The beauty of it all does come to me
In distance and in time bringing with
It a tranquility that seldum do I find
Until upon a mountian top the mind
Does stop and remind me of those little
Things in life so hard to find like the
Mist do become the first rain drop
Before with stream to combine and
To put into place now add in this life
Of mine that does not give but only
Takes from streams thus to be true
In affect is only killing dreams of those
Yet to come to a barren place and time
Purely because of my greed in a former
Place and time and thus I go to the
Mountain top for visions to combine
With this small reality that I do call
Mine and find that place within me
That with nature will combine for if
I do not make it to her mountain top
She does make it to mine
The beauty of it all does come to me