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Christianity is based upon the acceptance of Christ being the gateway to redemption… what of those who died before him and thus while they may have been righteous in their endeavours would have had no way of knowing…. add to this the other obvious contradictions of a religion that changes to suit the purpose of man and one can do nothing other than consider the fallacy that has blinded the hearts and minds of man for so long….. religion has been questioned by the most intellectual of men since its conception men that even today are regarded as being socially, morally and intellectually prominent in their times and our own… one can do nothing other than to see what is put before us and thus I would again say that religion should be outlawed… even a superficial reading of the bible would indicate that the purpose of Christ and his ministry was to disband and bring to an end secular religion and it’s historical hypocrisy…….


We can only attack the Muslim world it’s ideologies and steal it’s wealth because unlike Christendom it did not have the Protestant work ethic to usher in Capitalism and give it religious backing and idealism for justifying a departure from the original bible and thus allow the accumulation of personal wealth.. then the poor law was brought in to kick people off the land and force them to cities were factories newly built awaited their labour… the same fucking families and political justification still stand and rule England today so go buy another St. Georges flag and celebrate once again how you were robbed of your villages and farmland…. ignorance is bliss is it not….!


The new updated bible is now available and… that’s why the gays in parliament aren’t locked up.. that’s why if your a pedo become a judge teacher policeman or school caretaker… then add to that same sex marriages and the acceptance of all faiths.. it’s called the book of modernity you not got a copy… visit you local councillor for you own signed version init just don’t bend over if he or she drops it on the floor ;D

When some around us

I do not understand the


When some around us

Choose unhappy to be

To kill the light of another’s


To shove and to push not

Caring how far

Close to the edge I have

Seen others be

Some have died and this

Does worry me


I do not understand the


That could make one other

Stop a soul from

Wanting to be

Do you not know that

Death takes us all

But why send another

There before there call

What justification can there

Be to know a life was taken

Because of thee

I do not understand this


Time has been stolen away from


It was only yesteryear

That I was twenty three

I look about me

And the old do see


Time has been stolen away from


Felt kindda strange looking

In the past

Changed were images

I thought would last

Now seen anew in a

Differing light

Gone are my notions of

Guiding stars at night


Time has been stolen away from


Those things I desired and

My lost memories

Of childhood wonders

And friends to call

I sometimes have to ask what

Happened to it all

Time has stolen away from


Those things of my past are no more

You see

Living in a world of imagination

Escaped from reality

Found were misconceptions

Which were restricting



Living in a world of imagination

With mystical beings

For my friend

Oh dam mistakes over

Is this not religion



Living in a world of imagination

Away from those eyes that


Far beyond my understanding

For they are only

Acting predictably


Lost to so many

Even in darkness

When one knows where

To go

In those situations

Where others would

Say no

Seen are those things

That are made of dreams

Lost to so many

Or so it would seem

In times such as these

The wonders do show

Of differences and opinions

Of those that we know

For some would say yes

While others say no

But none would step forward

And a helping hand show


1 of mystery

2 desire what we see

3 longevity

4 of what can not be

5 of past and future things

6 of money and the emptiness it brings

7 of lovers husbands or wives

8 of children with their loving eyes

9 of man and all living things

10 of the joy that loving brings

Caught in the dusks early


Seen from darkness in


Glimpsed in the blink of an


Remembered in those many

Days gone


Memories are those things

That drive us insane

Relived in a reality

Are our glory and pain

Often concealed

For the sake of

The heart

They have a will of there

Own to stop and start


Memories are those things

That keep us alive

Giving comparisons

To things of the eye

Putting in perspective

All that we know

Remaining with us as we

Learn and grow


Memories are those things

That bring us sorrow

But also love do


Do you not remember




Those things hidden away

Shielded from in conversation

Often whispered

That corrupt from deep


Giving life and meaning

To concepts akin

To taking hold of ones

Inner self

Bounding it with envy

Hiding it from health


Secrets can destroy one from


For questions are not asked

Just seen are the scares

Of accusations and

Evilness of eyes

Weaved into distortion

And becoming living lies

Of distrust and ill harmony

Secrets could be the death

Of me

To be ruled by ones


And blown in life’s breeze

To go hither and thither

Like the rocking of trees

To be at the beckon

Call of all who can


Such is a life when


Rule thee

To experience those things

Of which many do dream

To run in the fields and

Hear nature scream

Of the wonders of

Life and the joys of

The world

Without being emotive

Some things can not be


From a distance or read in

A book

They require that incentive

To live and to look

With the mind and the bodies


For such are emotions that

Set souls on fire

What is the desire of your heart

That it would stop you

From living and

In life take a part

What is it that you feel

You have missed

That look the feel

Of loves first kiss

So many have lived of

This life

Consumed by desire

And the weaving of lies

For looking in their hearts

It is so easy to know

That not even mothers

Love did help them


Did I see you

I turned and looked about me

For I had something

To say

No one was listening

Everyone pushing


Gone in differing


Did I see you



I turned and looked about me

For I think I lost

My way

Not sure of where

I was going

Or how long I had

Planned to stay



I turned and looked about me

And then went on my way

Oh if love be the death of me

Let me tell you how

I have lived

To see

Those stars shining


To another

To give

To not hold back

For fear of

Fears sake

To let all go

And truly partake


Oh if love be the death of me

Look in to my eyes

For reflected is a galaxy

Filled with wonder

And surprise

Of those things

I have partaken

In the sharing of

My soul

Thus was the beginning of

The journey for

The destination

Was to be whole


Oh if love be the death of me

Then come take me

While you can

For while my heart is


There is no lesser man


I loved you with the deepest gift

Loved you with my soul

Open was my mind to growth but

Venom was all you did show

Escalated to the heights of

Devotion is where my love for


Obscured my vision to the manipulation

Unbeknown to me you were working

On my obliteration

Not wanting to make us whole

Changed was your

Essence once you found my inner soul

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