I can not aford to live a life
That is devoid of emotion I
Have to realistically consider
What it is I have chosen
To live a life full of tears
And emotion for as many
As there are sorrowfulness
There are others with devotion
Love and happiness for those
Places I have been for sheer
Wonder from that ability to
Share a dream from looking
Deep within the eyes on the
First time that is seen a childs
Understanding that all life is
Such a dream made into reality
Each and every day that people
Do the stangest things no matter
What they say
I love you then just
Walk away
I hate you kiss and want
To stay we people do the strangest things
Each and every day I do just love it all
And would have it no other way
For life is my inspeeation to everything
I do and say without I do not know
Where I would be today for I have loved
And died lived and cried been happy
Because I was sad have been good but
Also bad hated and been forgiven
Remembered and forgoton slept and
Been awake but most of all for love
Everything I would foresake for to
Love is to be alive and to be loved
Is filled with pride of acceptance
That it’s alright to be you and thus
I love you all and show my love
To you