Once you have experienced the extreme of an emotion how would or could you settle for anything less. I was reading up on emotion and making one or two notes when I took a break and ended up watching The Hurt Locker…. it’s not until the end of the movie that you get an understand and insight into why the bomb disposal guy acts like his has a death wish. It was the only thing in life that made him feel alive and in fact he describes it as being the only thing left in life that he loved. Considering that he was talking to his baby son when he made this revelation is somewhat disturbing but understandable. Ok it’s dramatisation made for tv but…… as always there is an element of connection there that is understandable. How can so many that have been to war go back to normality after the things that they have seen and done. Once a line is crossed how does one go back to being something that one is not i/e normal. We expect so much of others without consideration and yet we do not understand our selves….!