot

On life’s stage


You inspire in me you always

Have to see things judged from

Your gauge to often alone with

My inner most thoughts so

Refreshing your points of view


You inspire in me you always

Will that feeling of taking the

Right course

Although alone my feelings do

Roam and nothing is done by or

With any force


You inspire in me always…….

Silence is that treatment

So many of us have known

Silence is that thing that

Destroys the very home

Making a cold and lonely

House no longer for spirits

To roam

Silence is that thing that’s

Left once we are on our own

Silence that unspoken word

That we have missed the very mark

Gone are such things as chances

To disclose before we depart

Silence now found new friends

And taken shelter in the heart





Another day lost to a

Life full of dreams

Seen and forgotten are

Those things which mean

The difference between

Life, death’s cold hands

Feeling the sun and other

Thins so grand

Another day lost to a

Place no longer seen

Removed from the vision

Erecting of screens

Missed are the chances

For putting things right

Passed were those ships

In the dead of the night

Another day lost to a

Willingness to try

Wipe softly the tear

From the corner of the eye

Gone are the feelings of how

Could this end

Replaced by that longing

For the self now defend

Another day lost too…

Come quickly come quickly

And take me away

Look closer do you not see

This is not how I stay

Come lead me in directions

That others they do go

Don’t leave me by myself

Do you have nothing else

To show

I’m sorry I hurt you but

Did you not see

Those things that you

Trampled there all part

Of me

Come quickly come quickly

Do you not hear my heart

How can it be so late now

To start

Have we not shared that

Inner most sound

With glee and with cheer

Did we both not abound

Come quickly come quickly

I say

For tomorrow is to late

For it’s a whole other day

Come quickly come quickly

Do words of beauty

Express ones soul

At every given substance

Do words of knowledge

Give unto others that

Always expected chance

Do words of learning

Allow others to change

And glow in their own light

Do words of comfort

Hold and protect us

Late into the night

Words do create for


An encapsulating hold

For now many years on

Those words my soul

Has turned suddenly



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