Ok so its stupid o’clock and I am not tired… just watched the second movie tonight this one being mirror’s and the one before being the Lazarus project . Both fairly reasonable and the first time I had seen either… sorting out the spare drive and seeing what music and movies are on it.

I went for a run at about ten yesterday evening with the intention of tiring myself out and sleeping for a reasonable amount of time…. my hips hurt and I have smoked less but have not managed to sleep as yet… gonna start with a coffee type up some poems and see how I feel after that…

Still looking for that form of expression but with so many things going on in the background I do not seem able to or want to focus on anything….

The waiting game has started and I am due for the first op on my arm in December… wankers have left it that long that they are saying that the only way to now sort out the bicep is to take a tendon from the wrist thus making them both weak… I’m like what the fuck I’ve waited seven months for a surgeon to tell me he should have seen me six months ago then he might have been able to save both biceps…. anyone got a bomb, gun, explosives or a tank they don’t need I want to flatten Rutland….!