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I’m sure I was sleeping

I’m sure I was sleeping
Or maybe I was not
I think I remembered
And then I forgot
I’m sure I saw it tell
Me something but
Maybe I misheard
To go to the left
As I took a right
I’m sure I was sleeping
Or maybe I was not

Your are my addiction from which
I can not escape I love you I hate
You make no mistake for I can not
Live without you but when you hold
Me that feeling of blue slowly kicks
In between the enclaves of my mind
Knowing that when you leave me I
Will be sad and carry on living knowing
I’ll be glad upon your return to me
Your are my addiction from which
From which I can not hide for when
You are with me I have no pride for
What is this without you there by
My side to hold my heart and hands
Nothing in life does keep it’s glow
Without you near there might aswell
Be snow or wintery nights with nowhere
To go for your love is not with me
Your are my addiction from which
There is no return I learnt this lesson
In the very first term of life when
I saw you for the first time I knew
You were going to be mine and accepted
That my mind had taken affliction
For to live a day withou you is something
That I can not do for you belong to me
And I too you as you will always be
Your are my addiction from which
There is only love so how else could
It be

If my story instead of being
Old but were new words of
Encouagemeng for sure I would
Have for you for the problem
Is easy and is seen right from
The start that mans inclination
Has deception at the heart
And thus the cure is just as easy
For all man has to do is change
His inclination to loving all it’s true
But the story like our history goes
Beyound the realms of forgetfulness
And thus the likes of me for all want
To be millionaires and for life to be free
Even if it means the death of those we
Can not see for things have a balance
Or so it would seem to me for to live
This life of luxury poor someone has to
Be in body and mind regardless of age
Someone has to suffer and be the constant
Gage of what it is to and have not of having
Enough for you and the cats an dogs mice and
Frogs and all those other things we give a home
And yet each day we pass those whom roam
The train stations at night looking for a spot
To curle up tight and keep the cold at bay
If my story instead of being
True then maybe they would be hope for
You that I oft do pass in the street
Not knowing what is in your sight
Nor wondering where you rest your
Heart tonight for I’m going home to
If my story instead of being mine
Were yours

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