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I’m a bit dubious about alternative ways of being, lifestyles and thinking that are promoted within society as a whole but increasingly more so using the internet. Take out those with religious connotations for the long standing and known ability to subdue the masses and you are left with a few new age wannabes and some old school nonsense that has been kicking about forever. But in reality they are all crap….! No one can show us something new most things we are seeing are things that have been about forever and someone has just figured out a name for it and has thus presented it as being such and such. But the reality is that we are encased in a manmade hell which we call society who’s main purpose is to currently make us consumers of rather than livers of life….!

Not that any of us were about to remember the poor law…. designed to kick people off the land and force them to cities where coincidently factories were waiting to employ them.. but doesn’t it seem to be another thing that the government is bringing in from way back when. The original poll tax was one of these antiquated laws dug up on the books to make money for the then Mrs Thatcher’s government… once again the poor are on the move and the objective is to make them move from the capitals which are no longer the homes of many businesses and thus make them available to go where there is work in the outer counties and those places now where most shopping is done at the weekend mega stores and industrial estates. Private business is again driving government policy after all those on there boards sit on the benches of parliament and the lords. It’s really quite concerning that the royal family has not stepped in and disbanded parliament and sacked every one of the incompetent bastards that have been sitting their for far too long….!

I do not recall ever having watched a movie in bed…. I suppose I must have done at some point, I think… why is it only now that I perceive the idea as one which seems comfortable and appealing… Nicolas Cage in Knowing….

Jealousy that eater of men

Hides contrives and comes

Back again

To eat from within under

Different guise

No new conceptions to

Baffle the eyes

Jealousy that eater of men

Can make one a fool again

And again

Turning wise men into fools

Making those worthy break

All the rules

Jealousy that eater of men

Not being fussy and seeking

To befriend

Wants nothing less than we

All pretend

That it was worth it in the end

Jealousy that eater of men

Lust that eater of men

Gluttony that eater of men

Greed that eater of men

Sloth that eater of men

Wrath that eater of men

Envy that eater of men

Pride that eater of men

Cries for help upon manipulation
Bodies distorted in consideration
Longest lives are being lived
So much to offer with so little
To give
Cries for help upon manipulation
Powers exchanged with contemplation
Of who has what and how much it
Will cost
Weighed are options of who pays
And who lost
Cries for help upon manipulation
Focused are concepts of recreation
Of distant times and places of being
Watched is history before us on screen
Cries for help upon manipulation

If I had an inclination to
Follow such things
Tell me where would my
Observance bend
To the notions of the righteous
And the wicked who defend
Those things of man which the
Soul they do bend
With their acceptance of those
Things that should not be
For have not words once spoken
Of justice and what the eye would
Come to pass
When swept from the earth are
Detestable things
Mountains moving to man destruction
If I had an inclination to
Follow such things
I would give thanks and know that
Some seven kings will ride upon
The beast to come and call him
Brother until all is done and the
World is full of detestable things
I wonder what the next news will
If I had an inclination to
Follow such things

Should there be no love in the world
Where would that leave me
Entertained by death and pure misery
To see those things no father’s should see
Observe those things once misunderstood
Should there be no love in the world
Tell me what would I see
Would I have an option for what confronts me
To turn on the news and see the dying
And needed upon their knees as triggers
Are pulled and those able to flee flee
Should there be no love in the world
I would be able to understand
Why some things appear to be human
Starvation in the east and starvation in
The west could have been avoided had
Man done his best
Should there be no love in the world
There would be no room for me
And I see my world dying right before

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