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Drifting in the air

That cold and dark moment

When all things come to light

Lost is all sense of feeling

That second just before fright

Found were new sensations

Drifting in the air

That cold and dark moment

When the mind says I don’t care

I found you in that moment

I found you in that moment

When all else seemed to fail

Formed from a shadow

Seemingly fragile and pale

I found you in that moment

When lost was sanity

Gone was all form of reason

Ran away from me

I found you in that moment

No sorry it was you that found me

Follow the stream

Where ever it may go

Twisting and turning

With so many things to show

Deep underground

To places that we know

Follow the stream

For it has things that

Were hidden to show

Lost to sight it slowly

Makes its way

Under our noses

Turning this and thata way

Finding those spaces

Between rocks and the clay

Searching for something

That will make us stay

Follow the stream

As if it were a heart

Hold on to every beat

And from it try not to part

Listen to it’s motion

Feel it’s ripples pass

Cutting through mountains

As if they were merely glass

Follow the stream

That starts within the


Don’t lose sight now

For it would surely part





To be alive again

Passed by a misconception

Found by a living lie

Lost by an inclination

Forgiven by that look in your eye

To be alive again

Heard by a passing angel

Seen by a mad demon

Felt by a child’s imagination

And woken by your dream in the sky

To be alive again

In the land of the dead

To consider my own motivation

And replace it by yours


To be alive again

To rise as the sun is shining

To rest in the mist and the rain

To walk in the breeze of contentment

To raise children and

Find love again

To be alive again

To feel the old as their dying

To listen to the passing of years

To hold another heart in my mind

But on my shoulder feel their tears

To be alive again




What does it all come down too

In the end

Is it a lover or is it a friend

Is it the one upon which

We can rely or

Is it that one that will

Eventually say goodbye

Send me wishes upon a start

Hold my hand and follow me

Far off into the distant time

Hold me and tell me you’ll

Always be mine

Tell me that your feeling safe

Even though that look upon

My face

Says I’m not sure of where I’ve


Not knowing for certain those things

I have seen

Have not affected me somehow

What does it all come down too

The world has gone quiet

Without you

I can no longer hear

The birds

No longer see the moon and starts

Or feel those things


The world has gone quiet

Mourning for your joyful eyes

Lost are thoughts of happiness

Replaced by distant cries

The world has gone quiet

As if all else has failed

No longer able to feel

The sun

Or distinguish truth

From tails

The world has gone quiet

And I feel I no longer

Have a place

Upon which to rest my head

A maybe or just in case

The world has gone quiet

And I am listening to every


That emptiness that comes

From knowing

Putting all such things in place

Lost are feelings of

Devotion and taking

Part in this rats race

That emptiness that comes

From seeing all

Things left behind

Balanced and evaluated

And found only to


That emptiness that comes

From feeling

That pain that’s in the world

Not spoken or shared

By anyone

But by all it is still


That emptiness that comes

To return from the land

Of the dead

And see with living eyes

To observe one’s own


And hear the killing of

The cries

To return from the land

Of taking

And find nothing one wants

To keep

To look and feel within the self

That there is really nothing

Just quite unique

To return from the land

Of dreams

To the home of lost nightmares

To know and see the difference

And still manage to care

To return from the land

Distant rolling thunder

In the silence of the rain

New born lambs running

Playing life’s constant game

Distant rolling thunder

Cascading down the hills

Eyes of little one’s gleaming

Not knowing of life’s ill’s

Distant rolling thunder

Keeping rhythm with my


Lost are all sensations

For such things

I no longer find

Distant rolling thunder


Come walk with me

On the mountain top

Where the land does

Meet the sky

Where birds and angels

Sing their songs

Of joy for you and I

Come walk with me

Through the mist and rain

And feel alive without

Such pain

Of knowledge and understanding

Come walk with me

Amongst the fields

Nourished by natures loving

Hands with streams of pure

Golden tears

Come walk with me

In the valleys of old

Where memories of distant

Things still live amongst the trees

Come walk with me

On the paths of life

And let us watch the world

Go on by…..



Discrimination is just one of societies many ill’s… as such it is a reflection of where we are as individuals too init… thanks to one positive particular individual xxxX I have to consider my stance and my own view of it’s effects upon me and mine. For me it has been war… but that has been because I have taken it personally and seen it as an attack upon myself and my own. As such my view has been warped and compromised by emotional entanglement. I have lost sight of what I have most within my heart and that is love. Not only for people but for the world and thus I must consider how can I make the world a better place and it is not by attacking in return and thus continuing the cycle of destruction. It is time for me to sit down shut up and heal, not only the self but those around me and promote that which will most make a difference… oneness of the heart and mind in combination with the reorganisation that there is a limit to that which I can do in a positive state of being. Much blessings and love to the one whom I call love in all things…. you have helped me enormously and for this I shall be ever ever grateful xxxX…….!

Did you not see me standing there

Offered my hand without a care

Memories of distant times and places

Has so much changed

Including our faces

Did you not see me standing there

Ready to great you my arms open bare

Looks of bewilderment you seemed

To me

Could it be that remembered not

Was me

Did you not see me standing there

To fix the broken

To repair the breach

Such are the things that

Our society does teach

But look a little closer

And what will you see

That what is damage is

Left to be

Patched and replaced

With parts anew

But never the notion of

Bringing back the you

To how things were

And where they did start

For have you not noticed

That even the heart

Can be replaced or added

A pump

But that one delicate instrument

That one lovely lump

Is never the same just patched

Up to last

For once it is damaged

A shadow be cast

Upon the meaning and quality of life

With this be physical or

Due to mental strife

To fix the broken

Is only a dream

Better to just get it to function

So much quicker and clean

Try and make it better

Than it was before

For then it will follow

Instructions for sure

Lost equals broken

Of this I know

Lost equals not knowing

What direction to go

So many are lost and broken

In dreams

Well that’s my reflection

Of how it all seems

Crucify my heart leave it out

For the birds

Hung drawn and quartered

For those words that were


Condemned and hated

For what I did see

Misunderstood for wanting to be

Crucify my heart leave it out

For all to see

Placed for example of a way

Not to be

For mistakes that are taken

For all they can be

Are acceptance of chances

That I could possibly see

Crucify my heart leave it out

With my mind

For another like me

You will not possibly find

For times have changed

And so has the heart

For man has fallen

And soon society will start

To disband and crumble

Back to ashes of old

For gone are the visions

And stories of old

Of triumph and foresight

Of things yet to come

All is forsaken

And the darkness will run

Away with the children

And unwilling minds

Closed to perceptions

And visions divine

Lost are the chances

Of another way to find

Replaced by greed and

Commercialism defined

Crucify my heart leave it out


Listen closely to what I say

Do not watch me or judge me

Or restrict in any way

For can you not hear the

Calling in me

Do you not know that

There is a place I should be

Not confined to a world

Of hate and misery

Listen closely to what you can see

For actions have spoken

That unspoken word

Words that were spoken

Just have never been heard

Listen and feel with that

Undying heart

For the truth be known

We knew from the start

Listen closely to what I say

For I may just leave you

Tomorrow or today

For that better place

That allows me to see

That different place

Were angels can be

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