Still playing with this wp thingy… its all taking time once again to learn just to blog which I somewhat resent MSN for and their continual pissing about with the live spaces…..

If I told you I were lonely
Would you hold my hand
And walk with me a ways
Along this path that life
Has for me
Would you lead me to a place
Where my footing were sure
And leave me in a place where
I could find my own way watching
From a distance to make sure I did
Not stumble and hurt myself

If I told you I were lonely
Would you hold me in this darkness
Of life and speak to me of good
Things until the sun rose and embraced
Us both with it’s beauty and light
Thus feeling secure to let me walk
And find my own way in the daylight

If I told you I were lonely
Would you say you know the feeling
Too and had been searching for me
And now that you found me this was
How it would be just the two of us
In a world of darkness taking turns
To light the paths of destruction and
Helping each other to see those things
In life that sometimes slip by in the
Shadows of the moon

If I told you I were lonely
Tell me what you would
Tell me

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