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Not a reflection of me….


I accept the disorder

In my order for is it

Not a reflection of me

I accept the obvious

Futility of it all but

Yet still want to be

In control of those

Aspects of mine that

Reflect upon the world

I accept the disorder

In my order for it is




Will you not hug

Me now that it is all

Over for has not the

Pain reached its conclusion

Will you not hug

Me now for death

Holds no grudges

But does bring

About an ending

Of the pain of it


Will you not hug

Me now I am dead

For it is time for

Me to move on


Be still my beating

Heart before you are

The death of me for

All are looking but

None want to see

So before you bring

About my demise move

Quickly and do avoid

Those eyes upon me

Be still my beating

Heart before you are

The death of me


Rewind fast forward pausing
For a while
Seen in HD 3D for a style
Reflective of images that
We want to see
Caught on camera or digital TV
Rewind fast forward pausing
For a while

Is to feel to be human
But we spend so much
Of our time controlling
That which expresses our
Feelings and thus our humanity
In the form of emotions

Dogs do dream as interpreted
By their movements and sounds
When they do sleep
Does that mean that they have
Feelings and emotions doggy
And should this be the case what
Distinguishes them from we
Could it be that our overwhelming
Acceptance of them into our homes
Is a subliminal reflection of a felt
Association brought about by an
Understanding of expressive emotions
And desires
Just to follow a thought
Interaction with the environment
Produces emotions and as such
Emotions are an indication as to
How we perceive the world
Observing my dog he will strut
Around exploring and if startled
He will jump back and circle the
Object before a fight or flee or
Intervention from something else
I/e me
How much more so do we do this
In our social encounters
Meet greet classify respond

A whole
I fell into a whole
Where in I found
All of me
Lost and missing were
Ideas of how to be
Searched for were
Parts felt to be missing
Blindly looking for
Those things I could
Not see
I fell into a whole
And landed on me
Realisation that I had
Been here all the time
And just failed to be see
I fell in to my whole
And found only me

I dream of a future
Not of a past
Full of vibrant colours
And sounds that do
Nothing has changed in
This image I do see
For the only thing different
In it is me
I dream of a future
When I died in the past

Cold and empty the
Dealer of death
Intrusively pushed
In to any space left
Seeking that one life
To whisk on it’s way
Not tearful nor hesitant
For anything to say
Cold and empty the
Dealer of death
Nodded in my direction
Just before he left

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