When I watch a film like American History X my mind goes mad. Not with the concept of hatred or racism or those of social or political justice but at the power of images and words to portray such a powerful and correct reflection of both my own and human nature. But the power that is within this film is the power of human emotion in the guise of relationships both reflective of power in adults and the ability of children to soak it up entirely thus promoting our inadequacies. American History X is liked by everyone I know for different reasons we all latch on to that which reflects us the most and as such this time round I saw what it is that we as adults do to our children and children of the world. To be honest we’re not doing too good a job are we….! I see the same extreme ideologies expressed in the form of immigration polices depicted on the news when I watch it. I draw no distinction from that of the portrayal in films like American History X and current European polices to create a fortress Europe. The only difference being my emotive response to both would be a passionate one and those I see hear and speak too distinguish between the two. I know racist both black and white and each would pick a side to be on in either the film or politics justifying each according to their own perspective. To me both are wrong. How can we as a people know so much about what is wrong with both us, humans, and our societies but yet we do nothing to elevate the suffering of individuals and groups alike. Are we really that gullible to see this as mere entertainment and a reflection of our passivity in the face of human suffering. Having followed the news over the last few days of the effects upon the islands of Indonesia I found myself asking if I really cared what happened to a group of islands that turned their backs on the amount of paedophilia that is allowed to carry on upon their shores. Ok so it’s sad that life has been lost but I feel that it is even sadder for those upon the islands to not prosecute every paedophile that gets off a plane or a boat and abuses the local children. And thus is my dilemma and salvation in one. My personal concept of who deserves what and why. Trying to brake myself free of such restrictions is a continual battle of self examination and consideration and thus I understand why the European immigration polices will hold up and we will have a fortress Europe and why people will sit back and let others suffer for we can justify such sufferings for those we consider to be the “they” or “other” as they are never a part of the “we”. If there ever was a god he long ago abandoned us and has been replaced by a political party supported by trained psychologist, economist and hypocritical religious leaders….!