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Before the start

Contracted out my

Soul today

Not feeling comfortable

And it’s not about pay

Seen from the beginning

Before the start

How education has gone

Now removed of heart

No room for those pleasantries

Defused by inclusions

We now have learning trees

Gone are the days of feeling

Ones soul

Missed will be those ones we

Helped make whole

Now instead we have a mission

At hand

To follow lifelong learning and

Never to stand

In one place and admire the view

For self directed learning is now

For you

Pushed in directions not wanting

To go

Professional development is all

You should know

No longer a place for the hearing

Of cheers

Its bums on seats and

Performance related


Oh how I missed

You when you were


That happiness and

That song

That glow at night

That made things so


Oh how I missed

You when you were


Now that you are


Such happiness and


I feel down in my


No longer will I roam

Now that you are


No longer will I fear

Those dark and lonely


When hidden I was with


Oh how I missed

You when you were


I could I wish….

I wish I could tell

You another

A life full of such


Of things done in


By those that are


But none of this

Lately I see

I wish I could tell

Of adventures

Of things done deep

In the night

Of ever increasing

Escapades that were

Gallantly made

By one such as lowly

As me

I wish I could tell

You the future and

Say everything is going

To be alight

I wish…..

My skins getting thin

But not as thin as my


For time has been

And shown no resistance

To old age and infirmity

No longer willing to share

Of my time

Being selective is close

To divine

For choices of freedom

Do not often come

So pick up ya tings dem

And this way do run

I see in the face

Of the dying

A somewhat reflection

Of me

My mother my brother

My sister my other

But not very often

I see

A westernised brow

Or Caucasian somehow

Dying from Aids or some

Other disease

Lost turn apart

In virtual extremes

Bodies on fire

A mothers desire

To see her children

Grown safe

Now Haiti being the worst

With it’s self inflicted curse

Their just dying for us all to see

The misery and pain

Reflected in the strain

Of a mother trying

So hard not to burst…..

I often wonder about news events that portray the dead and the dying. Those that know me know I do not entertain mainstream tv and even the daily news has turned to the fortnightly or monthly. To read of people with holes in their heads and others waiting to die….. I would have to ask what kind of a person would put reporting before assisting. What is the benefit of knowing how others are dying? Come with your standard textbook response of people have to be informed and I’ll say why so they can be entertained. Globalise distress all you want to but the band-aids employ the bands, stage hands ect ect and by the time we get to see it on mtv sky the population we were trying to assist is diminished yet again and we remain employed and comfortable. Still we had something to talk about and buying the promotion cd meant we could sleep well and say we did our part. How happy I am to live among such gracious individuals!

Silent whispers


Silent whispers

In darkest night

Sprits touching

Those souls

With light

Lost perceptions

Of whom we be

All left is difference

Amid conformity

No need of bonds

To hold us tight

Behind closed doors

We interpret fright

Cyber freedom has

Now begun

Alone among

Millions were free

To run

From the very first start

Such fast interaction

With the beating of hearts

Exchanged cryptic messages

From the very first start

Lost interpretations

In the blinking of an eye

Sit back examine and

Ask yourself why…………

I heard the dead

They were calling

Asking where

I had been

For they wanted

To step on forward

Claiming those now


I head the dead

They were cheering

For many were now

Their kin

I head the dead

They were saying

That hell was now

Full of sin

I died last night

While walking in a dream

No fuss was made

The killing was clean

Taken from this place

With such gentle healing


I died last night

But right now here I stand


I died last night

But here I am anew

No longer sure of those

Places or the people

That I knew

Lost in a distance

No longer of my concern

I died last night

No part of me does yearn


I died last night


I close my eyes and I’m tempted

to drift to far off lands

run and hide in forbidden places

where there is no need of plans


I close my eyes and I’m tempted

To do those things others

Don’t do

To stay and fight and change

Things for the right despite

Those things that you choose


I close my eyes and I’m tempted

To make your causes my own

Stand firm show support and

Hope to raise concern


I close my eyes and I’m tempted

It’s far too late

Before it has begun

For the journey has ended

Now follow the path

And have some fun

For distance will tell you

That you have been here


All that’s left to imagination

Is d’ja vue and maybe more

Death passed me knowing clearly my name

Winked without a word your soul I will claim

Not today or tomorrow but some time to come

Go quickly and live go have a little fun


Hollowed out places in life’s distant storms

Chances once taken are considered the norm

Lost condemnation for things now undone

Changed are perceptions of things done in fun

Don’t hold my hand for the sake of doing so

Look a little deeper that’s not the way to grow

Express a little happiness mixed in with that sorrow

For today is a bitter day and yet there is tomorrow

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