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And time has kept you


Hurts my eye’s when

I think of you

Those things we

Shared in conversation



Was always between

Me and you

But never affected




Now wrapped up with


Has gone ever further

From me



Is not the space but

The things that we




Removed you from my


And time has kept you




Being the thing to

Overcome to show

Me that you still




Have you ever heard

That stillness as it slowly

Creeps in mind

Bringing with it tranquillity

The kind that’s hard to find


Have you ever felt

That stillness as it creeps

Into the bones

Making relaxation the

Only things you know


Have you ever known

That stillness as it takes

Your body away

Knowing things are changing

And today’s another day


Have you ever seen

That stillness as it moves

Through time and space

Showing you such things

No longer need for haste


Have you ever…..

That can be observed

I shed a tear

A silent tear

For those things

That I have just heard

Distant thunder with

Lightning strikes is all

That can be observed


I shed a tear

A silent tear

For things that I

Must do

For no tear was shed

For crying sake but

For those things done

To you


I shed a tear

A silent tear

For the passing

Of this time

For things have now

Gone to far and this

My child is a crime


I shed a tear

A silent tear

For this is

The beginning of

Our end

From now on you

Are no longer with me

Nor are you a friend


I shed a tear

A silent tear

For now I’m all



I shed a tear

A silent tear

When I remember

How it was you were



Leave me I’m cry/dying!

I’m oft concerned with

Things of late that chase

My troubled mind

Things of what where

And how are never hard

To find

Seen in all distractions

From morn till late at night


I’m oft concerned with

Things of late that battle

For my time

Everyday distractions as

They beat upon my brow

All needing consideration

And having to be dealt with



I’m oft concerned with

Things of late that leave

Me feeling drained

Wondering what’s happening

To make me feel so strange

I’m oft concerned……

Oh please be still my

Beating heart for I

Can take this pain

No more

How times and things

Have changed and left

Me wanting more


Oh please be still my

Beating heart for I

Can not see for tears

Blinded by reality now

Considering past years


Oh please be still my

Beating heart for I

Am deserved of a rest

Now that things have

Come to pass its so

Obvious I passed this



Oh please be still my

Beating heart for I

Am here no more

If I were to tell

You I was dying

From lack of


What is there you

Could show me

How could you

Help me see


If I were to tell

You I was dying

And wanted from

This place to be


How would you

Send me on my


Would you help

And assist me to

Be me


So now that I’ve

Told you I’m dying

Lets see what will


To give a face

To deception

To unmask that

Inner most fear

To confront that

Alternate reality

To view without

That screen

To be seen whilst

Still laying naked

Stripped to the

To the basis of


To start again

From beginning

But somehow to

Still remain whole

To give a face to

Deception is to

Wake up and look

Forward with cheer

Rumours and hatred

Oh how we are played


From behind the scenes

By those we will never


Like distant shadows

Across life’s field

Rumours and hatred

Does grow

Restricting each and

Every breath as the

Body does try so to


Oh how we are played


In front of our eyes

And yet we pretend

Not to know

For any reaction that’s

Not ones best will surely

To someone show

Oh how we are played


And enjoy it so

The freedom of having

No choice



I’m waiting

I’m waiting

For those changing


For life to


For inspiration


I’m waiting

I’m waiting

Just to see

What difference

Such things could

Really be

I’m waiting

I’m waiting

But it’s only for you

No other no

Imitation will do

I’m waiting!

I found my way

Through the storm

Reached the other    


And looked down with

Such scorn

So many distractions

From wanting to be

Back out to the


Its where you find me

I found my way

Through the storm

Battled many illusions

From body mind was


Put to the test in all

That can be

Blinded by desserts

And drowned out by

The sea

Tired and exhausted

From holding on tight

No more testing not

Caring what’s right

I found my way

Through the storm

And now alls so peaceful

With nothing to morn….



The moon does hide

It’s gaze from me

No illumination no

Brightness to see

The wind did join so it’s

Not alone

Chilled me and cut me

Down deep to the bone

I looked to the trees for

Additional support

No warmth was felt

No kindness to report

The grass too had a

Message for me

Before I could touch it

It parted like red sea

I asked of the land

Why was this being so

The only reply was

From mother nature

Did you not go

The moon does hide

It’s gaze from me

Now I am blind

With nothing to see

I walked what felt

Like a thousand miles

It took what seemed

Like an eternity

Visionary places in

Imaginary times

Experienced death and

Watched new born babies


Been to the hottest and

Coldest of parts

Met many people so many

Without heart

Lived with the dying and

Grown old with the young

But now I am excited as

There is so much more yet

To come

I walked what felt

Like a thousand miles

Only to reach home….

Late night ranting’s of a man on medication that should send his ass to sleep instead of making him want to puke!

Our society is based upon the notion that there is a god. Legality and its supporting substructures are based upon the equality of righteousness amongst men and the abidance to religious doctrine and law. So tell me then how is it that our politicians are comfortable enough to be openly corrupt, homosexual, adulterers living and loving lives of debauchery. As you work your way down our hierarchical scales of society such contempt for morality is reduced to coincide with the level of individual economic control. If you earn a lot of money you don’t give a fuck and if you don’t then there is something other than money you care about. Exceptions to the rule of course there are and don’t we all like to believe that it is us!

Dreams turn to

Nightmares with

The deepest of


What was once

Truly loved now

Look if you dare

Lost is forever the

Caring once there

Now in it’s place

Is an attitude of

Don’t care


Dreams turn to

Nightmares with

The breaking of


Once always together

From now on apart

Gone for a life time

Is that everlasting


No longer able to

Place hand inside

The glove


Dreams turn to

Nightmares with

Not even a reprieve

Thus it is I sit here

And suffer and grieve

For the death of my

Slumber and the ability

Of hope

Not able to rest now

Do tell me how will I



For my dreams are now

Nightmares and there

Is no safe place to go

I try not to sleep that

Badness not to show

Now my dreams are now

Nightmares the beginning

Of an end

I can not trust myself

In dreams to defend

Those that are closer

Than close has ever


How can I feel this way

Was it not only a dream

That turned into a nightmare

Being sound proofed

A calmness over

Taken me

Tranquillity does


A view seen from


No room or space

To hide

A side without


Being sound proofed

From outside

A calmness over

Taken me

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