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What is it to share humanity
And have so many in the world
Tell when last we spoken or heard
An unspoken word for do we not
Share something that departs us
From the rest I must admit that
At times I’ve seen this put to the
Test and would have honestly stated
The behaviour was dog like at best
What is it to share humanity
And somehow not to care
To go and take photos of the dying
To say so glad that I’m not there
To share in the misery of those that
Do surref then jump up in the adds
Let’s have another cuppa tea
What is it to share humanity

Age and time are the reveeler of all things
If you have the patience then answers they
Will bring to questions that may stumble you
Or to a hault do bring in deep and meaningful
Considerations of distraction to the thing of
Enjoyment that time can only share for the
Love of life and excitement are things time
Can not share so give your life to happiness
As time does wish it had stood still there
Age and time are the reveeler of all things

Is it enough to survive
And have done those
Things in manipulation
Or should there be some
Kind of pride based upon
A stipulation that man
Just like the tide that
Washes upon the shore
There is nothing to hide
For the sea is behind us
And it has been here long
Before you joined the mountain
Stream as a mere spec of mist
Then upon your journey you did
Kiss a drop of rain as she Drifted
Through the air resulting in a
Thunder storm of which neither
Were aware until you were parted
And deposited in a lake now at the
Bottom of the mountain you worked
You way thought the land following
Those undercurrents along a hidden
Path until you and many others finally
Left the land and came to join the sea
In celerbration of life love and the
Mountain mist
Is it enough to survive
No not enough for me

I can not aford to live a life
That is devoid of emotion I
Have to realistically consider
What it is I have chosen
To live a life full of tears
And emotion for as many
As there are sorrowfulness
There are others with devotion
Love and happiness for those
Places I have been for sheer
Wonder from that ability to
Share a dream from looking
Deep within the eyes on the
First time that is seen a childs
Understanding that all life is
Such a dream made into reality
Each and every day that people
Do the stangest things no matter
What they say
I love you then just
Walk away
I hate you kiss and want
To stay we people do the strangest things
Each and every day I do just love it all
And would have it no other way
For life is my inspeeation to everything
I do and say without I do not know
Where I would be today for I have loved
And died lived and cried been happy
Because I was sad have been good but
Also bad hated and been forgiven
Remembered and forgoton slept and
Been awake but most of all for love
Everything I would foresake for to
Love is to be alive and to be loved
Is filled with pride of acceptance
That it’s alright to be you and thus
I love you all and show my love
To you

This darkness does bring with it
Strange things for the mind to see
Distant and lost images of how things
Used to be
In the light of summer devoid
Of longevity
This darkness does bring with it
A coldness in the night removing
All the heat makes one want for
Firelight to warm the souls inclination
To consider what is right
This darkness does bring with it
You to me tonight

I find myself saying no
When I used to say yes
I now have to guess where
I would usally know
Dam I think my age is begining
To show
I tend to walk to places I would
Run I give justification that the
Walking is fun and take my time
To enjoy the view for second time
Around it all does look new
I find myself saying no
When I used to say yes
I hear in my mind that
It’s all for the best that
This is some kind of maturaty
And this is in fact me at my
Best stopping to consider
And weigh up the view in
Consideration of better things
To do
Not they were done badly the
Very first time but how often
Would you again walk that line
That takes you as close to the
Edge as you can get withou
Loosing mind or possibly forget
The meaning of life and those
Things brought to you children
And grandchildren to name but
A few
I find myself saying no
When I used to say yes
For longevity in sight is
The only test left
I find myself saying no
When I used to say yes

I listen to the church bells
As they do toll I doubt if
They are rung for us souls
To come gather in one place
To be more likely than not
They rung machanically to
Usher in the day and remind
Us of time that does not stand
Still and waste is a crime
I listen to the church bells
And understand that there
Call is not mine but belonging
To some distant past like the
Call of the birds now dead in
The grass killed by cats or some
Disease which brought out of them
While on their knees one last song
For us all to hear one last thing
Before they disappear into a void
That is empty of life no longer able
To sing to us at night no longer
Able to greet the day instead
I listen to the church bells

And still I smile
As I remember the love that
Was lost
Of how it felt not to be alone
And the concept of cost
For nothing comes free or easy
But we willing pay the price
When I do think of you love
I wonder why did I not pay
And I still smile
When I think of you and those
Things that we did do for each
Nothing then to me did seem
Hard for I did discover that
Somewhere deep within me
Was that ability to give to
Stand back in silence and for
Once be willing to live without
Questions to take so openly to
Look in another direction and
Sometimes just don’t see those
Attempts to hurt us but beyond
That and into the other for
Interpertation of what else it
Could really be
And still I smile
For the love that was given me
For I knew of it’s end before it
Begun and still I stepped forward
Choosing not to run away from
Your beauty or your inosence of
A child I held you turely for a time
And did tell you for a while of the
Beauty of your passion and your
Inability to see so many of those
Things that were obvious to me
And still I smile

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