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I nearly did not recognise myself
As I looked up in my haste for
Surely I was mistaken as I past
That other face
I had to step Back a pace for another
Look for there was something not
Recognisable in that fleeting view
Yes it is me I see the reflective side
But there is surely something missing
Or something trying to hide for all
I see is vulnerable on the out and inner
I nearly did not recognise myself
But I still have that same face

Reflective of now is what
Does hold us down not able
To consider that thing we
Call the ground for it does
Support us if we fall on down
Reflective of now is what
Is important for it guides our
Hands no need to look for
Leadership for everyone knows
Of the plan to work you self
Into the grave and only that
Direction see and class all others
As threatening and don’t give
Them chance to be
Reflective of now is what
Keeps us driving on yes there
Are aspects of pitty you but
Nothing you can hold on for
We shall not be distrcted on
That you can depend for
Reflective of now is what
We are so how are you my

There are times I so kick myself for not writing down ideas unless it’s convinent to me at the time….. Think for a while I’ll write three on the same theme to try and get close to where I began ;s

Was that you reflection
That coldly passed me by
Not showing signs of emotion
I would have to question why
For have you not just left me
In the hands of lovers care but
Yet you can just pass me as if we
Was never there
Was that you reflection
That kept me warm at night
Was it some indication of
Something done was right
And now has been removed
As is darkness from daylight
Was that you reflection
And thus now hard to find
For being of merely shadow
It is ill hard to define
For it lacks all sense of
Consistency in all it tries
To be
For it knows not that it is
Shadow for it thinks it’s you
Or me
Was that you reflection

I find that I have lost myself
In those corners of my mind
Added inclusive realisations
Upon which I did stumble
And find on different ways
Of pursuing and other ways
To define
I find that I have lost myself
And the feeling is not very kind
For who are we without the other
And who is the other to be
Is it one equalalent to either you
Or me or maybe another that we
Often don’t see
Why should there be a bench mark
Before there can be a me
I find that I have lost myself
As I look in your eyes
I surely do not recognise that
Other wearing my disguise for
Is he not merely reflective of all
That I could be is he not just a
Shadow of all that I do see
I find that I have lost myself
And reflections are all I see
No individuals or others trying
To be more than their reflecttions
And more than they do see
Not wanting to consider other
Ways to be
I find that I have lost myself
In my search to truely find
That concept of other upon
Which I was inclined to think
Was my justification and thing
To hide behind but no longer able
To ilude myself I am somewhat
Now refined
I find that I have lost myself
Now theres only me to find

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