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If I told you I were lonely

If I told you I were lonely
Would you hold my hand
And walk with me a ways
Along this path that life
Has for me
Would you lead me to a place
Where my footing were sure
And leave me in a place where
I could find my own way watching
From a distance to make sure I did
Not stumble and hurt myself

If I told you I were lonely
Would you hold me in this darkness
Of life and speak to me of good
Things until the sun rose and embraced
Us both with it’s beauty and light
Thus feeling secure to let me walk
And find my own way in the daylight

If I told you I were lonely
Would you say you know the feeling
Too and had been searching for me
And now that you found me this was
How it would be just the two of us
In a world of darkness taking turns
To light the paths of destruction and
Helping each other to see those things
In life that sometimes slip by in the
Shadows of the moon

If I told you I were lonely
Tell me what you would
Tell me

I dream a dream of things I do see
Many voltures are there flying over
Circling me swooping down
Upon my frustration no arms
Do I have nor legs to run
A serpents body is my curse thus
I am stuck crawling this earth hounded
Beneath the land and it’s darker places
Avoidance of people and familiar places
For my body has change and people
Now perceive me as strange for they
Have forgoten who I was when I walked
Amongst them showing my love in it’s
I dream a dream of things I do see
Many voltures are there flying over
Looking to bring about my demise
I see in them faces I have known
Not in persona but that place that
Is home to the soul
Deep within those eyes are people
I have known
Hacking and picking at me
Some form of vengence for me
Being me
I dream a dream of things I do see
Many voltures are there flying over

Shadowy tears of a distant past
Remembered images not meant
To last
Inclinations to start anew known
Imposisions of feeling blue
Shadowy tears of a distant past
Worn as disguise like the self made
Mask of what to put on public
Display politically correct those
Words to say
Shadowy tears of a distant past

Oh darkness oh darkness do
Come take me away from this
Land of dreams
For I have no time for fluffyness
White rabbits or icecream
Oh darkness oh darkness do
Do hurry so and whisk away
My soul
To a place of challenge and
Enduring life where none are
Considered whole or worthy for
Such appeasements in life
To stand at home with husband
Or wife and gloat upon the lowly
Of chance if not by birth then by
Eductional designe
Oh darkness oh darkness do
Take me quick and make your
Own home mine so I too can
Watch from the shadows both
The mighty and the small and
Know of those deceptions as
They conspire in the hallways
Of the mansions in the corridors
Of power in closed meeting rooms
And more
As others attemp to conceal a
Power that was taken never
Given freely at all from minds
Not able to choose nor willing
To stand tall
For upon close examination surely
All would find that equality was
Construed with persicution deep
In mind
Oh darkness oh darkness do
In my begging find room within
Your dark places for those dark
Places of mine

Passion being reflective
Of hidden dreams
Has not room for games
Behind screens
It only knows those reasons
Why all can be achieved
Passion being reflective
Of mind
Not within those dull you
Will find
Merely reflective of what
They have seen not daring
To imagine not daring to
Passion being reflective of
Is seen and known at very
First glance
Repulsive to those who pretend
Not able to imitate or comprehend
Passion being reflective

Kiss me with passion
Let me feel your soul
No straight lips or
Feelings of cold
Warm and tender
Like a hot summers
Make me feel that
I am alive today
Kiss me with passion

Hold me with arms
That want to stay
No flinching or pulling
Part with a grin that
Says your here to stay
Not with sorrow looking
Hold me with arms
That want to stay

See me with eyes
Crystal and clear
Not filled with doubts
And the occasional tear
But filled with wonder
Each and every time 
Knowing i’m yours and 
You are mine
See me with eyes
Crystal and clear

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