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Walking amongst the winds of time
I did find myself blown this and thata
Way not finding shelter from that
Storm constantly coming my way
Until your arms did hold me and I
Heard the words you did say for the
Wind to be still and all just went away
Leaving me in tranquility where I still
Take shelter today in that display of
Humility that has made me change my
Ways of observation allowing me clearly
To see how many others out there are
Truely unlike me having missed all of the
Chances to he in the arms of thee to busy
Looking shelter from the winds of life
Blowing harshly upon we

Were it not for my expectations
What would I see in you
Would I be able to hold and consider
That you were true
Would my eyes they assist me in the
Fathoming of you soul or
Would my arms they combine to keep
You in control of my empty heart
And expectant of my dreams
Were it not for my expectations
I would be alone it seems for they
Guide me in my uncertanty of those
Aspects of you that based upon
Behaviour surely are not true for
Do you not come to me at night
With a coldness in your heart
With that dazed and distant look
That forever keeps us apart from
Each other in every way that counts
Were it not for my expectations
I surely would walk out and close
The door of life for without you
There is no doubt that all else is
Insignificant there being no need
To shout it from the rooftops for
My mind is an open book and those
That do see me merely have to look
And know I am lost without you by
My side for when you loose your love
Of life tell me where you can hide
Were it not for my expectations
I would be dead

My mind did fall and stumble
Hurting itself on the jagged
Rocks of my imagination as
It did run away with me
For it felt a thing that was
Sent from heart and to it it
Did bring thourghts and feelings
Anew upon which it could consider
And liked the implications so much
As to forgo the contol of the rest
Of the body and leave it in a lost
State of anticipation and expectation
For those things yet to come
My mind did fall and stumble
While caught up in this mental
Maze paying no attention to
The body or it’s ways of understanding
And thus it withered into silence
And passed from this known realm
While the mind did stay and langwish
Within it’s created hell of illusion
And pit of dispair for now it has recovered
The body is no longer there to fullfil
It’s obligations of lovingness and care
My mind did fall and stumble

What is it that hides it face from
The starting of the day
That waits until the evening time
For which to come out and play
With the starts as they merely light
It’s way to joy and happiness in
Everything it does say
What is it that hides it face from
The starting of the day

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