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How can my body ach from an emotion
Is it that my body is in sympathy with
My minds desire and thus aspires to show
An understanding of how I feel or is it that
My mind is seeking companionship in an attempt
To heal what it sees as an injury inside of me
How can my body ach from an emotion
That is merely a refection of what it is my
Heart wants to be oh how such things are
Suffering within me for a place and space
To be something that I am not but so want
To be in the light of a falling star on a
Winters night
How can my body ach from an emotion
Is my hearts logic of a temporal nature
Giving rise to the disturbances of my mind
Is my love for clarity merely something
Ill defined in my lifes observance of that
Shadow known as me seen in many forms
Of light with aspects of longevity reflected
In that darkness we term as life
Is my hearts logic of a temporal nature
And only deceiving me in my ignorance
Of things I want to be avoided are those
Instances of pain and ability to flee
Is my hearts logic of a temporal nature
Do tell me of your justification
For those things that you do do
Not that I seek confirmation but
Want to understand the you for
I look with much confusion and
Would act the same as you but
Am under no illusion that responses
Would be two of different natures
One for me and one for you thus
I have an inclination to study those
Things you do for you are of normality
What ever that may be and I am just
Inquiring of those things I see like local
Disposition to some things that just could
Be so do stand still a second so I see what
You can see
Should I restrict myself to a fallacy of life hanging by a thread or
go upon the notion that it’s all inside my head
Should I put it in those arms at night where I rest my weary
Head maybe I should consider more and think meloncoly instead but
detract I can not from the warmth that’s inside
Of me for the joy of touch and suns first rays as light rests
Upon the sea for I feel a stir within myself expressing clearly
To me that such things are happiness for all that they can be

Oh do tell me of the sadness of the past
For are not such things only to be explained
In retrospect of that which has gone or lost
To a reality that is reflective of our consistency
Which forms part of our inability to have
Things come to pass and thus in my humbility
I sit amidst stupiderty and consider life such a farse
For am I not a player who is acting the knower
But only as shower when I tell you kiss my
Devoid of the excesses in pleasure that stimulate
My mind into conciousness and growth of those
Aspects of my reality I fall and sink into disparity
Lost to a commonality that would depose my soul
For an eternity to a place with no shadows with
Which to comprehend my sanity and thus we are now
The same both lost without originality in search
Of conformity to which none can lay claim

Spinning uncontrolably lost all sense
And ability to see those things just
Before my eyes friends loved ones
Bring about demise of the caring
Heart within step back a ways and
Let begin the start of the end and
The end of you for such things do
Test if love is true so do bury me
Deep beneath the ground for those
Words of pity I want to hear no
Sound nor questions of why chances
Were few for the truth be known I
Was killed by you and loving kindnesses
Grip upon my heart like a razor did slip
To cut in two and bleed my heart of all
That lay within
Now let my soul do rest in peace for I
Knew of the end before our meet of
Deaths open and welcoming door I’ve
Lived and loved you and thus ask no more
Thus be silent please as you stand beside
My grave and take a minute to notice
The waves of emotions that are leaving
Me for do you not know I’m finally free
Spinning uncontrolably lost all sense
As I drink from the cup of tranquility
All about me crumbles to ashes consumed
In it’s own indulgence reflective of it’s
Own careless considerations of concepts
That are not there yet revealing all that’s
Seeked in it’s own coming demise
As I drink from the cup of tranquility
It comes as no surprise that the world
Around me has fallen and is lost in it’s
Own disguise of a dream that is long
Gone broken for it was built upon the
Lies of self actualisation and those who
Filled to the brim
No room for love or life
Covered from head to foot
In the cloak of my demise
Reflected in the movements
Of shadows passing by
I see without looking and
Have to wonder why
It is that such things can be
But not a word between
You and I
Filled to the brim
Of emptyness I watch
As you pass on by

I open my eyes clearly
In the darkness of the day
Waiting for the bird songs
To send me on my way
Of investigation to what
Is in store for me
I open my eyes clearly
But remains nothing to see
I’ll wait a while for the mornings
Dawn and see what draws near
To me for in this moment of dusky
Night before the rising sun is that
Hour of contemplation when not a
Lot is done other than consideration
Of those things that have thus far been
I open my eyes clearly
And hold back every scream
Drift wood upon the seas of life
Floating where the wind does blow the hardest
Seen are all the sights of lands from a distance
Never sure of there reality for no sand was felt
Beneath the rotting bark of reality for
Drift wood upon the seas of life
All is seen in imagination and known
As a wanting desire to bring to an end
Times seemless seeping into the sap
Of my existence for is this dream of land
A reality unknown to me
Was it a memory of a dream I once was
Awoken by and thus has become my all
Drift wood upon the seas of life
How how time will reveal to thee
The meaning of the waves and the welcome
Of the depths of the dark and the light
For are not all things the same in an ending
Drift wood upon the seas of life
How can it be that the world is shaking
Yet my mind is still in the earthquake
Of my bodies desires to reach a place of pure satisfaction of all
those senses of physical desire which call upon my every waking moment
for gratification of a depth of pure knowledge andp understanding
How can it be that the world is shaking
And I do not feel a thing
Awoken in that moment when time does stand still
No air to breath out of breath from life gasping
For a reality that is merely a dream
I suffercate in a timeless void of reality
Caught in an endless dream of the now
And thus again I sleep in consideration
Of who I am to be…..!

That dream for dreamings sake
Which does the soul awake
To those things that are seen as new
As if a change of view has slowly
Crept within amidst the notions
Of sin and gratification of those
Things hidden within the minds
Closed eye of which the world
Does fly past without seeing
For the want of knowing the
That dream for dreamings sake
From which we all must wake
To face this reality of yes this
Is really me….!
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