Oh darkness oh darkness do
Come take me away from this
Land of dreams
For I have no time for fluffyness
White rabbits or icecream
Oh darkness oh darkness do
Do hurry so and whisk away
My soul
To a place of challenge and
Enduring life where none are
Considered whole or worthy for
Such appeasements in life
To stand at home with husband
Or wife and gloat upon the lowly
Of chance if not by birth then by
Eductional designe
Oh darkness oh darkness do
Take me quick and make your
Own home mine so I too can
Watch from the shadows both
The mighty and the small and
Know of those deceptions as
They conspire in the hallways
Of the mansions in the corridors
Of power in closed meeting rooms
And more
As others attemp to conceal a
Power that was taken never
Given freely at all from minds
Not able to choose nor willing
To stand tall
For upon close examination surely
All would find that equality was
Construed with persicution deep
In mind
Oh darkness oh darkness do
In my begging find room within
Your dark places for those dark
Places of mine