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The beauty of it all does come to me
In distance and in time bringing with
It a tranquility that seldum do I find
Until upon a mountian top the mind
Does stop and remind me of those little
Things in life so hard to find like the
Mist do become the first rain drop
Before with stream to combine and
To put into place now add in this life
Of mine that does not give but only
Takes from streams thus to be true
In affect is only killing dreams of those
Yet to come to a barren place and time
Purely because of my greed in a former
Place and time and thus I go to the
Mountain top for visions to combine
With this small reality that I do call
Mine and find that place within me
That with nature will combine for if
I do not make it to her mountain top
She does make it to mine
The beauty of it all does come to me

Surely it must have purpose
For is not everything that I
Do not an ushering in of my
Is not my first breath also my
Last creating a need for dependancy
That is to be a lifetime and to
End with my demsie of no longer
Having the will or ability to breath
Just once more and thus I get to
Know and deal with this addection
Called breath of life and thus I
Must cope with my responsiblity
Of not having taken yours away
But did in reality create a space
For you to be in all your ability
Restricted by your addictions

For the sons all five of dem init ;D

Oh but do not dispare in your anger
For surely something will it feed upon
If not only the empty carcus of your
Dying soul for have you not made a pact
With the wicked one that all your things
And inclinations shall be consumed in darkness
For there is no light left within you
And thus no good deeds for you to perform
All else is fallacy for you are clod like
The breeze of winter and only deathly
Coldness can follow in your wake for
There has passed your point of redemption
And thus now you must continue along your
Ok forget it I forgive you then…..!

Extended moments Streached out in time
Lost inclinations of what was once mine
Remembered forgoten imagined perceved
Hated loved admired deceived such were the things making my heart bleed Extended moments Streached out in time
I look back in longing for things that were fine
Open empty arms of a child that was mine wishfully reaching life trying to find Distant wonders that somehow came true the sun every morning and me loving you Extended moments Streached out in time
Pleasing that I’m still here and wonders do find

I saw you just the other day
Age and time have stolen you
Away gone were the looks of
Yesteryear replaced by character
And in some parts fear of an unknown
I saw you just the other day
Was gonna stop and talk but had nothing
To say for distance has turned down
Your smile and replaced your glow
With a frown
I saw you just the other day
I know you saw me as you looked
The other way pretending to be
Busy and to someone you did say
God doesn’t he ever change what
Makes him that way
I saw you just the other day
And kept walking on my way

We cry
And thus we would wash away
The sadness of the past by letting
Out an emotional cry to the world
And all would hear that we feel
Something and in trying to express
That emotion we cry for them and
For us all thus we cry alone in our
Sanity of understanding that things
Have always been this way but we
Must find a will and a way to carry
On and when we think we can take
No more and stand on the brink of
Our social reality once again we
Cry for releif of our understanding
We cry

Always there in the background
Like a non ending dream
Just out of vision but always to
Be seen
A constant reminder to those
Places I have been like a reminder
Of me
Lost in a shadowy past can not
See it clearly like mist covering
Grass as we tread underfoot the
Paths in our lives thinking we got
Here alone
Always there in the background

Just in case I forget
To tell you
I watched you sleeping
Last night and could not
Help but notice how lovely
You looked laying there
Breathing so peacefully
I could not help but watch
In awe those aspects of your
Beauty that still hold me captive
Within my own heart for loving
You and all that you are
Just in case I forget
To mention
I love you as the morning
Loves the dawn of day as
Dose the evening by the stars
Be chased away
I feel a love for you like the
Bending of the grass as the
Wind does blow it this way
And that whilst the grass does
Shout with joy of the russelling
As it is shown understanding
Just in case I forget
I love you

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